Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-52


Hello friends, thanks for all your wishes i am feeling better now. Here is the next chapter, it doesn’t have ishom as the previous chapter was completely about them. Hope you enjoy reading it.


New perspective

That day at the breakfast table, everyone sat there including Ishanya. Omkara already told ShivRu to not ask Ishanya anything about yesterday and behave normally with her.

Shivaay thought of asking him the reason for it later and decided to keep calm as he doesn’t want to hurt Ishanya unknowingly. Rudra just decided to follow his O’s order.

But Omkara missed alerting one person who might ask Ishanya about her disappearance last day. It was pinky. And she was about to ask Ishanya that only but,

Just then Tej announced, “Maa, kal priyanka ko dekhne ladke wale aarahe hai.” Shocking everyone.

“What?” Janvi exclaimed.

“Par, beta uski shaadi ki abhi jaldi kya hain? Usse padne de.” Dadi said to him.

“Maa, the alliance is really good. Saamne se uska haath mang rahe hai, toh ek baar baat karke dekhne mein kya jaata hai?” Tej said.

“Aur waise bhi mein uski maa ki tarah irresponsible nahi hu jo apne bacchon ke bare mein sochta nahi.” He said taunting Janvi.

“Mind your words Tej, I became an irresponsible mother because of you and your infidelity. And don’t boast around that you are a caring father. If you have cared for about our children, you wouldn’t have cheated on me.”

“You always thinks about yourself, now also you are thinking about yourself only, before inviting the prospect’s family you haven’t asked about her opinion.” Janvi yelled at tej.

“Lower your voice Janvi. I am not forcing her to marry someone. I am just asking her to meet the guy once and how can you say that I am talking about my daughter’s marriage because of my selfish reasons?!! You can’t insult me like this infront of my children and guests.” Tej said.

They were continuously arguing, pointing out each other’s mistakes. Dadi who is trying to stop them is unheard by them.

The children for whom they are fighting couldn’t see all this and priyanka went from there crying to her room and Soumya who was standing beside her ran after her followed by Om Rudra and Shivaay.

Pinky and Shakti became the mute spectators while Ishanya went to the pool side and picked a book from one of the racks and sat there on the sofa.

After sometime, Rudra came there making a sad face with a plate of muffins in his hand and sat beside Ishanya and kept his head on her shoulder.

It is one of their codes from their ‘fretes’, when he does that it means he needs her support and care. Ishanya understood it and closed her book. She began to caress his hair with her left hand and kept the book aside with right hand.

“What do you need?” she asked him directly while continuing to caress his hair.

“O and papa are arguing now.” He said still in the same position.

“And?” Ishanya asked.

“It’s not just about prinku now, it became theirs.” He replied.

“And?” she asked.

“And it is very bad.” He replied.

“And?” she asked again.

“And I fear that O might do what he did last time when he argued with papa this badly.” He replied.

“And?” she asked again.

“O took so many sleeping pills and lay in the pool, I fear this time he might do something more drastic.” He replied.

“And?” Ishanya asked.

“I want to end this difference between O and papa!!” He replied.

“And?” Ishanya asked again.

“I need your help to find the solution to this.” He replied.

This time she took the muffins plate from his hand, which is their other code. This means she is ready to help him solve this.

“And I need whipping cream.” She said putting a muffin in his mouth.

“I will bring.” He said chewing the muffin and went from there.

He came with a bowl of cream and put that on her muffins. She ate it and said, “It’s too delicious. I am saying, Shivaay will become a top chef one day.”

“So?” He asked her getting serious.

“There are only two ways to solve this problem.” She replied looking at him.

“What are they?” He asked.

“First one is, making Janvi aunty strong.” She replied.

“What’s the connection?” he asked in confusion.

“It is directly connected as Omkara doesn’t have anything against tej uncle personally. He gets upset with him as he upsets Janvi aunty.”

“If tej uncle stops upsetting Janvi aunty or if Janvi aunty stops getting hurt by tej uncle’s doings, Omkara won’t have any problem with uncle, simple.” She explained him.

“Impossible.” Rudra exclaimed while Ishanya just shrugged eating the muffins.

“What’s the second one?” Two voices asked her one is of Rudra’s and other is of Shivaay’s.

Shivaay came there from the other side and sat beside her on Ishanya’s right side, now she is in middle of the both brothers.

