Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 5


Hi guys. I’m back. I will try to make it long.

Recap : amaya gets sprain in her leg. Everyone went to kashmir. They played an tak sharing in the train.

It’s morning. Amaya wake up and sees the outside view. She says its so beautiful.

She woke up everyone. The train stops. They reached. Everyone gets out and they r amazed to see such a beautiful place. Kangana says see amaya in India so many beautiful places r there . U will not find it in Paris also amaya says yaa. U r ryt. Our India z so beautiful.

Everyone makes tent.Kangana says ok I will tell. See mantu and amaya wu be in one tent. Rachita and rama in one tent. And me and tilak in one tent. Everyone says ok. They start making the tent. Amaya was tying one end. The she went to tie the other end. The opposite end was loosely tied. The tent was going to fall and amaya was tying the end. Mantu sees this and shouts amaya. He went to her and took her to the other side. The tent falls. Everyone comes To amaya. Amaya says I’m f9. Mantu says how can u be so careless. What if something had happened to u.amaya says but nothing happened to me. She asks everyone to go. Mantu makes the tent and everyone slept.

The next day. Rachita woke up and she says ohh I’m so hungry. But how we r going to make food. Amaya says we will make it in a filmy style by lighting the woods. I will be so.much fun. Rachita says you woke. Ok. We will make but we don’t have the grocery items. Amaya says yaa. And the groceries r on the road side. We have to go there and bring it. Kangana says then we will go and buy. Mantu comes there and says but kangana it very far and we can only go by walking. Rama says no issue. We all will go and bring. Amaya says ok. We girls will stay her. U boys go and buy. Rachita says we will give u the list. She brought the list. Tilak says this much big list. Kangana says we r here for 1 week. This list is for 7 days. The boys went

The girls r lighting the fire. Some goons sees them. One of the goon tell see they r alone. Come let’s go. The other tells ok. The goons comes to them and tease amaya. Rachi and Kangana tries to save her but they pushed her. Kangan brings a rod and beats one goon. But a goon fro back pushes Kangana and she falls. The goons r taking amaya with her. Amaya says leave me. Mantu comes and holds the goons hand. Tilak and rama helps Kangana and rachi to get up. The trio fight with the goons. Amu rachi kangna r seeing them fighting like this. The goons ran away. Tilak says u all should be careful. Kangana says we have lighted the fire. They started making the food.

Mantu says oh no. We have to light it again. Bcoz of the wind it is blown away. Amaya says we will light it again. They light it again. Mantu stares at any a when she is lighting the fire. Everyone made food and ate.

Mantu is talking on phone. Amaya throes snow balls on him. Mantu says you. He also throws balls on amaya. Rachita also starts throwing snow balls on rama. Even Kangana and tilak also starts throwing snow balls at each other.
They played the whole day.

Amaya says see shooting star. It’s said that if we wish something seeing the shooting star our wishes will be true. Everyone wished seeing the shooting star.

Mantu wished that god plz help me. I don’t know what’s happening to me when I’m with amaya. Plz help me.

Amaya wished oh god. Plz don’t let any harm come to mantu. I don’t why but I’m always thinking about him.

Rachita wishes plz god make me meet my price charming soon.

Rama wished plz make me meet my princess soon.

Kangana wished plz make tilak realize that I love him.

Tilak wished plz don’t let any harm befall on my friend Kangana.

Everyone opened their eyes. Mantu asks am ya how u know that about shooting star. Amaya says I have spent my life in Paris. Bit that doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about my country. Everyone here believes the shooting fulfils all the wishes and I also believe like that. Ok . Come now we should sleep. It’s very late.

Precap : everyone comes back. Someone kidnaps amaya.

So guys. Plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz comment. Hope u like the episode.
I hope it’s long and u will enjoy the episode.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Sahima u r wonderful 🙂 I missed Manya a lot. … Thank you dear 🙂

  2. awsm yaar!!!!!

  3. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Thanks a lot.

  4. please jaldi next episode likho na please

    1. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

      Main kal hi update karungi. So kal tak wait kariye.

  5. I wish if amaya died.

  6. Why u wish so? Why u want Amaya to die

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