Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 1


Hello frnd. This z d first episode of my ff. Hope u like the intro. Uma will be the villain in the beginning. Here we go.

Two girls comes out of a big luxury car. One wearing white top with black skirt. Long heels in black and white. She z wearing sunglasses and looking damn hot. She z none other than amaya. The other z wearing a red top from top to bottom. She z wearing light brown boots. She z also looking very beautiful.

All the girls and boys of the college r staring at them. Amu and rachu walk some steps when a girl comes and stands infront of them suddenly. At first they got frightened. But then they realised that she z their best frnd. They say hi Kangana. How r u? She says I’m f9. Amu and rachu tells we r meeting after such a long time. Kangana says yaa. It have been a long time. Amu says we went to Paris and we came back a week ago only. She says Kangana Bcoz of u we got admission in dis college. She says u have less money than us but then also u helped us a lot. We r so rich then also we couldn’t get admission in any college. Bcoz u r aur frnd and the principal agreed to give us permission. Rachu says that’s why it z said a friend in need is a frnd indeed. Amu says yep. I agree with u. The trio hug.

The scene shifts to tilak flirting with girls. Just then mantu and ram a came and says come tilak we should go. The Bell will ring at any moment. Tilak says one minute yaar. But mantu says no come now. He says okay.

We they r walking tilak saw Kangana and says to mantu and ram a. See Kangana z dere and we r here. Ra ma says it’s good she didn’t saw u with girls or else wat will happen that u know. Tilak u r right . He says come we we got to her. Mantu says yaa of course the day u have met Kangana u r not even talking to us . Always Kangana this Kangana that. Ra ma says r u in love with my sister. Tilak says stop it yaar……nothing like that. She z only my frnd.

Tilak was going to her when he stopped and said see mantu rama. Kangana z talking with 2 girls. I have never saw them before. Mantu sees amaya and says yes I also have not saw her before(in a slow motion way). Tilak says come we can ask Kangana.

He holds mantu’s hand but mantu didn’t response. Tilak says what happened mantu. Then ram a sees that mantu z looking somewhere. Mantu z lost in amaya. He z just staring her.ram a and tilak shouts loudly”mantu”. Then mantu says what happened. Why u stopped? Tilak says mantu when u r already lost in someone thoughts then how u will know what z happening here. He asks him why we’re u staring at her. Mantu says I was not staring. Why would I stare? Rama says whatever come fast or the class will start. Tilak says what about Kangana. Ramadan says she z in ir class na u can talk to her there itself. He tells ok. And the trio wen to their class.

Here amaya told Kangana her division. Kangana wow u r in my class amaya. Amaya says yippee !!!. I’m in ur class. Then rachu ok u go to ur class I will go to mine. The both says ok. The trio went to their respective classes.

Recap: mantu lost in amaya’s thoughts. Rana mesmerised seeing rachita. Kangana and tilak had some cute fights.

So guys how u liked the first episode. U can comment in comment box and tell me ur opinion. And sorry for d mistakes. Hope u like d episode. Maybe I will be able to update the next part tomorrow only.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. Ha ha ha so funny

  2. wow super i love amaya and mantu pls continue

  3. Yes the episode is super …. But PLZ do try reducing typos coz evn in names its becoming hard to read …. Thank u for wonderful college life of manya

  4. Thanks for the comments.

  5. its really nice.. i like manya bt in serial they showed raya so i stopped watching it…
    thanx for manya ff

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