Tere Sheher Mein 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya and Jaz seeing Kangana. Amaya takes car keys and asks Jaz why did she come. Jaz says I have seen Kangana taking you at knife point, I know she has done theft in Mahautsav. Amaya checks Kangana and sees her pulse dropping. They bring Kangana to hospital and Amaya asks Jaz to go home. Bua and Nani talk to Sumitra. Amaya says we will call home. Sneha and Rachita come home and talk whatever happened. Kripa says Jaz was worried and went out.

Jaz calls Rachita and says my friend met with an accident, her mum needed help, so I m with her at hospital. Rachita asks her to come back soon. Nani asks Sumitra ask about Kangana. Sumitra says I don’t know. Bua says even Amaya is not in room. Gupta gets a call and is shocked. He says it was Amaya’s call from hospital,

Kangana met with an accident. They get shocked.

Jaz asks Amaya will Kangana get fine, I should have not driven the car, how did this happen. Amaya thinks Jaz is scared, police can come anytime and she can’t let anything happen to Jaz. She tells Jaz that I was driving car, not you. Jaz says no, we should tell all the truth. Amaya says no, we can’t say, I will decide how to tell truth and when, you won’t tell truth. Jaz says Kangana should be punished. Amaya tells Jaz about Kangana’s split personality disorder. She tells her everything.

She says I have to save her, she is Rama’s sister, don’t tell anything, its not her mistake. Jaqz asks why is she taking blame of accident. Amaya says you are under 18 and can’t drive, I can’t let anything happen to you, promise me. Jaz says this is wrong, I can’t lie. Sumitra comes and asks about Kangana. She sees Kangana and cries. Bua says I think Amaya did the accident. The police comes and ask about accident.

Amaya says I was driving the car, I did this accident, Kangana and I had an argument, she went out and I have seen Jaz going, I took the car from her driver and I went to search for Kangana, this accident happened by mistake. The doctor says patient has severe injuries and multiple injuries, she is out of danger. Bua blames Amaya and tells about Amaya doing accident intentionally. The inspector arrests Amaya. Jaz stops them. Amaya asks Jaz to be quiet. She asks Jaz to tell the same to Sneha what she said here.

Its morning, Jaz comes home crying and says she lied, she was in hospital last night, but with Amaya. She tells them that she got Amaya on the way, she requested for car and took the keys from driver, she was driving in tension and then she did accident. Sneha asks is Amaya fine. Jaz says Kangana got hurt, it was not Amaya’s mistake, police is not listening me and arrested Amaya. She asks Sneha to help Amaya, she is in jail. Jaz wishes someone helps Amaya. Sneha prays. Amaya is giving roti and onion in jail and the women in lockup take it. Sneha comes to meet her and taunts her about framing Rachita in theft blame, so she has come to see Amaya’s state. She asks did Sumitra not come. Amaya says I told her to take care of Kangana, I can manage, if you are satisfied seeing me, you can go. She turns and cries. She thinks she needs her mum the most, but Jaz also needs her, its better if Sneha does not come here.

Rama is on the way and recalls Amaya. He gets a saree for Amaya and hopes she likes it, she helped me and I have to thank her. The women trouble Amaya in lockup. Amaya gets bail and goes to see who bailed her out. Rama reaches home and gets a call. He gets shocked and goes to hospital. Sumitra tells him about Amaya purposely doing Kangana’s accident, she is jealous and did this, I will not leave Amaya if anything happens to Kangana. He says Amaya got Kangana here, she can’t do this. Sumitra cries and says Kangana she is fighting with her life and death here. Rama looks on.

Amaya comes home and Bua kicks her out. Rama asks Bua about Amaya. Bua says she has kicked out Amaya. He worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Krishali Sharma

    I think rama fall in lv with amu……I lyk 2day’s eppi…..

    1. Can i ask what you liked about todays episode…………….running kangana over, Amaya being thrown in jail, Sneha coming to taunt her, Amaya being thrown out of house……….what exactly did you like???? All negative to me!!!!!

  2. What more is there left to say……………….Amaya taking the rap for Jas. Clear to see that this is what will start to clear the misunderstanding between Amaya and Mathurs. Jas will not be able to keep quiet for too long. This will also probably strengthen her relation with Rama, as it seems Rama will try and get her back into the house. Although Amaya is trying to tackle the worlds problems on her own, if she was in my house, i’d probably kick her……….for being too smart for her own good. They need to stop playing her as some selfless character who sacrifices herself all the time.

    I was thinking earlier about all the moments that happened between Mantu-Amaya…….and even Rama getting beaten by for Rachita. These were big defining moments. Defining moments happen in life when events are going to occur. It seems Rama getting beaten was defining for a different reason. Not to prove and evolve his love for Rachita, but rather for Sumitra to completely go berserk and ruin everything.

    I dont actually think i want to watch this show anymore. I still have recorded episodes to watch, but dont feel like watching. Earlier, my grandad was watching tv, and came to the star plus channel, when nothing else was on. Guess what was on………..TSM!!!!! I couldn’t even look for a second and left the room. I think thats a sign of how much this show has lost my respect. I know the writers have had a tough time with Dhruv, but the stories and tracks they have chosen in this show, are not worth me watching.

    1. then why are u reading the written episode ???????if its not worth

  3. Hello dimeo
    You’ve hung in there long enough. Far loyal thAn some ppl. Don’t feel bad for turning your head towards something else. TSM isn’t worth it. Esp right now. You can spend that time on anything but. Dhruv left but the story was already going haywire before that. Rama and amaya marriage was the pivotal moment. Now they can stuff their marital bliss story down our throats. Doesn’t change the fact that mantu wS far superior. These two just make you want to go yuck.
    I think the time has come to face the music. Either we accept this or tune out. I’ve tuned out. But then again I’m not a guy and not interested in watching hiba’s antics. Dhruv was the only selling pt and he’s gone.
    Btw sneha (guatami kapoor) is to be on another show. Don’t know if she will still do tsm. But you just have to google it and she’s confirmed. So now what friends?

  4. Amaya’s both sisters r so stupid ,they always put blame on her.First rachita said she doesn’t luv rama so Amaya sat on mandap n now jaz.Stupid they r

  5. stop this serial Tere sehar mein
    start me ye serial kithana achatha
    ab is serial ko dekna samay barbath hai

  6. I still have somehope that amaya and mantu will unite and dying to see them together again

  7. I have hope to with Amaya and mantu

  8. Ways happng u guyz r taking serious fr serial!!so chill and be cool let’s c tat ways happng ? First

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