Tere Sheher Mein 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rachita asking Jaz to keep Amaya’s phone on silent, as she is sleeping. Rama recalls Rachita and smiles. He holds Shamu’s hand. Shamu asks him to come at the shop. Mantu sees Amaya’s missed calls and calls her. Amaya has fever and asks Jaz to give her phone. Mantu says why is she not taking my call, is she fine. Rama’s mum asks Rama to take rest and gives him tea. He asks about his dad. She laughs and says he had many gulab jamun yesterday. She asks is he hiding something. Rama says nothing.

She says she has seen him dancing with his friends, why did he not spend time with Kavita, she got sad. Shamu asks Rama to marry. Rama says he has work now. Rachita comes there. His mum sees her and sends Rama inside to give medicine to his dad. Rama does not see Rachita

and leaves. His mum thinks why is Rachita trapping Rama.

Amaya wakes up and Jaz asks how is she. Amaya says she is feeling better. Jaz checks fever got down and asks her to rest. Amaya says she reminded her of mum and thanks her. Jaz says Rachita and I got worried for you. Amaya says there is nothing to worry, see I m fine. Jaz says I don’t want to lose anyone. Amaya hugs her. Hari asks Kaushalya how can she say this, where will Sneha go with her daughters. Kaushalya says will he snatch their home. Hari says Rishi has given all that to him, and Rudra has kept Rishi’s home mortgaged. She says I know his favors but… He says enough, we will sell our home to free that haveli, I m alive and won’t let Sneha and girls wander on roads, if Rudra does not respect him, atleast she can respect. He leaves.

She says he is sacrificing us for Mathurs, without thinking where will we go, where will we stay. Rama’s mum talks to Rachita and asks is she finding Rama. Rachita says no, I came to buy items. Rama’s mum asks Shamu to give the items. She asks her to say if she wants to meet Rama. Rachita asks about Rama. Rama’s mum says she knows she is Rama’s friends, but what type, friends can either help or ruin others, is she his good friend, today’s children hear parents less and follow friends, I found a proposal for him, ask him to say yes to marry Kavita.

Rachita gives the money and Rama’s mum says torn note won’t work. Rachita says sorry and gives another one. Rama’s mum asks her to remember what she said, and Rachita leaves thanking her. Rama’s mum thinks she won’t let Rachita become more than a friend for Rama. Amaya asks Jaz to give her phone. Jaz says no, take rest. Amaya thinks if Mantu calls me. Mantu calls again and says why is she not taking call.

Chiklu comes home and says he wrote exam well. Mantu happily lifts him and gets hurt. Chiklu sees his wounds and asks him. Uma comes and cooks food. Mantu says he saved a kid from the goons and got beaten up. Chiklu says he will beat them. Mantu says why, we will send Uma to beat them and jokes. Amaya sees the dress and smiles recalling Mantu. Jaz says this dress is jinx, it made all the problems come yesterday. Kya hai kyu hai……….plays………. Amaya thinks this dress is special.

Mantu asks Uma for water. She asks him to take it himself. Chikl asks why is she worried, Mantu did good work. Mantu says she is annoyed with you. Chiklu says Amaya needed the dress, and I gave it. Mantu says it was special for Uma, hold ears and say sorry. Mantu and Chiklu say sorry. Uma says she will forgive him on one condition, only if he says the truth. He nods. Rachita asks Amaya is she lying. Mantu tells the kidnapping matter to Uma and he saved a girl too. Rachita says Uma is psycho, she was saying Mantu will be with Amaya, how dumb she is.

Uma says she was so worried and felt he is with Amaya, so she went to her house. He says how did she think this. Uma says even I was thinking, I know you are not related to her. He says yes, why will I be with her. Rachita and Jaz say Amaya can’t get her life partner in Mantu. Amaya agrees. Uma talks to Mantu and does not give the phone to him. He gets tensed and does not tell her anything. She asks him to sleep. He says Chiklu has to make call to Jaz.

Chiklu says yes, I have to tell Jaz that I gave exam well and thank her. Uma says they will not call anyone and asks Chiklu to take care of Mantu. Amaya recalls Mantu. Kya hai kyu hai bechaini…………..plays………….. She thinks why is she missing Mantu so much. Jaz asks her to have food. Amaya asks for her phone and goes saying she has imp work. She sees Mantu’s missed calls and calls him. She asks him how is he, did he reach home. Uma says its me, not Mantu. Amaya is shocked.

Uma asks Amaya how does she know about Mantu not being fine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    luv u RachMa nd ManYa

  2. Nc epi nd thnx Hasan fr d updt

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  8. Nice epi. …. But my god precap …. Amu get some reason to Tel her.

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  10. Why u people are dragging like this??? Omg.. I had never seen people who don’t hav rights on their own fone.. Uma u r irritating..as well as ramas parents… Please cvs unite MaNya soon.. Hope something good will happen in this week itself…

  11. Really very good serial
    Different story in star plus,thnq for the updates,Amaya and Mantu chatacter really so romantic
    Uma’s over acting is irritating

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