Tere sheher mein(manya and rachi forever) episode 8


Hi guys. I’m so sorry for the late update. My school has reopened and I didn’t got time to write. I want to tell u it will be very short.

Recap: it’s revealed uma is the kidnapper. She tries to kill amaya.

Uma brings a knife and headed towards amaya to stab her. Amaya cries no!!!!! Just then somebody from back throws stick and the knife falls down. Uma turns back and sees mantu. Amaya murmured mantu!!!

Uma takes the knife and pit on amaya’s neck. Amaya cries for help. Uma says if u will come forward I will kill amaya.somebody from back hits uma and she falls unconscious. Mantu comes to amaya and untied her. They both have a deep hug and then an eye lock. Dheere dheere se plays in the background. Amaya says I had thought that today I will die. Mantu kept hand in her mouth and says don’t ever say like that. Till Im with u I will not let any harm come to u.

Mantu says jas how u came here.(She had only hitter uma). Jas says I followed u and cane here. Rachita sneha Kangana rama and tilak also came there. Jas says police will come at any time. Amaya says why u called police? Jas says what r u saying amaya. She has tried to kill u. Amaya says she did this because she loves mantu. I know it was a crime. But everything is fair in love and war.

Police comes there. Amaya says she dont want to file any police complaint. Inspector says ok. It’s ur wish. They went from there.

Everyone went to their respective homes. Jas says amu why u did like that. U should not have done that. Now she will harass u. She should rot in jail. Amaya tells her to shut up.

Mantu is thinking about amaya and says why I feel a special bond with her. We met 2 -3 months ago and I feel like we know each other from ages. What is she to ne? Why I feel like that? Why am I thinking about her day and night. Do I love her? No she is only my friend.

Uma comes to him and kept hand on his shoulder drop back. Mantu says amaya. Uma says not amaya uma. Mantu says u! Wat r u doing here? Get lost. He throws her out of the house. Uma says this is happening because of amaya . I will not leave her.

Precap: mantu realize her love for amaya. Uma puts lizard in amaya’s bag.

I hope u like it. Plzzzzzzzzzz comment guys. And special thanks to anjani for reading my ff so eagerly.

Credit to: Sahima

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  1. awsm….keep writing like this!!!!

  2. Thanks swara and priya.

  3. yes its very nice & i won’t say more bcause i am very talkative

    1. Well anjani. I’m also very talkative. And I like to read whatever u r commenting. So say how much u want.

  4. U r fabulous dude. … good episode

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