Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 9


Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. Let’s take recap

Recap: Mantu saves Amaya. He feels a strange bond with her. Uma blames Amaya for her condition.

Uma looks on and wents from there in anger. Here Mantu is thinking about Amaya and says why u r so special to me? Why do I feela strange relationship with u. Maybe I have started loving u. I love u Amaya. I don’t know how u will react after knowing this. I will always support u in every situation. Whatever the circumstances be. I will be there with u always. I will prove my love for u.

The next day in the college. Like always Mantu Amaya and kangana tilak r sitting together. Mantu stares at Amaya. Amaya says hello Mantu. Where r u lost. Mantu says nowhere. He smiles seeing Amaya. The teacher enters the class. He says there is a singing competition on 31 dec. the day before new year. Everybody gets happy. The teacher says who want to participate should fill the form.he points to a girl and says she will give u the form. Amaya says Mantu I also want to participate. I love singing a lot. Mantu says if u want then participate. Amaya says we can sing together. Mantu says I don’t know to sing. Amaya says plz. We have 5 days for practicing. Plz. Plz Mantu. Upon insisting Mantu agrees and says ok baba. I will also participate. They both go and fill the form. Even kangana and tilak also participates.

Uma sees the opportunity and keeps a lizard in Amaya’s bag near her fone. Uma also participates. Amaya and Mantu came back. The teacher went. It recess. Mantu and Amaya r chatting. Mantu says so which song u r gng to sing. Amaya says not decided yet. Mantu says hey we can sing hamari adhuri kahani. Amaya says its the worst song.mantu says then……………………..hum tere bin ab reh nhi sakte. Amaya says no. He says so many songs but Amaya refuses. Mantu gets angry and says so many song I told but ur answer is not changing!!!. U only tell which song. Amaya says……………………..hmmmmmmm………………..we can sing………………

Ishq me tere bina dil hi na lage. Mantu says yaa nice choice. Amaya says my choice is always nice. Uma sees them and says when will Amaya open her bag. Everybody starts going. Uma sees Mantu and Amaya r also going and says she didn’t open her purse. She calls Amaya. Amaya starts opening her bag but the zip stucks. Mantu helps to open her bag and they both put force and the zip broke. A lizard comes out out. Amaya shouts. Mantu closes her mouth and says it’s only a lizard. don’t get afraid. Uma says my plan failed. But next time I will do something big and kill u. Amaya still shouting hugs Mantu tightly. Mantu says Amaya. The lizard went. Amaya says thank god the lizard went. Ohh! They both went to their homes.

Precap: manya practices for singing competition. Sneha sees love in amaya’s eyes for Mantu and gets happy. Uma thinks to do a drama
. Rama realises his love for Rachita.

Sorry guys. It’s short. But I will try to make next one longer. Plz tell how my ff is going on. Plz comment guys. I need ur comments.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Nice yaar but please next time thoda jaldi update krna and it’s too short itni jaldi pyaar…????

  2. Itni jaldi pyaar thode hota hai yaar… But nice

  3. Nice yaar keep going..!!
    waiting for the next episode…
    post it soon…!!

  4. Thanks for the comments

  5. It’s v.mice sahima I don’t find anything wrong in ur FF love can happen anytime and anywhere so hats off to u!!

  6. Fantastic episode 🙂 waiting for the next episode

  7. post the next episode soon yaar..!!
    so excited…

  8. Waiting for ur next episode …:.:

  9. please write sooon

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