Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-51

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Getting back to life

Ishanya couldn’t hold her tears experiencing Omkara’s care for her and the tears started to fell from her eyes.
She took off her wrist from his hold not being able to bear his caring touch.

Omkara wiped the tears with his other hand with utmost care making her flinch at his touch and said,
“Enough, Ishanya. How much will you cry for other’s mistakes? You were crying the whole day. It’s enough now.”

She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them again they were completely blank and dark, devoid of any emotion.

“How do you know that I was crying the whole day?” Ishanya asked him in coarse voice.

“I was keeping an eye at you from there.” He said pointing to the corridor which was visible from the corner window of the room.

“From there?” Ishanya asked looking at the window while he just nodded in yes.

She went towards the window while he followed her she opened the window and looked at the place which is filled with flower pots.

“How did you got here?” she asked him still looking at the spot as she can’t see any way to there, while he was a few feet away from her.

“I climbed from the back side with the help of ladder.” He replied as she is still busy in examining the place.

She noticed the empty spot of the flower pot on the pillar and turned to look at Omkara and asked him, “You sat there?”

He nodded in yes.

“Whole day?” She asked and again he nodded in yes.

“You kept watching me whole day?” Ishanya asked in surprise.

“Yes, how could I leave you alone in that condition? I was worried for you.” He replied.

Ishanya looked at him blankly and asked, “whole day?”

“yes.” He replied nonchalantly.

“So you…..” Ishanya was going to say something, Omkara cut her in middle and saying,
“Yes, I have seen you crying and throwing the things away in rage.” And he went a step closer to her.

“I have seen that you have taking the pills. I was about to break that window and get to you if you hadn’t stopped yourself from taking the third pill.” He took another step towards her while she was looking at him blankly.

“I have seen you drowning into sleep weeping. I watched you asleep for the whole 10 hours and 48 minutes.” Now he came extremely close to her but her eyes were still blank which confused him as they were full of emotions just a couple of minutes ago.

“When I saw you were awake, I asked the helper’s to bring food for you, but you denied opening the door and they had to go back.” Saying this he took her left wrist in his hand again and started to apply the ointment to the remaining wounds.

“Do you have any idea, how difficult was it to assure Shivaay and Rudra when you hadn’t opened the door for them and lying about my disappearance from home?” he asked her. She continued to look at him blankly.

“When I saw you awake and writing your dairy, I went to them and convinced them that you are fine. Otherwise they were in a plan to break the door of your room as they heard that no one saw you in the house the whole day and you locked yourself in your room.” He said taking out the bandage from his pocket.

“You could have atleast took their phone calls or replied to one of their messages, they were very worried, they weren’t even having the dinner as they got to know that you hadn’t ate your dinner. I literally had to force them to eat.” He said to her.

“If they come to know that you haven’t eaten anything since morning, they would have turned uncontrollable and had brake down the door of your room.” He said trying to be cheerful but he again met with silence.

“When I came back I saw you were still engrossed in writing the dairy. But finally when you closed it and started to rearrange the things which you have thrown, I knew it that you will open the door then, I was right, you did open the door. Finally.” He said tying the ends of the bandage.

He gave her a small victory smile showing the bandaged wrist to her. But he met with the same blank expression again and his smile faded.

Before he could say anything, Ishanya said, “What type of a friend are you? Your friend hadn’t eaten for the whole day and when you got the chance to feed her you are feeding her with just information, not food!!” shocking him completely.

He hadn’t expected those words from her and stood there speechless with open mouth.

“Now, will you just keep staring at me with your open mouth or have any idea to make something quickly for me to eat?” she asked making him reply yes in nodding and closing his mouth with his hands.

“Then go, leave for kitchen.” She said with the same blank expression.

He nodded and was about to leave she said, “But before that feed yourself,” without looking at him.

Hearing this he turned in surprise but she closed the door saying, “I need to get fresh.”

Omkara looked at the closed door in shock and surprise. He can’t believe that after locking herself in the room for the whole day, she herself asked to be fed.

Not only that she even guessed that he too hadn’t eaten anything and ordered him to feed himself first before making food for her.

‘Will I be able to understand her, ever? She was quiet knowing that I kept an eye on her the whole day, hadn’t lectured me about privacy and all? She even acknowledged me as her friend again? She isn’t angry at me anymore, then why am I feeling odd? What’s going on in that unpredictable brain of hers?’ he thought to himself while walking towards kitchen.

Ishanya looked at the bandaged wrist of hers and smiled with teary eyes. ‘How can he care for me this much? And I was thinking that I made mistake by making him my friend and believing in him? What kind of a friend am I for not trusting my friend? He sat there whole day just to make sure that I was ok? How can someone be this good?’ she thought.

‘But I cannot take advantage of his goodness like this! I have to be more careful. I can’t let him hurt himself by helping me. I need to mask my pains from him. Wait a minute, why should I even feel pain? What’s the reason? When I have a friend like Omkara why should I even worry about anything? But yes I need to worry about one thing, about him. I need to be a good friend to him, just like he is to me.’ She decided.

Omkara did as instructed by Ishanya. He made pasta for her while eating fruits himself. Ishanya came there after taking a shower, she was wearing her pajamas with full sleeved t-shirt covering her left wrist.

As always Omkara got lost seeing her with drenched hairs and fresh face devoid of any make up. He was having hard time controlling himself from hugging her.

Actually, he was fighting with this feeling of desire to hug her from the previous day. When he saw her crying, weeping he wanted to take her in his arms and console her, when she slept while weeping he wanted to hold her in lay her in his laps while caressing her hair taking all her pains and sorrows. But alas! All he could do was watch her suffering silently. He was angry at himself for not being able to reduce her pain. He is responsible for her pain in a way, as he brought aadhi here to meet her.

Omkara was brought back to reality from his thoughts by the snapping fingers of Ishanya.

“You look gorgeous in wet hair.” He said still lost in her looks.

To her and Omkara’s surprise, she blushed at his compliment and looked down at the floor, her eyelashes were touching her cheeks.

Sensing his gaze on her she lifted her lashes slowly and looked at Omkara. “Aaaaah……..marjawa mein!!” Omkara exclaimed by holding his heart with both of his hands.

Ishanya laughed freely at his actions and Omkara was just lost in her melodic laughter.

Just then Shivaay and Rudra too came there as it was their usual time to prepare break-fast and saw this scene of Omkara getting lost in Ishanya’s laugh and looked at each other with raised eyebrows and tilted heads to the shoulder as if saying, ‘kya baat hai?’ and smiled at each mother and then returned from there silently wanting to give some lone time for them.

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