Tere sukoon ke liye ho jaau mein fanaah IshOm ff part-50

Hi friends. I can’t believe that i am posting 50th chapter of this ff. Really, i hadn’t thought that i will get this much positive response and love from you all. Thanks a lot for this. This chapter is extra long. Hope you enjoy reading this.


Past revisited

Ishanya and Omkara are in his car going to the art gallery of Omkara. They stopped at a signal just after exiting Oberoi mansion and then moved on.

Ishanya saw someone on the road when they are at the signal and became silent very silent, and somewhat lost. Omkara tried to start a conversation.

“Ishanya, would you like to go to lunch to the marati restaurant? Do you remember the first time we went there?” He asked her.

But he just got a reply in monosyllable “Hmm…..”

“Ishanya are you still angry with me for taking you our home without your permission?” He asked her directly.

She snapped out of her thoughts and asked him, “Ah…..aah, what?”

“Where are you lost Ishanya?” He asked looking into her eyes while she tried to avoid looking into his eyes.

“Nothing,” she said.

“Sure?” he asked.

“hmm…..” She replied.

“Now tell me why you are angry at me?” he asked.

“Me? Being angry at you? Why did you felt that?” she asked in confusion.

“I can feel it that you are angry at me, isn’t that why you are avoiding to talk to me?” he asked.

“See Omkara, I am not angry at you. And why would I be? I am just a guest to you, amn’t I?” she asked.

“Oh! So you are upset with that!! I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” He apologized sincerely.

“Omkara, I told you that I amn’t angry at you, and now I am telling I am not upset at you either can you please stop imagining things and stop irritating me with your questions?” she snapped at him rudely.

“Sorry.” Omkara said and then concentrated on driving. Ishanya closed her eyes and rubbed her temples in frustration.

“I am sorry, I sounded very rude to you.” She apologized to him immediately.

“It’s ok. If you want, you can tell me what’s bothering you. I’ll try to solve it.” He asked expecting her to share her worry with him.

“Omkara, I said there is nothing. What should I tell you?” she said in irritation.

“Can we please stay silent, my head is aching badly.” She said to him.

“Oh! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Just get back to home then, you should rest.” He said and was about to take a U turn.

“Omkara please……” She was trying to say something but stopped seeing someone following her on the bike in the front view mirror.

“Stop the car.” Ishanya said shocking Omkara.

“What, here? But why?” he asked applying breaks and looking around to know why she asked him to stop the car there.

“Dominos is just here in the right turn, I want to eat pizza. You leave for art gallery, I will go back home in taxi.” She said and get down from the car without letting him say anything.

He just looked at her in shock while she ran towards the right side.

It took a moment for him to come out of shock and understand what just happened and he too got down from the car and saw her disappearing in a turn.

He cursed under his breath and took his car to the turn she mentioned.

While he was searching for the domino’s Ishanya mentioned, there Ishanya went inside it hurriedly, she was being followed by the same biker and he just came and sat infront of her on her table.

Ishanya looked at him in teary eyes and yelled, “get up and leave, Mr. aadhishwar!!”

“Ishanya, please listen to me. I want to talk you about very important matter.” Aadhi said to her.

“We don’t have anything to talk, where does very important thing came from? Please leave from here without creating a scene.” She said to him in anger and tried to hide her tears.

It is then Omkara found Ishanya and came to her table.

“What’s this Ishanya? If you wanted to come here, I would have accompanied you, why do you just leave me like that?” He asked without noticing aadhi or the tears which are streaming in Ishanya’s eyes.

Ishanya composed herself and said, “sorry Omkara, let’s leave.”

They were about to leave aadhi held Ishanya’s hand from behind shocking her and making her turn to him struggling to take her hand back.

Omkara too turned and saw it, he was about to go near aadhi to slap him. He stopped listening him saying,

“Ishanya please, it took a lot of courage for me to face you, I tried to talk to you in phone but couldn’t muster up enough courage”

“Now that I finally mustered up courage and facing you directly I won’t leave without talking to you.” He said indicating the blank calls made by him.

Omkara remembered talking to him on phone when Ishanya was in hospital. While Ishanya was struggling to take her hand off from his hold.

“First leave my hand aadhi!” Ishanya ordered.

“Ok, but please listen to me. Ishanya, I am getting married next week.” He said shocking her.

Tears escaped from Ishanya’s eyes even after her trying a lot to stop them.

She finally took out her hand from his hold and said, “Oh congratulations. I wish you a very happy married life.” In tears and ran from there without hearing to aadhi’s calls.

