Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-54

Hi friends, sorry for the late update. As you guys know my health was not keeping well. But i am totally fine now. Thank you so much for your wishes. Here is the part. Hope you enjoy reading it.


Bonding II

“Ishanya, told me to create a situation for O papa to fight. But they both are stuck on not talking to each other, now what should I do?” Rudra asked himself and thought of something and went to Shivaay’s cabin.

He stood at the door of the cabin and signed to Shivaay who was busy in talking with Omkara. Shivaay saw Rudra and said, “Omkara, I need to go to the accounts department to check something, you stay here.” to Omkara and went outside to meet Rudra.

“What had happened Rudra? What did Ishanya say?” Shivaay asked him.

“She is saying to make them fight. Now what should we do when they both decided to not talk to each other? Anyway, what will happen by fighting?!!” Rudra replied.

“No, Rudra. If Ishanya had said that means it may work. We should try. I want to end this enmity in our family.” He said to him.

“Even I too. But what should we do?” he asked him.

“Let me think.” Shivaay said and thought for a while and said, “What does bade papa value a lot which Om doesn’t?!!”

“Ofcourse, it’s business.” replied Rudra.

“Correct, and it’s art gallery for Omkara.” Shivaay said and smiled as he got an idea and told something to Rudra, he gave thumbs up to him and they went in different directions.

“O, papa is very angry at you. He is sending some people to destroy your art gallery.” Rudra said to him faking the emergency.

“What are you saying?” Omkara asked in shock.

“Yes, O. I have heard him saying that to someone in phone when I went to his cabin to talk to him about priyanka.” He replied.

“Mr. Oberoi……!!” Om exclaimed in anger and strode out from there to go to Tej’s cabin.

There, Shivaay went to tej and said, “Bade papa, Omkara is in rage right now, he was asking me to take over his shares or else he will sell them to someone else.”

“What?!!” exclaimed Tej.

“Yes bade papa, he is very angry at you and taking decisions in anger, we have to stop him from selling his shares.” Shivaay said to him and tej marched out to go to Shivaay’s cabin to meet Omkara.

They both met in the mid way of the corridor which is empty. Rudra was behind Omkara and Shivaay was behind tej while tej and Omkara are facing each other fuming.

“What do you think of yourself?? You have power that doesn’t mean you can do anything!!” Omkara yelled at Tej indicating about his art gallery but tej thought that he is talking about priyanka’s issue.

“So, you will do whatever you got in mind as an answer to my actions, without considering the outcome!!” Tej yelled at Omkara.

“Yes, I will do whatever I got in my mind, who are you to ask me?” Omkara asked in anger.

“I am your father, Omkara. Don’t forget that!!” Tej warned him.

“You made forgot that by yourself forgetting about it.” Omkara replied.

“Omkara, I have never neglected my duties towards my children.” Tej said.

“Oh! Yes, that is why we are like this today. Mr. Oberoi providing materialistic things is not the only duty a father has towards children. They are many more duties which you have neglected towards us, just like you are doing now.” Omkara replied.

“Omkara, I just got busy in work and doesn’t have time to spend with you all that doesn’t mean I don’t care for you.” Tej said.

“But you had time to spend with your Mistresses, right?” Omkara asked making tej angry.

“Omkara!!” Tej yelled at him.

“Don’t shout Mr. Oberoi. You can’t hide the facts by shouting.” Omkara replied in a cold voice.

“Omkara, that was my weakness, which I am regretting now. What you are doing in rage is wrong, you will also regret this later.” Tej said explaining to Omkara.

“I am not doing anything which will make me regret later. I am doing what am I passionate at and ignoring what I don’t.” Omkara replied indicating his passion towards art and his art gallery.

“But Omkara, what’s the need to sell your shares to some outsider? It will make our family lose the ownership on the company!” Tej said finally revealing his concern.

“What?!! Selling shares?!! Who said that? I am not doing anything like that. I am not like you who snatches their dear ones happiness. I know what this business means to you, I would never do that.” Replied Omkara.

“What?” Tej exclaimed and looked at Shivaay in shock and then realized something.

“Wait a minute, you said I snatched your happiness? What I did that made you say it?” he asked.

“Don’t act!! I know your plan to destroy my art gallery.” Omkara said.

“What nonsense!! Why would I do that? When I know that it is your life.” Tej exclaimed shocking Omkara.

“What?” he said and looked at Rudra.

Tej and Omkara looked at each other and then at Shivaay and Rudra and asked, “What’s happening here?”

“I am sorry bade papa, we did this to make you two talk with each other.” Shivaay said.

“Yes, papa. We are fed up with your constant fights and want to put an end to it.” Rudra said.

“We know you have differences in your ideologies but that doesn’t mean you oppose whatever the other does keeping that in mind.”

“We just want you guys to understand each other’s point of view and respect other’s decision even if not agree to it.” Shivaay explained to them.

