Tere sheher mein( manya and rachi forever) episode11

Hi guys. I’m so sorry for the late update. I think u all r not liking my ff as in the last episode I hot only 1 comment. Plz tell me should I end it .

Recap: manya practices. Rama realise his love.

At the college.

Uma is sitting and waiting for manya to come. She thinks i know if I will ask forgiveness to Amaya. She will definitely forgive. I have to do a drama. And then I will kill Amaya.

Sneha tries to wake up Amaya but she didn’t wake up. Amaya says today I don’t want to go to college. Sehat asks why. Amaya says I don’t know but I feel like something bad will happen . Sneha says ok. If u don’t want to go then don’t go.

Mantu wakes up and gets ready to got to college. He see raining outside and thinks not to go.

Uma is waiting for them. The class ends and manya didn’t came. Uma thinks why they didnt came today. She fumes in anger and went home.

The next day

Mantu is walking thinking about Amaya. He doesn’t notice a car coming and the car hits him. The man in the car thinks oh no . What have I done. He takes his car and wents from there in fear of going to jail.

Amaya was sitting in car and sees some people standing at one plz. She tells the driver to stop. She goes and sees Mantu and is shocked. She shouts Mantu!!! A man tells to take him to hospital. Amaya make him sit in car and headed towards the hospital.

She reached the hospital
. Doctor says so much blood is coming and takes him to the icu. amaya cries seeing Mantu while the doctor operates him. she sits and thinks moment spent with him. She smiles remembering them.

Amaya calls sneak and everyone.

Senna rachita jas kangana Rama tilak came and consoles Amaya.

Precap: Doctor says Mantu is totally fine. Amaya says he will spare the person who had done all this.

I hope u like the episode. Plz comments.

The man who hit Mantu. Plzz give me some suggestion. Like if sneak already knows him. What past should I give about him. Plz give any suggestion.

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  1. yes now this only left na do whatever u want to i used to love ure ffs but ure updating only 1ce in a week & that too a small one so what can we do ??? sorry to hurt u

    1. Ok. So should I stop it.

      1. No no …. I love it … Pls continue

      2. R u sure vanshika. If u don’t like then plz tell I will stop it.

  2. Plsssss yaar it was an awesome ff…… But u are not updating it daily…… Pls update it daily or stop it…… But I love ur ff

  3. It’s very nice but try to update daily coz I know it’s hard doin it I am writing 2 FF it is very hard to handle but if u have the interest of writing update daily I am sure many people will comment bcoz there are many Manya fans.!.

  4. Thanks for understanding . Today I will update. But I’m writing 6 ff. That’s why one day I will update 2 or 3 ff. Then the next day 2 or 3. That’s why. I know if I will update daily then everybody will like it. But I can’t update daily.

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