He was about to follow her again but Omkara held his hand and asked,

“Look, dude. I don’t know who you are and what is your relation with her?! But following her like this and troubling her is not good. Try to convince her to meet you and then talk to her but don’t behave like a stalker.” Omkara said to him.

“And who are you to tell me all this?” aadhi asked him arrogantly taking his hand off.

“Her friend.” Omkara replied.

“And I am her fiancé.” He said shocking him.

“What?” Omkara exclaimed in shock.

“Ex-fiance.” He said looking down.

“Can we please sit and talk?” Omkara asked him trying to process what he just heard.

They both sat on the table and both were looking down not knowing what to ask or talk to each other.

“Actually…..” They both said in unison.

“First you.” Aadhi said.

“You are Ishanya’s ex-fiance?” he asked him.

“Yes.” He replied.

“Actually an incident happened which forced my family to break the engagement and I couldn’t do anything.” Aadhi said.

Omkara have an idea about which incident he was talking about, that is Ishanya’s rape. But he chose to not let him know it as he himself doesn’t want to tell him that.

“Was it an arranged alliance?” Omkara asked.

“No, no. we loved each other. From the college time.” He replied making Omkara upset. He isn’t upset because Ishanya had an ex. He is upset as she had to face a heart in a very delicate situation of her life. When she needed love and care to nurture her wounds he broke her heart by breaking engagement.

An engagement means a lot. She must have dreamed about marrying this guy and having a family a happy life but because of an incident which isn’t her fault, she had to go through pain of separation too along with humiliation.

All her dreams must have broken. Now that he think, her initial resistance to his friendship and being just professional and not getting attached to anyone made sense to him because she just hasn’t faced heart-break but faced betrayal too.

Yes, leaving the person you loved when they need the love most is betrayal and he know how can a betrayal effect a woman’s life and how can it destroy the person completely as he has been seeing his mother go through all this.

The man sitting infront of him just like his father, selfish very selfish. He thought.

“Ok, now why do you want to meet her?” Omkara asked keeping his calm as he was getting angry on him for hurting Ishanya and leaving her when she needed him.

“It took a lot of time for me to move on. My parents had fixed my marriage with another girl, it is on next week’s Friday. I still love Ishanya, I want her back.” He said making Omkara angry and upset.

Omkara got very scared and sad. ‘I don’t want to lose Ishanya. I love her a lot. This man definitely doesn’t deserve Ishanya. And I hadn’t thought about leaving her when I knew about her past like aadhi.’ He thought to himself.

He was about to warn aadhi to stay away from Ishanya, he remembered Ishanya’s teary face when aadhi said that he is going to get married next week.

He thought Ishanya may have feelings for him and decided not to interfere in this matter and let Ishanya decide what she wants.

“Look, this is not a correct way to do all this. You can not appear just like that suddenly and force her to get back to you. It’s wrong. Give her time and then talk with her about all this.” Omkara said trying to explain him not to trouble Ishanya like this and hurt her.

But aadhi is not in the condition to understand this, he is just desperate for Ishanya.

“See, I don’t have time. My marriage rituals will begin in the next 3 days. Please take me to her.” He requested Omkara.

Omkara thought about refusing him as he doesn’t want to hurt Ishanya. But then looking at aadhi’s face he realized how desperate he is and if he denies he may do anything which may hurt Ishanya. So, he agreed to take him to Ishanya.

Ishanya reached Oberoi Mansion she was going towards her room and trying hard to stop her tears.

As she was passing by tej and janvi’s room, she heard Janvi saying that, “it’s not easy tej, it’s not easy to forget betrayal, it’s not easy to mend broken heart. But I am trying I am trying to give us a chance because I loved you, tej. Just give me some time.”

She went to her room and thought on the words Janvi said.

‘It’s so true. It is not easy to forget betrayal or mend broken heart. But am I ready to give a chance to aadhi? Yes she loved him but does she want him back in her life? She is angry at him does that mean she hadn’t moved on from him? Why is she crying? Why is aadhi affecting her like this if their relation got over?’ she thought to herself and she got back to reality by the knocking of her door.

She turned to see Omkara at her door she was about to say something but got shocked seeing aadhi behind Omkara.

Suddenly she felt angry very angry on Omkara, she hadn’t expected that Omkara will bring him to meet her.

She is hurt that Omkara hadn’t respected her feelings or thought about her being hurt.

She was about to yell at him but got stopped hearing aadhi, “Please Ishanya just listen to me once and if you don’t want me near you after listening to me I’ll leave and never be back, just listen to me once.” He pleaded.

Ishanya nodded with teary eyes looking at Omkara. He felt that 1000 knives stabbed his heart at once and his eyes too got teary.

