Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 7


Hi everyone. Thanks a lot anjani. U r reading all the episodes of my ff and commenting on it. Thanks to swara also.

Recap: someone kidnaps amaya. Everyone starts searching her.

Mantu thinks I have heard this voice before also.

Everyone is tensed. They gets a call. Mantu picks it up. Mantu says plz leave amaya. We will do what u will say. The amount of money u want we will give u. But plz leave amaya. The kidnapper says stop ur nonsense. Amaya hears everything( her eyes r tied with a cloth and her hands and legs r also tied). The kidnapper says if u want amaya back then u have to marry me.

Mantu is shocked to listen this. The kidnapper disconnects the call. Sneha asked what happened. What he/she told. Mantu says she told that if we want amaya back then I have to marry her. Everyone is shocked to listen this. Sneha says who can it be? Mantu says he knows who is she. I can recognizer her voice. She is uma. I had never thought she would do like this.

Mantu thinks what to do? He tries to find amaya. He waits for uma’s call.

The phone rings. Mantu picks it up. Mantu says I’m ready to marry u. U just tell me where u r? Uma says I will tell u the location. But don’t try to be smart. Mantu tells no I will not do any such thing. Uma disconnects the call.

Mantu says to sneha she will send ne the location. I’m going to save amaya. I will not let any outward happen to her. I’m coming amaya. Uma sends him the location. He see that it is behind the school. He wents from there. He starts his bike and headed towards that place. He says in mind I will no t let an thing happen to amaya. I will save her.

Uma has kept amaya in a godown. Amy a says plz leave me. Whoever u r plz leave me. Uma untie her eyes. Amaya is shocked to see uma. She tells u. Why did u kidnapped me? What harm have I given u? Uma says u r the reason Bcoz of whom I will lost my love. Amaya asks her whom do u love? Uma replies mantu. Amaya says if u love mantu then why have u kidnapped me. Uma shouts in anger Bcoz the day u came in mantu’s life. He forget me. He don’t give any importance to me now. Now u have become his importance. Amaya says no…..It not like that. U r thinking wrong. He……..Uma interrupted and said he went to kashmir and didn’t inform me also. Bcoz he has forget me. Now I will kill u before he comes. Do that I can marry him. U r the obstacle in my life and I will kill u. Uma takes a knife and goes towards amaya. Amaya shouted no!!!!!!!

Precap : mantu saves amaya and brought her home. He thinks why amaya is so important to me????

Hope u guys liked the episode and u will comment. I know its short but what can I do? I have to write other ff also.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. iam 2nd
    i love to read ure updates tsm is my most fav show I’m mad for it /524 images / 7 songs &all written episodes are saved in my phone
    oops sorry i talk a lot

  2. its me only anjani i dont how the pro pic changed let it go
    i loved ure episodes keep it up
    please post next 1 soon can’t wait to read it

  3. Fabulous episode

  4. Thanks anjani sunehri and swara.

  5. i am sorry to disturb u but u keep updating daily so i expect a lot from u can u please update next episode today sorry again to disturb u

  6. please please please i beg u please send the next episode today or soon

  7. Krishna kousiki

    The way u write all this ff is seriously mind blowing and u got back a new story and it is entirely different from the daily serials and ur ff is really fantastic and I request u to update ur ff daily because can’t wait for time plsssssssss……….

  8. yes please please please send next episode today,tomorrow or soon

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