Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-55

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Expressing true feelings

All the girls went to beach after finishing their lunch. They made sand castles, played in water and had so much fun. They sat on the shore blowing balloons.

“Now, let’s leave these balloons in air thinking about our problems, they too will fly away from us like this.” Soumya said.

“Wow, Soumya. It’s a great idea to feel lighter.” Ishanya said.

“I used to do this in my childhood…..with my brother.” Soumya said sounding low.

Annika put her hand on Soumya’s shoulder, consoling her.

“Anyway, let’s blow our worries out.” Ishanya said cheering everyone.

They blew the balloons and ran on the shore line leaving the balloons in air. Just then they saw the chat stall and went to it to enjoy pani-puri.

There on Oberoi industries terrace, tej and Omkara sat on the top of the water tank. They were hesitant to talk to each other and were just looking at the blank space down.

“Do you remember how you made me stand up on the water tank of our house and teach me to fly kite?” Omkara asked him starting the conversation.

“I remember very well. Not only that, I remember how you used to get scare of the heights and cry to let you go down.” Tej replied.

“Yeah, but you never let me go until I start flying the kite without scaring about the height.” Omkara said remembering those times.

“But I let you go, away from me to the corner with your fears and worries with the darkness.” Tej said regretting the times he ignored his kids for his own life.

“Will you give me another chance to make you fearless and help you reach the heights?” He asked looking into Omkara’s eyes.

Omkara can sense the desperateness in his voice and sincerity in his eyes and said, “it took you this long to say this?” and let his tears fell from his eyes.

Tej came forward and hugged him tightly saying, “I am sorry beta. I lost my way to you.”

“Now that we found each other, please don’t let me go again.” Omkara said to him

“I won’t. That’s a promise.” Tej said and came out of the hug.

“You really don’t have any objection about my art gallery?” Omkara asked.

“Honestly, I never had any problem with you pursuing your passion. But with that I want you to take the responsibilities of business being the elder son’s son.” Tej said to him.

“I am sorry, but I don’t have any interest in it. I get suffocated in this business games.” Omkara said expressing his problem.

“Now that I understood the real side of this money fame and business, I myself don’t want you to get struck in these games. You are independent, that’s enough for me.” Tej said surprising Omkara.

“You are changed” Omkara said.

“Yes. Svetlana’s incident made me learn a few lessons of my life. Remember this Omkara, no father wants their children to get unhappy for his own dreams, including myself. Nothing is important to me than my children’s life. I don’t want you to get in trouble because of this business.” Tej said.

“It means you are okay with handling the business to Shivaay?” Omkara asked him in shock.

“He deserves it and he knows the game very well, he can handle the pressure. So why not?” Tej replied.

“That’s…..That’s great.” Omkara said in surprise.

“So, let’s leave it’s evening already.” Tej said and was about to stand up.

“Wait.” Omkara said and tej looked at him.

“You said Svetlana’s incident made you learn few lessons, does that mean you won’t have any extra-marital affair again?” Omkara asked directly which was in the back of his mind all the while.

“Yes.” Tej said giving another shock to Omkara.

“Really, papa?” Omkara asked. He said papa after so many years tej’s eyes got teary hearing it but he controlled himself and said,

“Yes beta.” Tej said smiling at him which made Omkara too smile broadly.

“that means, you and maa…..” He was saying but tej cut him in the middle and said, “Our relation had broken long ago, now I really don’t know if it can be mend or not.” making Omkara upset.

Seeing Omkara upset tej said, “but that doesn’t change our relation Omkara. Our relation can be mended. You just have to understand that, just like you have your priorities, I have mine. They won’t clash with each other as long as we keep it separate from our personal lives. And mine and janvi’s relationship status can not affect our relationship.”

“I got it papa. I will try to implement it.” Omkara replied making tej smile.

“Do you want to talk about something else?” Tej asked noticing Omkara’s hesitation.

“Yes, about priyanka.” Omkara replied.

“Omkara, see I am not forcing her. I will ask her about her decision and then only I will decide. I am just asking her to meet the guy once.” Tej explained.

“But if prinku doesn’t want to, why should we even consider it?” Omkara asked

“But prinku hadn’t denied. Atleast she hasn’t said no to me, then why shouldn’t I consider it?” tej asked.

“If priyanka tells you that she is not ready to meet the guy, will you deny them?” Omkara asked.

“Ofcourse, I will. But she has to tell that to me herself.” Tej said.

“ok.” Omkara said and they both stood up and hugged each other.

In the beach, priyanka sat sadly with a ice cream cone in her hand, while other girls are fighting with the ice cream vendor for their favourite flavours. After they got their ice creams, they came to priyanka and noticed her sad.

“What happened prinku?” Soumya asked.

“I don’t want to go home.” She replied.

“Why?” Annika asked.

“You know they are arguing about my marriage. So, I don’t want to go.” She said.