He gulped his tears and said, “I’ll leave” and went a few feet away from her room and took deep breaths trying to calm himself.

Just then he heard Ishanya yelling, “Why are you here? That too now?”

“Ishanya, I am sorry. I know I did mistake by leaving you alone at that time. I can understand how much you got hurt…”

He was saying but cut in middle by Ishanya saying,

“You understand? No you don’t!! You don’t have any idea what went through me. You left me as soon as the court proceedings started.”

“Your family’s pride mattered to you more than me. When court verdict came against me and dad died, then too you haven’t come to me. Not like a lover, you should have stayed with me as a friend but you couldn’t do that too.”

“What had I thought about you, about us? And what you did?”

“What happened to the dreams you showed me? You left everything, you broke every promise.”

“I loved you aadhi. I wanted to be with you all my life but you left me in the middle. Now why have you turned back?”

“Ishanya I know I did wrong. That time I had pressure from my father but I am not happy without you. I tried to move on, I tried a lot and gave my nod to this marriage, but now I realized that I can’t live without you.”

“Please accept me back Ishanya. I will handle everything else.” He pleaded.

“Get out!!” Ishanya yelled and aadhi came out of the room with teary eyes. He looked at Omkara before leaving from there.

Omkara too was about to go to his room but got stopped by hearing Ishanya’s cries. He went to her room and shocked to see her hurting herself with a pen there.

She is stabbing her left wrist with that pointed nib pen.

Omkara went to her and tried to hold her but she hadn’t given him any chance and yelled at him,

“This is my punishment for believing you and becoming friends with you. It’s nothing infront of the stab you gave me today. Just leave from here.”

Omkara left from there crying and cursing himself for being the cause of her pain.

Next day early morning, Omkara knocked Ishanya’s door and she opened the door indicating that she hasn’t slept.

Seeing Omkara Ishanya was about to close the door but Omkara didn’t let her and entered her room and before she can say anything he took her left wrist in his hand Ishanya just looked at him.

“Now I got to know, what was the mistake in statue of hand I made!” He said surprising her.

He tenderly started to apply the ointment. Ishanya got shocked at his tenderness and looked into his eyes. He too started to look into her eyes.

“I am sorry Ishanya, I didn’t wanted to hurt you.” He said and she can see the sincerity in his eyes but she couldn’t forgive him so easily, he kind of betrayed her by taking aadhi to meet her.

“I know, I shouldn’t have take aadhi here and I know that you won’t forgive me for this. Show all the anger you have on me, I won’t stop you. But please don’t hurt yourself not only in this situation, in all situations.”

“If you got angry on someone else and wants to hurt yourself to let it out, hurt me, I don’t mind. But please stop hurting yourself whatever may be the reason.” He said shocking her. Ishanya couldn’t say anything, she was speechless at his words and just continued to stare at him while he looked at her lovingly.

How is it?? I am waiting eagerly to know your opinions. Please comment.

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  1. Maryam_ishq

    Mind blowin episode !!! This is certainly the best 50th epi… ur half century got completed ????.
    Omkara tryin to strt up a convo but ishanya was very disturbed with wht she just saw and didn’t realise wht he was sayin. Omkara felt tht she was angry on him and apologised but ishanya wasn’t angry on him… but with all his questions she was gettin frustrated and snapped at him. Ishanya seeing the person behind the car couldn’t control her emotions and got down the car and went off to dominos… omkara being worried abt her and findin her behaviour different followed her to make sure she was alright. Omkara wantin to slap aadhi when he noticed his behaviour with ishanya but stopped himself. Ishanya shocked knwin abt aadhi’s marriage but tried her level best to be strong and congratulated him and left frm there in tears.
    Omkara explainin to aadhi to talk to her and sort it out rather thn givin blank calls and followin her. Aadhi tellin abt his love stry with ishanya and how he had to leave her due to his parent’s force and he wants her back now and can’t marry anyone else. Omkara’s thoughts at tht time were so amazing and it shows how much he undertsands ishanya without her tellin him anythin and also understands her pain. He felt bad knwin tht ishanya had loved someone but he felt more hurt on knwin tht the one whom she loved left her when she needed him the most…. who left her during the toughest time of her life. He understood her feelings as he has seen his mom dieing each day with his dad’s betrayal… and ishanya had faced so much in life and she had faced it all alone with no one by her side… the ra**…. her love not trustin her and leavin her when she needed him the most… her dad’s death… court proceedings…. and despite all of this she managed to emerge higher and become the person she is today. He understood ishanya’s behaviour at the strt of their meets and why she was soo rude…. but it wasn’t her fault in any of it as she couldn’t trust a person easily aftr all tht has happened with her. If omkara had wanted he could have beaten the hell out of aadhi for treatin ishanay like tht, but thinkin abt ishanya’s tears and her reactions he thought maybe she still loves him and aftr a lot of thinkin he decided to make aadhi meet ishanya…. knowin the consequences of it… tht ishanya wouldn’t like this act of his at all.
    Ishanya listenin to jhanvi’s words and feelin each and every bit of it and rememberin her past moments with aadhi… she was shocked to see him in her room and was more shocked tht om had brought him there… she was hurt tht omkara didn’t respect her feelings ?. She bursted upon aadhi for the pain she went through all these years caz of him…. he left her side when she needed him the most and he is lookin back at her now. She vented out her feelings and omkara felt bad listenin to it and felt angry on himself for bringin aadhi to her and refreshin some of her past wounds. He was shocked to see ishanya hurtin herself and tried to stp her but she wasn’t ready to hear anythin frm him and felt kinda betrayed by him too. Omkara left frm there devastated at her condition.
    Omkara goin to her early in the mrng… both of them couldn’t sleep well yesterday night. He applied ointment to her wounds and asked her not to hurt herself at all… instead hurt him whenever she feels pain or whenever he does any mistake. Ishanya was shocked at his statement and looked at him… his eyes which were showin his care. Omkara managed to undertsand wht was missin in his sculpture.
    Hope ishanya forgives omkara for his mistake ? and she shares atleast some of her sorrows to him. It was an amazing episode. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤.

