Tere Sheher Mein 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Gupta telling Gajendra that his granddaughter has spoken well in tea discussion and its good his family united again. Gajendra says his daughter is dead and gets angry asking them to be in limit. They leave. Pushpa looks on and gets sad. She goes to see Sneha. Sneha smiles seeing her. She comes to the girls. Amaya says she will book tickets. Sneha asks them to have food, she will have medicines and take rest. The girls asks her to sleep. Jaz says I said mum will not say yes, she has avoided this.

Amaya says she has headache so she went. I m sure she will say yes. Sneha goes to rest. Its morning, Sneha gets restless to see Pushpa and stands at window to see her. Mantu talks to Chiklu and asks him not to ask questions. He says he will get computer for him soon. Chiklu

gets happy. She asks the 8th table. Chiklu tells him. Mantu says you know it, Uma lied and gets happy. He sees the table written on door and scolds him for cheating. He says he will bear if he fails, but not this cheating. Chiklu says no one understands him and runs.

Mantu thinks he has to talk to Jaz to take Chiklu’s tuitions, then he will pass. Rudra tells his friend to come along to haveli, he has to see whats going on there. He says he has to buy Prasad. His friend asks why. Rudra says how can I go empty hand. Rachita tells Amaya that Sneha is cleaning kitchen, its night now. Amaya says she will talk. Sneha says she will just come and goes out to throw garbage, and keeps her eyes in hope to see Pushpa. Rachita says mum will say no. Rudra comes and says sorry to come late, its temple Prasad, mum has sent.

He asks is she not well. Sneha says she has headache. He says its late, you sleep. She goes. Rudra asks the girls did their fight ended. Amaya says we don’ t have any problem, we decided we will go back to Mumbai. He is stunned and says did aunty agree it means. Amaya says yes, now we are going finally. He gets worried and says fine. He leaves. Rachita and Jaz ask why did Amaya lie. Amaya says I m sure mum will agree. Rudra goes out and says they will leave Banaras. Sneha thinks mum did not come, as dad did not forgive me. She checks the door again and gets sad.

Pushpa comes out and Sneha sees her. Gajendra calls her and she goes. Sneha cries and thinks she was thinking wrong that mum won’t come, but mum will really come. Its morning, Pushpa and Dimple cook breakfast. Dimple says Dinesh went for work, he looked in tension, I had to take money and did not ask. Pushpa says she will give. Dimple says she will return in evening, and asks for 10000rs. Pushpa says I don’t have that much, I will ask Gajendra. She comes to him and asks for some money. He asks her to give his files and worriedly takes it. The file falls and some papers fall all over. She sees Rishi’s scam news and his death.

She cries knowing everything. Gajendra asks did he talk to Sneha, did she break her vow. Pushpa says no, I came to know by neighbors, she needs us, come with me. He refuses and asks her why is she crying, the one who ruined his respect and married, the day she left with Rishi, she died for us. He asks why did he keep this. He says to show Rishi was wrong, not me, I can’t forgive her, world has not forgiven them, people still taunt us. She says I know she did mistake, but we have some duty as parents. She says Sneha has three daughters, how will she manage, she is sure once he sees their grand daughters, he will forgive them. He refuses and she tries convincing him. She asks him to free her from this vow. He says he does not change his decision and asks her to decide and choose between husband and Sneha. She is shocked and cries. He leaves.

The girls are excited to go Mumbai. Rudra asks some of his friends to come on time and do the work. He pays them money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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