Tere sheher mein( manya and rachi forever) episode12

Hi everyone. If u all like my ff then plz comment and give me suggestion actually I can’t think of any track that’s why I update the last two epis odes very short. So plz give some suggestion about what relation should u give that man with sneha. Plz tell me. Plz. I need ur support and also do suggestion. I know u all like it but I can’t update it regularly. U know how hurt I will feel when u will tell me to update regularly. It takes time to write also . Plz try to understand. Sometimes I’m not able to read any other ff because u have to write. So plzz plz plz understand. And don’t tell me to update regularly . I know so many ff have came on tsm and maybe that’s the reason u all r not liking my ff. Maybe u r feeling bored while reading it because it’s too short and um not updating it daily also.

Ok let’s start

Recap : uma waiting for manya . Mantu met with an accident.

Amaya cries while other all consoles her . After 1 hour doctor comes. Amaya rushes to him and asks him how is mantu. The doctor tells that mantu is fine. He has regained consciousness. U can go and meet him. Amaya wents to mantu. All were outside. Mantu says amaya…….u. Amaya says yaa it’s me. Mantu . How all this happened. Mantu says I was thinking something and a car came and…….Amaya says don’t worry. Mantu now I’m here. I will not spare the person who had done this all . It’s not the driver mistake. I was only not in my senses. Amaya says mantu. Yaa. U should be also careful. It’s all ur fault . U were thinking and the car came and…….Mantu says wow. Now u were thing it’s the man fault. In a moment u changed ur decision and saying that it’s my fault. Amaya says yaa. They both smiles . Mantu says u r right amaya. It’s all my fault. Amaya says mantu u can recognize the person who had done all this . Mantu says yaa I do recognize. After he hit me he came out. Seeing me in that condition he became scared and went away. After that when I opened my eyes u was here at the hospital. And it’s all because of u. Amaya says ok. We will nab him soon and sent him to jail. One by one everyone came and talk to mantu.

After 2 days.

Mantu is recovered and he came back home. Everyone was happy as he is fine now. Amaya sees mantu and hugs him. Everyone coughs. Amaya says what? Mantu laughs. Amaya beats him and says u r also laughing mantu says ouch. U don’t know I have got hurt and u r beating me. Amaya says I’m so sorry. Mantu says I was just joking . Amaya again beats him. Everyone laughs seeing them.

The next day.

Amaya says mantu u take rest. I will come. Mantu asks where r u going. Amaya says I have some work. I will come after completing it.

Amaya comes to pice station . She says inspector I have to file a FIR against someone. Inspector says yaa. Ok tell. Amaya narrates everything. Inspector tells but u have to bring some proof . Bring mantu and tell him to tel the description of the culprit. If he can recognize then he can tell also about hI’m. Amaya says ok. I will come with mantu. And if u got to know anything about him then plz tell. Inspector asks the location. She tells near indian college. Inspector says I will enquire about from the peke who saw this. Amaya says thank u sir. Thanks u so much. She went home.

She came home. Sneha asks amaya where u went. Amaya says I went to file fir against that man. Sneha says but we don’t need to do anything. Amaya says maa. Plz. The man had tried to kill mantu . Sneha says how can u accuse anyone like this amaya says if he don’t want to kill mantu he wouldn’t have ran from there. He had came there to kill mantu. Because maybe he knows that mantu was going to college. But we have to be alert. Because till now he had got to know that mantu is recovered. He will try to hurt him again.

No Precap.

U want ur suggestions. Plz give some suggestions. Plz comment. I can’t think what relation should I give. Plz give some suggestion.

I hope u like the episode and it’s bigger.

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  1. I think,mantu should get jealous to see amaya with someone else.by this,amaya will see his love and attraction for her.try this once.

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