Tere Sheher Mein 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya rushing to Kangana’s room to find proof. She gets all the western clothes, cash, jewelry and says Kangana is very clever. She hears some sound and says did Kangana wake up. She rushes out. Sumitra sees Kangana and says if Amaya sees her in this state. She tries waking up Kangana. Amaya confronts her and Sumitra tries lying. Amaya calls it to stop this drama, Kangana is Kanika, there are no twins. Sumitra cries. Amaya says stop it, Kangana lies dual life, she is fooling us by acting to be traditional girl, and did theft to put blame on Rachita. She tells what all Kangana did and scolds Sumitra. She says Rachita had the stain of being thief because of Kangana, I will prove she is the thief and Rachita is innocent, have some shame.

She says you have hidden

the truth always, I will give statement in police station. Sumitra stops her and tells Kangana’s mental disease of having a split personality. Amaya asks her to stop this fake stories to cover Kangana’s crimes. She asks why should I trust you, I will not hear this. Sumitra says come with me, I will give proof and takes Amaya. Sneha comes home. Rachita and Jaz hug her. Sneha hugs Pushpa and says Gajanand will get fine. She asks about Mahautsav, why is Rachita silent. Jaz tells her everything. Rachita cries. Sneha asks why did they not call her. Sneha says I will talk to committee members and goes. Jaz wishes she could do something with Rachita.

She sees her camera there and thinks she was going to take it on Mahautsav. She sees battery dead and goes to get charger. She says camera was in room and she can know what happened in room. She plays the video and sees Kangana in western clothes. She sees Kangana hiding the sandal and jewelry. She says it means Kangana did the theft in modern getup, I have to tell mom.

Sumitra asks Amaya to see the reports of Kangana. Amaya gets shocked seeing the reports about split personality disorder. Sumitra says she is dealing with depression since childhood, Kangana fell in love with a guy in college, he broke her heart calling her old fashioned and poor, this affected Kangana and she got this mental disorder. Kangana gets up and looks around.

Sumitra says Kangana gets angry when anyone goes against her and can do anything. Kangana comes and holds knife against Amaya’s neck. She takes Amaya and locks Sumitra. Jaz thinks to go to mum to show tape and waits for Sneha. She thinks what to do, and looks for auto. Kangana asks Amaya to walk quietly and takes her out. Jaz gets shocked seeing Kangana taking Amaya at the point of knife. Kangana takes Amaya in the taxi. Jaz says it means Amaya’s life is in risk, and sees Dinesh’s car. She gets keys and goes to save Amaya. Sumitra is worried and thinks what to do, Kangana can do anything.

Kangana scolds the driver and says she can kill him too. Jaz follows them and is unable to drive well. Kangana and Amaya drop somewhere and driver leaves. Amaya throws sand on Kangana and runs. Kangana asks her to stop. Amaya gets infront of Jaz’s car. Jaz sees her and diverts, and hits Kangana. Amaya gets shocked.

The inspector asks Amaya what happened. Amaya says I did this accident. Rama says this can’t happen. Sumitra says Amaya was after Kangana since the start.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor amaya and idiot sumitra changes hr colrs damid

  2. Why amaya have to take allthe blame and live like this .. Just tell the truth Amu

  3. pls stop this serial for gos sake

  4. This is how they will try and remove the misunderstanding between Mathur family and Amaya, by Amaya taking the blame and saving Jas. Whoooooo Amaya is being like a devi again. Well done Amaya, next week, she saves the world against terrorism!!!!!!!

    Sneer has returned, I guess that shows not everyone has deserted this show.

    Kinshuk is coming in as Tilak, a negative character who falls for Amaya. This show loves a love triangle or love twist. I hate Rama-Amaya relation, but it looks like its finally settling, and somebody else comes in. I bet Tilak will be negative, and then turn positive because of Amaya and then they will fall happily in love blah blah blah……….boring!!!!!

    BEST NEWS IN WEEKS for this show………………at least Kinshuk is not playing Mantu. That means Dhruv’s return to this show COULD happen, depending on how this serial goes, and when/if Dhruv is happy to return to this show. It may be later this year, next year, the following year (depending on if the show lasts this long, but on evidence, probably wont), but at least it leaves the possibility open. I’m sure he will come back………he has unfinished business with this show, and will probably save it if he comes back!!!!

    1. by Sneer, i meant Sneha!!!!

