Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 2


Hi guys. This is the second part. And so so so sorry for late update. Plz forgive me. But I didn’t got time to wite the ff.

Recap: amaya and rachi met Kangana. Tilak flirts with girls. Mantu staring at amaya.

The episode starts by the three girls and the three boys going to their respective classes. Amaya and Kangana enters their class. Kangana goes and sits with tilak. They chat. Amaya thinks where to go. She sees a boy and asks him”Can I sit her”. The boy turns. He z mantu. He sees amaya and says “ya ya why not. Come sit”. Amaya sits. She says “hi I’m amaya by extending her hand. Mantu says I’m mantu. And they shake hands. Mantu z looking at amaya. Just then uma comes and says mantu who z this girl and why z she sitting here. Mantu says she z new in college and she asked me for sitting. So I told her to sit. Uma says how can u do like this. U know from childhood I’m with u and I’m sitting with u only always. Then how can u let anybody sit. Amaya is not listening their talks. Mantu says uma u can go and sit somewhere else also. Uma says ok I’m going but from tomorrow I will sit with u. Mantu says ok and he sigh a relief.

The class starts . Mantu is staring at amaya. The teacher asks him a question. But he didn’t answer. The teacher shouts mantu. Mantu says yes sir. The teacher says where r u lost mantu. Ok tell me the answer of this question. Mantu says I don’t know. The teacher says why . U were not in the class. Just now I explained it to the class. Everybody laughs. Amaya feels bad. The teacher tells mantu that come with me to the principal room. Amaya says no sir it’s not his fault. Actually I asked him a question that’s why he couldn’t concentrate in the class. The teacher says ok mantu. I’m leaving u today Bcoz of this girl. But don’t repeat the mistake again. The teacher tells to amaya u r new in this college. Amaya says yes. Today only I came. The teacher says to mantu that tell amaya everything about the college. Ok. Mantu says ok I will tell. The teacher went. Mantu says to amaya why u lie. Amaya says to help u. I know that it was not ur mistake. She went from there. Mantu remembers how amaya saved him. He is lost in her thoughts. Here amaya is finding Kangana and rachita everywhere.Kangana and rachita r together and finding amaya. Kangana says I will check there u go there. Rachita says ok. They left in opposite directions. Rachita was walking just then she slips and and a boy holds her. He z rama. Premika plays(dilwale). The song ends. Rama makes rachita wake up. Rachita says thank u to rama and went to search amaya. Rama stares at her and smiles seeing her. Kangana is searching amaya. She sees tilak flirting with girls. She widens her mouth seeing this. She goes to him and says so u r here flirting with girls. Mantu and rama is watching this from behind. Mantu says today tilak is gone. Rama says yaa I’m also thinking the same.

Kangana beat tilak with book and asks him to
promise her that he will not flirt with any girl infront of her. Tilak says ok I promise I will not flirt with any girl in front of u. Kangana went from ther saying this as she has to search amaya. She thinks in her mind tilak I can’t see u with any other girl as I love u lot. I hope u will also start having feelings about me. She starts searching amaya. Amaya is also searching rachita and kangna. And rachita is also searching them. They were walking. Just then the three collides and amaya says I’m searching from so much time. Kangana and rachita also says the same. They hug each other. Rachita says Kangana u have to come to my home today ok. If u will not come then I will not talk to u. Kangana says yes I will surely come.they were going outside the college. When Kangana stops and sees something. Amaya and rachita asks what happened.

Precap. Manya and rachi has a romantic moment. Uma fumes in anger seeing manya and say u will not spare u amaya.

So guys u like the episode. And plz plz plz comment. Bcoz u know ur comments r very important to me. And sorry again for late update. Very very sorry.

Credit to: Sahima

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