“But priyanka you have to face it, now or later.” Ishanya said.

“I don’t know why my parents don’t understand me…….” She was saying but Ishanya cut it in the middle and asked, “why should they understand you? Are they antaryamies that they will get to know what goes on your mind and when? Don’t they have any other works?”

“What are you saying Ishanya di? They are parents they need to understand children.” Soumya said.

“Yes, they have to. But when children doesn’t say or share anything with them, why blame them?” Ishanya said.

“But they never have time to listen to me” priyanka said.

“Now don’t start the blame game priyanka, if you really want to share something with them you would have made sure they took out time for you by hook or by crook.” Ishanya said.

“You are blaming me?” priyanka asked.

“Yes, you should be thankful that you have parents now making them understand you is your work, not theirs.” Ishanya said.

“I agree with Ishanya. Jinhone maa-baap ko khoya hai unhe unki value pata hoti hai. Aur prinku tumhare maa-papa tumse bahut pyar karte hai toh kya hua agar unhone kabhi jataya nahi, kabhi jatane ke liye kehke toh dekho.” Annika said.

“Ha, prinku. You only should talk to your parents about your life not your brothers.” Soumya said.

“But first, decide what you want.” Ishanya said.

“About what?” priyanka asked.

“About marriage. Tell me one thing truly, are you ready for marriage? Do you want to get married?” Ishanya said.

“Now don’t hesitate and lie to me, just tell me honestly.” Ishanya said before priyanka can answer.

All three of them looked at priyanka for her answer. She said, “yes.” Surprising everyone.

“Are you sure, prinku?” Soumya asked.

“Ha, yeh shaadi ki baat hai koi khel nahi ki mann kar raha hai toh kar li, bahut saare responsibilities aajayenge tumhare upar, kyat um unhe sambhal sakthi ho?” Annika asked.

“Par sab se pehle kya tum unhe sambhalna chahti ho?” Ishanya asked.

“ha, mein chahti hu ki meri shaadi ho. Koi muhse pyar karre, koi meri parwah kare. Mera khudka ho, mera apna ho.” Priyanka said her feelings.

“But you have to chose the correct one for yourself, other wise you’ll regret.” Ishanya said warning her.

“Are you ready for this?” Soumya asked.

“Yes.” Priyanka said.

“Toh, theh ho gaya hai kit um kal uss ladke se mil rahi ho.” Annika said they all smiled broadly.

They all reached Oberoi mansion, where Janvi, pinky and dadi are discussing about the proposal.

“Aagaye tum log? Khub maje kiya?” pinky asked.

“Yeah, we had so much fun.” Soumya replied.

Just then ShivRu also arrived with shakti. Seeing them dadi asked about Omkara.

“We don’t know dadi. We thought he might be here.” Rudra said.

“Then where did he go? Even bade papa wasn’t there in office!!” Shivaay exclaimed.

“We haven’t seen them after their fight, where must they have gone?” Rudra said looking at Shivaay in tension.

“Let’s call them.” Shivaay said and called Omkara, while Rudra called his father.

Both of their phones were switched off, they got worried.

“Mein art gallery jaake dekhta hun.” Shivaay said.

“I will go to our guest house and see if papa is there.” Rudra said.

They were about to leave, when tej and Omkara entered there together. Seeing them everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Omkara, where were you? And why is your phone got switched off?” Shivaay asked Omkara in concern.

“Oh! The battery was dead, but I was with ‘papa’.” Omkara replied shocking everyone.

“What did you just said?” Rudra asked in confusion.

“I said, that I was with papa.” Omkara replied.

Everyone smiled hearing papa from his mouth. Rudra whispered to Shivaay saying, “Congrats, bro. Our plan worked.”

“Not just ours, it’s Ishanya’s plan, we should thank her.” Shivaay whispered back to Rudra.

“What happened? Why are everyone staring at us?” asked tej.

Just then priyanka came forward and said, “Papa, maa, dadi, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Ha beta, bolo kya baat hai?” Dadi asked her.

“Mein shaadi ke liye tayyar hu.” She said without stammering surprising everyone.

“Are you sure, beta?” Janvi asked her.

“Yes maa, I am sure.” She replied.

“And papa, I will choose the groom myself, you people help me in this but please give me the right to take the final decision.” She said surprising them.

“Ha kyun nahi puttar!! Tumhe pura haq hai apne jeevan saathi chunne ka aur yeh haq tumse koi nahi cheenega.” Daadi said looking at tej.

“Ofcourse priyanka, maa is right. Everything will happen as per your wish.” Tej said making everyone smile and everyone started to discuss about the functions and marriage preparations.

Dadi looked at her family members who are smiling and happily chatting with each other and noticed ShivRu giving thumbs up to Ishanya, which made her know the reason of the family’s happiness. “Ishanya.” She said to herself.

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