  5. ravi lol..ur comment made me laugh..u surely hav a concrete reason to hate TSM..they presented smirnoff in d wrong hue..he he…so guyz now u know y d success rate of marriages in india is higher as compared to other cultures. it doesnt matter who u marry wats important is to believe in d sanctity of marriage. rama n amaya have taken d route to a happy marriage pushing back all ugly memories of d past. positive enough. lets c wat kinshuk brings in since he isnt playing mantu we will b spared d pain of accepting another actor as our mantu. dear dhruv be a sport n comeback . I msure u too r missing being a part of dis show.

    1. Hi Pinky, i agree that marriages in India have a higher success rate than other cultures, but i don’t agree with your reasoning. As much as I hate to say it, a fair percentage of marriages in india are fixed or arranged. I dont necessarily mean you’re told who to marry, but in some cases you’re set up with someone. My dad even admits it……………when he was younger, he didnt think my mother was for him (don’t know why, as my mother was gorgeous younger), but was told to marry her by my grand-father. Obviously after 33 years of marriage, 3 children, building a family, a house, businesses and making money, they obviously fell in love.

      Point is, a lot of indian marriages are made through people being put together. Most stay together, some because of love, and some because they see marriage as a part of life, and having kids to keep the bloodline going. Bottom line is, even if they dont love each other, indian couples will not go getting divorces as its not really in our culture.

      I live in England. Hate to say it, but western people dont think divorce is a big deal. My parents tried setting me up with a girl from a good family, but i weren’t attracted to her. My dad says, even if I’m not attracted now, I will gradually with time (thats what happened with him and mum). I don’t agree with this way of thinking, and said no. I have felt love before, and think its a beautiful thing. Fact is, i will get married to someone I love and will find whoever it is, in my own time (i hate the arranged marriage concept). Amaya married Rama, to save her family. Yes…..she will probably love him, but this does not happen in modern day life. She was in love with Mantu…….but forgot about him.

  6. Good girl confronts evil manipulative people, they turn the tables on her,because they good at it, good girl not capable of protecting herself cuz too straight.

  7. @pinky sali tu uske gao hai kya rama mar jayega saayd mujhe lag raha sala alahabad gaya bhenchod phir waha se nahi aayega . lagta hai bhosadi ka phirse fail hogaya. kinshuk kaas amya ka rape kar de . aur serial band ho jaye .

  8. Chandra kanth

    Hey pinky that is a show not life.people always like love winning not loosing.every show in all channels never show a life they always show stories that’s what people like to watch

  9. don’t try to make us foolish ..plz stop nonsense 🙂

  10. i watched this new show “lajwanti” just started at zee tv at the same time..as i was getting bored by TSM…its nice …1940s love story..india’s partition time….really nice…doesnt look like a crappy show…planning to stop watching TSM altogether and start watching this serial

  11. Not fair to show Jaz driving. She certainly looks below 18.

  12. This is totally going the way of saathiya etc. Misunderstandings galore. When one bad person finally gets rid if on the show (after 6 months plus of dragging) then in comes another. They don’t have any other writing style. First it was rashi. Then gopi’s sister Radha lasted for well over a year. Then she came bk from the dead. Now it’s some old friend if koki. Never is there a sane storyline. About day to day living. About raising kids without rashi. About Gopi working it out with ahem etc. tSM was diff. It showed struggles. Triumphs. Friendships. Normal stuff. Not now. Twin sister. Bipolar ? That’s a real issue. You can’t just toss it in there for a silly twist. At least address mental illness properly. God knows there is such a stigma around it. India cud use ppl talking opening about it. And whT do we have here? Amaya running away from kangana at knifepoint. That is exactly what wud happen in saathiya etc. I can’t stand that drama. My MIL wAtches it. She’s 70! And we have jaz getting into trouble now. Amaya to the rescue. Wow. What a story. We can’t see this anywhere else.

    Where is the fashionable strong amaya. Hiba is doing injustice to her character. Have a backbone and say something to the writers. We are not in Middle Ages. Women do not. Just stick with their marriages for the sake of. I’m sorry but I’m not saying go ahead and cheat or divorce. I’m
    Saying one only has to watch savdhaan india to see what’s going on. It’s quite shocking. Why not show something relevant??? That she struggled with feelings for mantu and then let him go slowly. That wud be real. Dimeo is right. They are forcing this too much on us. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t repeat how much we care about each other. To show viewers there is love. It is a feeling that we can see and pick up on! Saying we love each other and amaya ur so nice And Rama ur so sweet won’t make us like them as a pair!!!!!!

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