“But now we saw how you both actually respect each other’s passion and have accepted it unconsciously.” Rudra said surprising Omkara and tej.

“Papa, O . Please talk with each other and make peace.” Rudra said.

“Yes bade papa, you both didn’t had any normal conversation since so long. Talk with each other and try to understand other point. Please don’t think wrong about us. We just want to end the enmity between you two.” Shivaay said and went from there followed by Rudra.

Tej and Omkara stood there staring at each other.

On the other hand all girls were sitting in a restaurant waiting for their lunch to arrive. They are chatting and gossiping.

“Girls, I want to make this day one of the best outings we had. So, let’s spice it up.” Ishanya said.

“It is already the best outing I ever had.” Priyanka said.

“Yeah.” Soumya said and Annika agreed.

“Mine too girls as I hadn’t hang out like this since so long. But, I am saying we can make it more amazing.” Ishanya said.

“How?” Annika asked.

“We have to do something very out of the character. Like, daring each other. But it has to be something very crazy. It will be fun and we won’t forget this day in our lives.” Ishanya said.

“Ok, but what should we do?” Soumya asked.

“Just give a daring task to each other which you think the person won’t do in the whole life.” Ishanya said.

“Yeh toh kidki tod idea hai, humhe zaroor karna chahiye.” Annika said and others agreed.

“Ok, first dare will be to Soumya, I’ll give her the dare.” Ishanya said.

“Sure, tell me what should I do?” Soumya asked.

“You have to seduce a guy.” Ishanya said shocking her.

“What! No! Not this!!” Soumya exclaimed.

“What Soumya? Dare is a dare.” Ishanya said.

“Yeah, you have to do it.” Annika said.

“Try it once, Soumya.” Priyanka tried to convince Soumya.

“Ok.” She agreed hesitantly.

“Cool then, let’s choose a guy for you.” Ishanya said and they all started to look around the restaurant.

“Voh!” exclaimed Annika showing a nerdy looking guy who was sitting alone and idle.

“Perfect!!” Exclaimed Ishanya.

“Go for it Soumya.” Priyanka said encouraging her.

Soumya hesitantly stood up and slowly went towards that table and took a deep breath before going infront of the guy. She sported a seducing smile and said hi in a seductive voice which made the guy look at her in shock.

Soumya sat beside him, extremely close to him which made their shoulders touch.

“hi, I am Soumya. What’s your name?” she asked while caressing his face features with her finger making the guy gulp in nervousness.

“I….I….I…..” the guy stammered.

The girls who were looking at all this were laughing out loud which made the guy look at him and then he looked at Soumya questioningly.

“Just ignore them, tell me your name.” Soumya said placing her face on her palm and placed her hairs on her left shoulder making her bare right shoulder visible.

“See, miss. I …” the guy stammered looking at her.

Soumya came close to him as if she was going to kiss him, the guy closed his eyes tight and tried to move away but Soumya held his face in her hands and planted a kiss on his left cheek making the guy open his eyes in shock.

She smiled at him which made him stare at her and then suddenly she slid away from him and stood up to leave but the guy held her hand and asked, “apna number toh deti jaau?!”

“1..0…0..” Soumya said in seductive voice and came towards the girls while the stared at her with the open mouth.

The girls cheered for Soumya loudly and clapped for her.

“God!! I can’t believe, I did that! I never knew that I can be s*xy.” Soumya said.

“Why?” Ishanya asked.

“My weight……” Soumya was about to say but Ishanya cut her in middle and said, “Soumya s*xy doesn’t mean size, it’s just an emotion we can turn s*xy whenever we want and only for the person who we think deserves it. s*xiness doesn’t mean objectifying ourselves.” Ishanya exclaimed making all the three smile broadly.

“Now, whose turn it is?” Ishanya asked.

“Prinku’s.” Annika said.

“Ok, who will give the dare to me?” priyanka asked.

“Annika.” Ishanya said.

“Arey, ab dekho mein tumhe kaise kidki tod dare dethi hun.” She said and thought for a minute.

“Ha, meine na tumhe kabhi chillate hue nahi dekha, toh ab tumhe kisi pe chillana hai jagda karna hai.” Annika said.

“Perfect dare.” Soumya said.

“Go and argue with the manager, as our food hasn’t arrived yet!!” Ishanya said suggesting her.

Priyanka slowly went towards the manager and started to yell at him for not getting the food, the manager tried to explain her that it will take 20-25 minutes for the order to get served but priyanka hadn’t let him explain anything and just yelled at him.

After giving a warning that their food should arrive in 5 minutes, priyanka went to her table there she found Annika and Soumya looking at her with open mouth while Ishanya was smiling at her.

“Why are looking at me like this?” priyanka asked feeling conscious.

“You haven’t stammered.” Soumya said surprising priyanka.

“Ha, aur tum ne kya jhada uss manager ko.” Annika said and the foods arrived just then making all of them laugh.

