Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-53

Hi friends, here is the next part. I wrote the chapter in a bit hurry. It is all about girls bonding. Hope it turned out okay.



After their discussion at the pool side ShivRu and Ishanya came to priyanka’s room where Annika and Soumya are consoling her.

Seeing them, priyanka came towards Shivaay and hugged him saying, “Bhaiyya, when will ma and papa stop quarrelling? They always manage to take out some or the other reason to argue. Why does it have to be me this time?”

Shivaay hugged her and caressed her hair letting her went out everything. Annika Soumya and Rudra looked at her sympathetically while Ishanya was lost in thinking something.

Ishanya was busy in observing priyanka, she had always seen her timid and hesitant to do anything or say anything. But today she is seeing her accusing her parents for making her a reason for their fights.

‘What are her thoughts about marriage?’ Ishanya thought.

“Omkara kaha hai?” Annika asked bringing Ishanya out of her thoughts.

“I am here only!” the reply came from the other side.

Ohttp://www.tellyupdates.com/wp-admin/about.phpmkara came towards them all can see how upset he is!

“I am sorry prinku, I tried to convince that man but he is not ready to listen to anything.” Omkara said looking at priyanka with a defeated look.

Everyone became silent no one know what are they supposed to say in this situation not even Annika who always say something or the other crazy thing in all situations.

Ishanya looked at everyone’s faces and messaged ShivRu silently saying,

“guys, I am telling you it’s the best time to try our second way. Just take Omkara from here and convince him to talk to tej uncle again but this time in more polite way, he will agree for priyanka. We won’t get this chance again, hurry up and leave priyanka to us girls, we’ll cheer her up you guys focus on your plan.”

Reading this message ShivRu exchanged looks and dragged Omkara away from there shocking the girls. Omkara smiled at them and said, “Girls listen, enough of this rona-dhona. Let’s get priyanka ready for her therapy session.” shocking them.

“Therapy session?” asked the girls in unison.

“Yes, therapy session. I am sorry to say this priyanka but you really need therapy.” Ishanya said making Soumya and priyanka upset.

“Arey, who doctor log lootne keliye yeh sab banate rehte hai, priyanka bilkul normal hai usse kisi bhi doctor ki zarurat nahi!!” Annika said to her.

“No, no. I amn’t talking about doctors wala therapy. I am talking about my therapy which I do by helping when young girls comes to my boutique, which every girl does when she is upset, ‘shopping.’” Ishanya said explaining to them.

“shopping?!” everyone cheered.

“yes shopping,” Ishanya said and they got ready for their shopping session.

There ShivRu are trying their luck in convincing Omkara to talk to Tej politely about this matter. Finally with Shivaay’s business sense talks and Rudra’s filmy talks and lots and lots of coaxing Omkara agreed to try talking to tej politely and convince him about not letting priyanka married so soon.

Girls reached mall and they went to one of the boutiques of Ishanya.

“Girls, remember one thing, it’s fine if you don’t buy anything but you have to try as many outfits as possible, okay?” Ishanya said to them.

“But why?” Soumya asked.

“Because that’s the first and best medicine to cure sadness, ‘feeling good about ourselves.’ And when will we feel good about ourselves?” Ishanya asked.

“Sajne ke baad!” Annika replied cheerfully.

“Correct, so girls here you don’t have any limitations wear whatever you like try what you want. Just like you be fearless and don’t shy away in your room when you are alone, behave just like that, no one will come here, if you feel shy don’t even come out of the trial room but try all the dresses you want and enjoy the experience.” Ishanya said cheering them.

Everyone tried the outfits of their choices and posed infront of mirrors like super models. They all had so much fun. When all were trying outfits, priyanka tried black bodycon dress and came outside the trial room to show that to everyone but to her surprise all the girls were still inside. So priyanka started cat walk and she was about to slip a guy holds her by waist and they had an eyelock.

They straightened up hearing the opening of door and Ishanya came out wearing a cocktail dress. She saw priyanka with the guy and went to them.