“What’s the second one?” Shivaay asked again indicating that he heard them.

“Wait, Slapping fairy. First tell me from when you are listening to us, bhaiyya.” Rudra asked him.

“I saw you coming towards the pool with a bowl full of cream from kitchen. I just got curious and came here from the opposite side.” He replied.

“Ok, now you can continue Ishanya, bhaiyya hasn’t seen our private moment.” Rudra said making Ishanya laugh lightly and Shivaay exclaim, “What the wuck! Private moment?!”

“Bhaiyya, I told you it is private then how can I tell you?” Rudra replied making Shivaay fume more and Ishanya to laugh more.

“Ok, now O’ bros’ do you want to hear about the second way or not?” Ishanya asked making them concentrate on the main topic.

“Oh, yeah! What is the second way you were telling about?” Shivaay asked her.

“It is making Omkara develop a bond with tej uncle individually.” She replied.

“Means?” Rudra asked in confusion. “Means, Omkara doesn’t see tej uncle as his father, he sees him as his mother’s husband, Mr. Oberoi.”

“He needs to see him as his father then he can develop feelings for him based on tej uncle’s actions with ‘him’ not on Janvi aunty’s and can tolerate their fights without taking them personally. Just like you both are doing.” She exclaimed.

Before Rudra can say anything, Shivaay asked, “But how?”

“Simple they just need to spend time with each other while doing some work.” She replied.

“It too is impossible. O would never spend time with papa and won’t accept him as papa either. Both of your solutions won’t work, Slapping fairy.” Rudra said.

“No, Rudra. Second one can be possible if we try.” Shivaay said surprising him.

“Anyway, we shouldn’t say it can’t happen even before trying. So I think we should try both, one of it may work.” He explained to Rudra.

“So, let’s make teams.” Shivaay said.

“We both will try the second one.” Rudra said pointing to him and Ishanya.

“We both will try the first one.” Shivaay said pointing to him and Ishanya.

“Ah…?! What is this? What do you think of me? Why should I team with both of you? Why should I even help you in this?” she asked shocking them.

“But slapping fairy you agreed to help me find a solution, this whipping cream is the witness for it!!” Rudra exclaimed making Shivaay look at him as if he has grown horns suddenly.

“I did give you solution, now what do you want from me?” She asked frowning at him.

“I want your brain to create a plan for achieving these solutions.” Rudra said. Now it’s Ishanya’s turn to give that look to him while Shivaay agreed to him by nodding his head in yes.

“You haven’t asked for it earlier!!” Ishanya said.

“Now we are asking, agree, please.” Shivaay said trying to convince.

“The great SSO and saying, ‘please, asking for help?’!!” Ishanya exclaimed.

“Ishanya, now don’t show your attitude, agree.” Shivaay said.

“What a great way to ask for help!!” Ishanya exclaimed.

“Ishanya, are you going to agree or do you want me to give up on this wholly?” Shivaay asked seriously.

“Whom are you blackmailing? It’s your choice, you don’t want to do it or doesn’t have brains and guts to do it, leave it!! I wasn’t asking you to do anything!!” Ishanya said in her attitude.

“Bhaiyya, fairy, please stop fighting. And please slapping fairy we can’t achieve this task without your help, please.” Rudra said requesting her.

“It’s better.” Ishanya said making Rudra smile.

“Now don’t show attitude and choose which team you want to be.” Shivaay said.

“Ok, fine. You both team up and try the second one and I will try the first one.” Ishanya said.

“But, what should we do to bring papa and O closer?” Rudra asked in confusion.

“That you guys only plan. If I tell you everything, what will the great SSO and Rudra Detective Singh Oberoi would do?” Ishanya replied.

“Ok. As you wish. You are in our team, that’s enough. Om is your friend after all, so you want to help him out of it anyway, right?” Shivaay said.

“No, I am not. I haven’t said I will try the first one to make tej uncle and Omkara closer. I am neither in your team nor want to help Omkara. I don’t want to interfere in Omkara’s life like this without his consent.” She said surprising them.

“What! But I thought you started regarding O as your friend!!” Rudra asked her.

“Yes I do, that’s why I don’t want to interfere in his personal problems as I know how painful it will be for him to know that his friend hadn’t respected his feelings or privacy.” Ishanya explained him.