“Seriously, I hadn’t thought that you can argue with someone like this.” Soumya said and priyanka thought, ‘that’s the thing, no one think that I am capable of doing anything.’
Ishanya saw her lost in thoughts and asked, “Are you okay prinku?” while she just nodded in yes.

“Now it’s your turn Annika.” Said priyanka

“Ha, toh kya hai mera dare?” she asked.

“You have to talk to Shivaay bhaiyya nicely.” Said Soumya shocking Annika.

“Kya, uss bhagad bille se ache se baat karna toh dur abh toh mujhe uski shakal bhi nahi dekhni.” Annika said.

“Shakal nahi dekhna toh mat dekho. Sirf baat karo.” Ishanya said.

“Kaise?” Annika asked.

“Call him.” Soumya said.

“Teek hai agar dare diya hai toh karungi.” Annika said and called Shivaay.

“What did you called me?” asked Shivaay without any hi or hello.

Annika was about counter him but stopped herself looking at the other’s expecting faces and said, “kya Shivaay ji, na hi, na hello, seeda kaam ki baat.” Hearing her tone Shivaay got shocked and asked.

“Kya, tum Annika hi baat kar rahi hona? Kya tumhare sir pe koi chot lagi hai?” he asked.

“Arey, kya ji aap bhi. Hamesha mazaak karthe ho. Mein toh subah wali galti ke liye maafi mange ke liye phone kiya hai ji.” She said and Shivaay was speechless hearing her. She finished the call after giving some more shocks to Shivaay.

“Mujhe abhi Shivaay ka face dekhne ka mann kar raha hai, shock se donon ankhe bahar aa gaye honge.” Ishanya said.

“Ha.” Annika agreed and blushed.

“Abh tumhari baari.” She said looking at Ishanya. She agreed but no one has any idea what dare to give her.

“Arey, tumhe konsa dare de, job hi tum karti ho who hamesha daring hi hota hai, toh rehne dete hai.” Annika said and they enjoyed their lunch.

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    Dear Veera
    ShivRu Plan To Make TejKara Fight? TejKara Confront? Soumya Dar? I Wish Rudra Also See Soumya New Side And Rudra Shocking Reaction?I Miss Rudra That Time? Prinku Dare? Anika Dare? ShivIka Conv?? Ishanya Anika Talk About Shivay Reaction?? I Wish Ishanya Also Get A Dare? It’s Awesome Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thanks for the long comment. I am glad that you liked all the scenes. I will take care. You too take care and stay safe.

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    shivru’splan to make om tej fight 4 an open talk was interesting.soumya’s daring task…omg…loved isjanya saying that s*xy is an emotion,not body sha[e.anika’s task was lovely.loved shivika scene.waiting to c what ishanya will do.

    1. Veera

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    Awesomeeeeeeeeeee update?????????Loved ShivRu’s plan?????Soumya’s dare??wish Rudy too saw that??

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    Awesome fabulous mind blowing part….shivay and rudra plan was??girl’s dare game was amazing loved it to the core??

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    It is really amazing dear

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  9. Maryam_ishq

    It was a khidkitod episode ! The main highlights were tej-om fight and the dares of the girls.
    Rudy and shivay thinkin of an idea to implement ishanya’s plan…. shivay had belief tht whtever ishanya would have said was aftr thinkin a lot only and it would be right. Finally they strted a spark on both the sides and it turned into a fire soon. Om and tej shoutin at each other and lettin out their feelings which they have suppressed inside them till today… realising tht they were kind of set up by shivru. Shivru askin them to sort out their issue calmly as they love each other a lot… rudy’s words ? he really wanted to see his family together.
    The girls gang enjoyin their day out… tge dares they gave each other were so ??? they were just perfect for thm. Soumya’s seductive nature ?… bechara ladka ?… she has given her best and tge girls laughin at the boy’s halath. Ishanya made somu realise tht anyone can be s*xy… it just depends on a person’s perspective. Prinku’s dare was just perfect for her. All of thm got to knw her ability tht she doesn’t stammer always… she was so fierce and loud… bechare manager ki hawa tight huwi hogi aur ladkiyon ko jald se jald khana serve kardiya ?… ishanya was able to understand prinku better aftr seeing this… felt sad for prinku… due to her low self confidence people believe tht she has no capability only. Anika’s dare was hilarious ??? i so wanted to see shivay’s face. She’s controllin her anger and strted to talk all sugary to him and even said shivay ji… i laughed so hard at tht it looked as though she was callin her husband ?… shivay would have got diabetes aftr hearin such sweet words frm her mouth… she was feelin michmichi whike sayin those stuff. Everyone burstin into laughter imaginin shivay’s condition. Ishanya ko kya dare de sakte hain… woh toh already itni bindass hai sab kuch kiya hoga already.
    I’ll comment later on in the next episode. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for all the appreciation. Your comment always motivates me. I am glad that you liked all the scenes. These dares are the base for the changes in characters which are going to help in the further plot. you will understand it when you read the next part. I will take care. You too take care. Love you too.

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