Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 10


Hi guys. I’m very sorry for the late update. Plz don’t be angry at me.

Recap : mantu realize love for amaya. Amy a scared to see lizard.

Amaya tells mantu to come to her home. Mantu complies. He asks if he can bring his brother. Amy a says brother. But u didn’t told me about any of ur brother. Mantu tells yaa. I have one brother. His names is chiklu. Amaya says ok. Bring him also.

Mantu comes to amaya’s house. Sneha tells mantu u. Mantu says amaya had called me. Amaya tells mantu to come in and takes him to room. Amaya says do u know why I have called u. Mantu says maybe because do singing competition. Amy a says yaa. U r absolutely right. We will practice for singing competition. Mantu says ok. They started. Amaya says mantu. How r u singing. Sing properly. Mantu says I had told u I don’t know to sing. I have never sang a song in my whole life. Amaya says no mantu. U can do it. U have do it. Come on. Start again. Mantu starts. Amaya says yaa. Little better. But we have to practice more harder. Sneha sees this and thinks I can see love in ur eyes amaya. Hope u realize soon.

Mantu wents after having food.

Rama is studying. He starts thinking about rachita. Sumitra comes and says rama. Go and buy some vegetables. Rama doesn’t respond. SumitRa shouts rama. Rama comes into senses and says maa. When did u came. Sumitra shocked to listen this and says when u were lost in another world. Z she a girl? Rama says maa! Sumitra says I’m ur mother. I understood everything. Rama says yes maa. She is a girl. And maybe I love her. Sumitra says not maybe but u love her surely. Ok now. G and buy vegetables. This is the list. Rama wents to buy vegetables.

Precap: uma does a drama.

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Credit to: Sahima

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  1. It’s really nice misn manya more koi dhruv aur hiba ko ek sath la do plssss….

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