“But you said that you will try the first way, which is making badi maa stronger, aren’t you?” Shivaay asked in confusion.

“I know the reason bhaiyya. That is not for O but it is for mom. Because Ishanya wants to help maa as she likes to help women, to become strong.” Rudra replied making logic sign.

“Yeah.” Ishanya replied.

“Whatever your intention is you are helping us, and that’s what matters.” Shivaay said smiling at her.

“Really Ishanya you made this problem a lot simpler. That’s your magic, only you can do this.” Shivaay said praising her.

“Oh! Please don’t try to impress me with your praises I am not going to fall for it.” Ishanya joked.

“Yes, she is only mine.” Rudra said to which he earned Ishanya’s glare. He then looked left and right in nervousness making Ishanya laugh which was followed by Shivaay, Rudra too joined them and the trio laughed out loud.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    in all ffs bond is only between the leads.but this ff is unique as it shows ishanya’s bonding with others too.ishanya shivay rudra scene was awesome.hope ishanya will bring om tej closer.it’s painful to see tej jhanvi fight

    1. Veera

      Thanks a lot for commenting. I so glad to know that you find my ff unique in some way. you need to wait to know if ishanya brings tej janvi closer.

  2. Mansi

    Awesome update??????????loved it completely❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Loved Ishanya scene with Rudy??????can’t wait for the next part????update soon ?

    1. Veera

      Thank you mansi. I am glad that you loved the chapter. Next part will be posted in the night.

  3. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous mind blowing update Loved it ????rudra and ishanya scenes was?? waiting 4 next update soon

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you liked the scenes. I will post the next part tonight.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

    1. Veera

      Thank you.

  5. Fenil

    Congratulations for 50s
    I read all which were pending .
    I loved them.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you loved them. Hope you are completely fine now.

  6. Maryam_ishq

    Great episode!!
    Shivru not askin ishanya anythin as they didn’t wanna upset her. Tejvi fight is disturbing… their kids face a lot of problems due to tht… they wouldn’t have trust in a marriage tht much seeing how their parents have end up. Tejvi aren’t able to understand prply how much their fights effect their children… though they may feel bad later on. Tej bringin a proposal for prinku without consulting anyone was not good. All the youngsters left to their rooms disturbed by this event.
    Ruish bond was soo cute ???. Ishanya understandin rudy’s prblm and their codes for each step ?. So ishanya gave him two solutions to the prblm. It’s hard on rudy… seeing his brother and father fight… it’s never a nice feeling… there’s always tht fear tht one may end up hurtin the other . Shivay got jealous seein rudy and ishanya’s bond ?. Both of them disagreed to the solutions at first but later agreed upon pondering over it. Shivay sayin plz without any tadi ?… wht a change in him. Ishanya has got his tadi ?. Finally she agreed upon helpin them plan smthn. Wanna see how shivru and ishanya put each of their plans into action ?.
    Hope ur fever has gone now. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thanks a lot for all the appreciating words. I am glad that you liked the episode. Yes, parents always influence children either directly or indirectly, our decisions words actions all are related with them by some or the other way. My fever had recurred, but thanks for asking. I will take care, you too take care and love you.

  7. UF3355


    Dear Veera
    IshRu Conv ShivRu Ishanya Conv?It’s Interesting Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am glad that you liked the scenes. I will take care. You too take care and stay safe.

  8. Hey didu…..First of all a big sorry from ur lil sis from your comment…..OMG Didu, u had fever….take good care of urself …..hope u are feeling better now….About episode , u just nailed it again…love it too the coree….You make me speechless…..Lots of love to u didu. Stay safe & take care

    1. Veera

      Oh, please don’t say sorry dear. yes, i had fever, but i am fine now. I am glad that you liked the part. Thanks a lot for the love, dear. I will take care, You too take care and stay safe and love you….

  9. Aashi9

    Veera di, the chapter is awesome. Parents security, love and care draw positive vibes in children while their negative behavior can affect them like it has affected Om & Prinku. The beautiful bond among the three was awesome. Ish-Ru bond is much like best friends. Their understanding is awesome and I appreciated Ishu’s stand. Looking forward to the next chapter. Do update soon.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting aashi. I am glad that you liked the chapter. Next chapter has been posted. it will be published soon.

  10. Wonderful update..loved it…

    1. Veera

      Thank you. I am so glad that you liked the part.

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