Tere Sheher Mein 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu apologizing to Amaya from Uma’s side, as Uma is like her family. She asks him not to apologize from Uma’s side. He thanks her for being mature. She asks will he apologize from her side, if she does mistake. He says I m sure you won’t do such mistake. She says tell me, will you. He says why will I apologize, you have your family, they will apologize. She says it means you don’t care. He says Barfi is right about girls. She goes annoyed. Rudra talks to Gajanand and says Dinesh gave these files, it was his dream to work with him. He says about Shravan puja and requests him to come, giving him invitation.

He asks him to do Maha Abhishek, there will be bidding. Gajanand says I know, the money is given to poor people, I will be bidding more than the highest

bid, I will do Rudra Abhishek. Rudra gets happy and says he will tell everyone. He leaves and says you will do the Maha Abhishek, but…..

Kaushalya tells Sneha about Shiv puja in Shravan month. Jaz asks Sneha why did she not cook. She tells the significance. Rudra comes and invites everyone in the puja. Sneha says we will go as one family. Amaya comes and asks for food. Sneha gives her food. She tells about the fast and its significance that girls get a good groom. Amaya thinks to keep the fast. Uma comes to Mantu and argues. Mantu asks her to listen to him, it was her mistake, so she is running. Uma argues and says she is in hurry no. He asks why did she create drama at office.

He apologizes from Amaya’s side and she scolds him, asking him not to apologize from Amaya’s side. He says he wants to end the fight and apologized from your side, saying you are my family, my responsibility and my friend, I have this right on you. She gets glad. He says he said the truth. She says he always fights with her. Chiklu says he has gone puja pamphlet. Mantu says it means he will take holiday that day. Chiklu says yes. Uma gets glad thinking of Mantu’s words. Amaya looks at Lord’s idol given by Mantu, and says she likes him a lot.

Amaya, Jaz and Rachita have a talk. Jaz asks do we have to bath at this time. Amaya says its okay. Kaushalya asks them to go. Jaz says it does not matter. Sneha scolds Jaz saying its about belief and traditions. She says sorry Kaushalya. Kaushalya says she will answer by science, and explains about eclipse. Rachita says aunty is right, I will go to bath first. Chiklu gives the call to Mantu. Amaya asks Mantu what is he doing, while he is tying dhoti. He asks why is she asking, will she help. She says why not, I can help. He says no need. She asks what will he do in Shravan day puja. She says we all are going in the puja, how will she get leave.

He says don’t worry, Manish says its half day office. She says its first puja for me. He says its imp for all banaras people. She asks will he come. He says he will keep fast also and asks her. She says I won’t keep. He says everyone keeps for a good husband, she can get anyone and the man will bear a problem like her. She says don’t joke, the man will be lucky to get you, I will get a good husband just like that, somewhat idiot. He says yes, some idiot will marry you, when you get it, make me meet. She says he knows him very well. He asks what, who is he, tell me. She acts like not getting his voice. He says I can hear you well. She ends call. He says girls should ask for sense instead husband in the puja. She says I got saved and smiles. Kaushalya brings the dhoop in everyone’s room in morning and Jaz asks for food. Kaushalya says she has to bath again, and have food later.

Uma goes to laundry shop and asks for her dress. The man asks the name. Uma says Amaya has given the dress 3 weeks before. He says there is no dress by this dress. Uma says she lied to me. She asks to check by Rachita Mathur. He says yes, its here and shows the entry, that the dress got dry cleaned and was given back. Uma thinks why did Amaya lie, why does she like the dress and want to keep it. She recalls Amaya’s words and thinks does Amaya love Mantu.

Uma and Amaya argue and Amaya says she can’t give the dress. Uma asks why and shouts on her. Amaya says because I love Mantu. Uma is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  6. awesum episode…..luv yew manya

  7. It seems amaya is in a hurry…she is tl nw immature…its obvious on uma’s part to hold mantu tightly as she hav seen mantu frm chilhood moreovr she is lyk a family…sumwhere i feel bad 4 uma….4 her its lyk sum1 snatching her love nd her actns are justified…
    Howevr evrythng depends on mantu nd i cnt get him…

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  9. hi frnds.. am newly watchng tis serial just frm 3 wrj bck, can u tel me abt tat uma fight with amaya dress

    1. that dress was given to uma by mantu,but the tailor made a mistake and made that dress as Amayas Size. So uma was not able to wear that.Mantu kept that dress With himself.Oneday Amaya is going for a party and Her dress tore .As mantus house was near and her sister was also there so she came there.Mantus brother Chikul saw Amus dress And told that her dress Got tored .So he gave that dress to amaya which is of amaya size.At that time amaya had no idea that how that dress Fit to her.

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