“Hi Mr. Ranveer Singhania. How are you?” Ishanya asked the guy.

“I am fine Ms. Ishanya. How are you?” The guy asked formally.

“I am fine too. Meet Ms….” She was about to introduce priyanka to him but he cut her in the middle and said, “priyanka Oberoi, I know.”

He extended his hand towards her and priyanka gave her hand in his and looked into his eyes. Ishanya noticed the chemistry between the two.

She cleared her throat to bring them back to reality and they left each other’s hand and looked sideways feeling embarrassed.

“How can I help you Mr. Singhania? I am sorry the sales persons are on break, so…..” Ishanya was saying but he cut her in middle and said, “Please call me ranveer and I want to buy a saree, can you help me with that if you don’t mind?”

“Sure, infact priyanka will help you. She will help you choose the perfect saree. She can even model for you.” Ishanya replied shocking priyanka.

“What? Me? How can I?….” Priyanka was saying but Ishanya made her silent by whispering, “Arey, why are you worrying it’s just a simple task, just help him see the look of the saree and you can even check him out too like you was doing while shaking hands with him.”

Priyanka tried to say something but Ishanya continued, “it’s completely fine prinku, it’s not a sin. Just do what your heart says.” And she went to bring the sarees while priveer were trying to start a convo.

“For whom, you want the saree?” priyanka asked him.

“For my, to be bride.” He said shocking her. Priyanka felt upset hearing this but then shrugged it off.

Ishanya came back with the sarees and ranveer picked one of them and gave it to priyanka saying, “Can you please wear this and show me. I want to see how it looks when draped.”

Priyanka silently took the saree and went inside the trial room. She didn’t know why but she got upset knowing that he is going to get married soon, she brushed her thoughts off and started to drape the saree.

“Thanks a lot for this Ishanya. I owe you for this.” Ranveer said to her.

“Stop it, if someone listens then we both will get in trouble.” She said to him.

“But really, I have to thank you, if not for you I was going to deny dad for this alliance and won’t be coming to Oberoi mansion tomorrow. Now, as I have seen her, it’s love at first sight. I am going to marry her. Thanks for arranging this brief meeting.” He said shocking Ishanya.

“What? Love at first sight? Marriage? Listen mister, I have arranged this meeting for priyanka as she has to get a chance to choose for herself, if she doesn’t like you, you are not going to trouble her, understood.” Ishanya said warning him.

“Ok, cool. I won’t force her. But just a request please doesn’t tell her that I am the guy her father chose for her. I want this meeting to be sweet memory. Anyway, I’ll get her answer tomorrow right?” He requested her she nodded in yes and priyanka came out wearing the saree ranveer selected.

“Beautiful, it’s perfect. I am going to buy this.” He said to Ishanya.

“Can you help me in choosing few more sarees and dresses too?” He asked priyanka and she just nodded.

They both went to the other section to see more sarees. Just then Ishanya got a call from Rudra.

“Hey rudy, how is your plan going?” she asked him.

“It is failing slapping fairy, by the way, how is priyanka?” He asked her.

“She is superb, you don’t worry about her, tell me why your plan is failing?” she asked.

“When O was talking politely, papa made him angry by taunting about his career choice and O went out in rage!!” he replied.

“Oh! No, this turned out quite opposite to what I thought!” She said to him.

“Yeah, bhaiyya is with O, I have called you to tell that the plan flopped.” Rudra said.

“Ok, let’s try one more time. Do something extreme, which makes them vent out everything rather than piling up their anger. Make them fight and talk about everything that happened in all these years. May be after fighting to their heart’s content they may warm up to each other.” She advised him. “I will try.” He said and finished the call.

She watched Annika and Soumya posing to the mirrors and joined them. There Rudra tried to make Omkara and tej fight with each other.

The chapter hasn’t over yet, part two of it will be posted next. Hope you enjoyed reading this. I am waiting to know your opinions. Please comment. Thanks for reading.

