Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 3


Hi guys. This is the 3 part. Let’s take recap.

Recap : amaya help as mantu. Rachi shared a moment. Kangana sees something and gets shocked.

Amaya Kangana and rachita r going outside the college. Just the Kangana sees something and stopped there. Amaya and rachita asks what happened. Kangana says see tilak is again flirting with girls. How can he flirt???He promised me that he will not flirt with any girl. Kangana goes to tilak and says tilak. Why r y flirting with girls. U broked the promise. Tilak says I didn’t broke the promise. I had promised that I will not flirt in front of u. In ur absence I can flirt na. Kangana starts crying after listening to him. Tilak consoles her and says I was just joking. Ok I will never ever flirt. Now u r happy. Kangana wipes her tears. She went from there with amu and rachu.

They get in the car and went from there.

After 2 days.

There is a party in amaya’s house. Manya have became good friends and rachi too has become good friends. Mantu rama Kangana and tilak r also invited in the party.

Mantu enters amaya’s house with rama. Mantu says wat a beautifully house it is!!! Rama says yaa u r right. And the decorations r also very nice. Amaya and rachita comes there. Amaya says to mantu come inside. Why r u standing there. Rachita says the same to rama. They went inside. Kangana and tilak also came there.

Amaya went on the stage and announces. Today there is a party. As we have came back from Paris some weeks ago.

Everyone is enjoying the party. The host tells everyone to dance. Manya dances on dheere dheere. Mantu is looking at amaya only. The dance ends. Rachi dances on janam janam. Uma sees both of them dancing and fumes seeing mantu with amaya. She says I will not spare u amaya. U have snatched my childhood love. I will ruin ur life. She went from the party.

Precap: mantu says holidays r gng to come. Shall we go to kashmir. Everyone says great idea.

So how u like the episode.

Credit to: Sahima

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