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for the longest comment till now in this ff. Really, the fact that you are not only taking time to read the story but also for replying in details about what you liked in the chapter and how you felt about each scene means a lot to me. I am happy that you find the chapter worth for being the 50th part. Yes if omkara wants he can beat the helk out of aadhi. But he hadn’t and that’s the beauty of omkara’s character and makes him stand out from the typical mcp hero. That’s how i understood omkara when i saw the initial episodes of ib. He doesn’t do anything impulsively and don’t take decisions for others. And yes he isn’t hurt to know ishanya loved someone. But he got very hurt knowing about the sorrows ishanya went through. Don’t worry, ishanya isn’t going to be angry on omkara for long. She will share her sorrows with him one day. I will take care. You too take care and love you too.

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantastic dear

    1. Veera

      Thank yoy

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear.. Congratulations for your sliver Jubilee…

    1. Veera

      thank you so much dear.

  4. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous update di..
    Congratulations for completing half century?di..update next part soon

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much dear. I am glad that you liked the part. Next part has been posted. It will be published soon.

  5. Niyati

    Congratulation di for completing half century….This one is amazing…..love it to the coree……update soon.

    1. Veera

      Thanks dear. I am glad that you liked the part. Next part has been posted, it will be published soon.

  6. Mansi

    First of all congratulations my dear friend for completing successfully the Golden jubilee of ur FF????????????????????????????????

    Wish u more n more episodes of ur FF??????????

    This part is the bestest part of all the parts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Can’t wait for the next part??????

    Update soon ?

    Lots of love to u sweetheart?????

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for all your wishes appreciation and love my friend. I am happy to know that you find this part as best. Next part has been posted. It will be published soon.

  7. Jasminerahul

    congrats 4 50th chapter.this success is special.bcz this ff is not based on any known pair.its has got an imaginary pair.hats off to u 4 showing the guts to write on a pair u created.
    om ishanya scene was nice.shocking that ishanya was committed to Adhi who left her when she was defamed.but now he wants her back.good that she kicked him out.but sad that she blamed om 4 bringing him to her.om applying ointment n telling her that she can hurt him but not herself was lovely

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for all your appriciating words. You are right this success is special but it is possible only because of the love of all the readers including you. Thanks a lot for this support. I am happy to know that you liked the part.

    Dear Veera
    Aadhi Is Ishanya’s EX?What He Want From Ishanya??IshOm Talk And Scene Om Care Ishanya?It’s Nice Part??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Veera

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. I will take care, you too take care and stay safe.

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    Wonderful update… Ishanya’s pain… Omish part was fantastic… Loved it…

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      Thank you so much. I am glad thay you liked the part.

  10. this one is amazing and i am wanting for your next update …..

    1. Veera

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad that you liked the part. Next part has been posted. Please continue to comment.

  11. Aashi9

    You know, Veera di, I kept in touch with your story even though I wasn’t commenting. I loved the chapter and the way Ishu reacted to Aadi. Om made a mistake but I am glad he corrected it. Missed you di

    1. Veera

      Oh, That’s si sweet of you aashi. Thanks for the love. I missed you too.

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