Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 6


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Recap : some goons tease the girls. The boys comes to help them. Everyone wished something seeing shooting star.

Amaya says some we should sleep. That all slept.

After 1 week.

Everyone came back. Amaya says wow. I ta was such a good journey. Kangana says but what about the other days of holidays. Tilak says I have an idea . U can come to my orphanage. Amaya says that’s a good idea. We can see ur orphanage and we will click some pics also. Everyone agrees to go.

Everyone was heading to the orphanage. They reached the orphanage. Amaya clicked some pics and they went back. It’s night. Everyone slept.

In the morning. Rachita shouts amaya. Where r u? Sneha asks what happened? Jas says amaya is nowhere. Sneha says where this girl went? They searched the whole house but didn’t find amaya. They tried calling her but I was unreachable. Mantu comes to their house. Rachita tells him that amaya is missing. Mantu says where can she go? They get a call.

Mantu attends the call. The caller says I have kidnapped amaya. If u want her back then. The caller cuts the call. Mantu says hello hello hello sneha asked what happened? Mantu the caller cuts the call. But I think I have heard this voice before also.

Precap : the caller says if u want amaya back then u have to do what I will say.

I know guys it short. But plz adjust with it. I know manya fans u want more manya scenes. But plz adjust with this.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. it was short but it was awesome
    but please continue & don’t take break go on write more & more

  2. i am first today

  3. please make it long nxt time

  4. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Thanks anjani.

  5. your welcome ♡♡♡

  6. can u please update next episode today ( 7th jan ) itself

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