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    Dear Veera
    Ishanya Anika Soumya Prinku Moment ? PriVeer Ishanya Scene? Ishanya Rudy Conv? It’s Interesting Part??????

    Thank You Sooo Much For Add RuMya And PriVeer? Because In Serial We All Miss Them.Also Try To Give ShivIka,RuMya, PriVeer Scenes It’s Make The Story Interesting? I Know This Is IshOm Base But Some Time Add A Small ShivIka RuMya PriVeer Scenes?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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      Thanks for the long comment. I am glad that you liked the chapter. I will try to include other couples scenes too. i will take care. you too take care and stay safe.

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    Great episode !!
    Love the bondd between these siblings so much ??… they would do anything for each other. Shivay consolin prinku while the rest feel sad for her. Ishanya is very good in observing people’s behaviour… she could see the difference in prinku’s expression… outsiders can understand u better sometimes as they are able to see the behavioural changes in us which our family can’t see sometimes. Everybody were upset with the sudden events.
    Shivru had to do so much mehannat to make om agree to talk politely to tej… becharo ki halath tight huwi hogi ?. Ishanya deciding to lighten prinku’s mood by takin her out for shoppin… shoppin ka naam sunte hi chehra khil utha hoga ?.
    Ooh…. so everybody’s doin modellin in ishanya’s boutique. Prinku gets ready first and is doin cat walk… and she falls into ranveer’s arms ?. PriVeer’s first meet was beautiful ???. Ishanya came out next and saw their eye lock and she could see the spark… the chemistry between them. She made prinku to model for ranveer ?… and prinku reluctantly agreed but felt sad tht he was gonna get married. Ishanya… wht a smart plan yaar… dono pehle raazi nahi the lekin ek dusre ko dekhne ke baad pehli nazar main hi pyar hogaya. Though she made priveer meet but she made things clear to ranveer before only. She made prinku attend to ranveer… and also gave thm chance to romance ?.
    Rudy givin her updates abt their plan… it flopped due to tej’s taunts. She made anthr plan which is khidkitod as well as full of danger… either things could go more worse or they could become better for the best. Om and tej venting out their anger on each other… maybe by doing this they could understand where they stand wrong. It’s actually a good plan but with full risk as well… iss plan main rudy ko itne papad nahi belne padenge ??. IshAniSou strt with their modelling session ?.
    The episode was really good. Hope ur fever has completely gone now ☺. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for the longest comment. I glad that you loved all the scenes. yes sometimes outsiders notice the changes in us in better way. And when all the frustrating things which were in our mind gets out then we can see the picture in a new angle. My fever got down, thanks for asking. I will take care. You too take care and love you too.

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    Therapy is shopping.its d best therapy for girls to cure pain.thats interesting.Ishanya priyanka part was nice.shopping scene was nice esp dress trial.Priveer scene was sweet.As i wished it was Ranveer who has been selected for Priyanka.wow

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    I liked the way Ishanya is slowly bringing the necessary changes in Oberoi mansion. Sometimes we all need an outside hand to get that stability. Coming to today’s episode just loved the girl bonding. And also ishu’s therapy plan. Her plan seem to work in case of priyanka ….how she planted the interest in both ranveer’s and priyanka’s mind although priyanka is unaware abt it now….I wanna see how Ishanya will be reducing the distance between Tej and Om….and she is too good for planning…I mean one plan got flopped but still within seconds she got the second idea….too good….
    One more thing I liked about your ff is the lil bits and pieces of focus you maintain with all the couples other than ishom. Although this ff is on them u r still managing the sideline stories of others…that’s really commendable…..

    Update soon….and all the best….hope your fever is fine now….take care…

    And thank you so much for all the links….

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      Please don’t say sorry. It’s totally fine. You are reading the ff and commenting when you got time, it’s enough for me. Thank you so much for all your appreciating words. I am glad that you like my ff. Yes, i am fine now, thanks for asking. I will take care, you too take care.

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