Tere Sheher Mein 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya talking to Mantu and bringing him for dining. Sneha asks Rachita to stay, as her friends are here. Rudra serves palak paneer to Mantu and Rama. They both eat it and stop. They don’t react and Rudra thinks they will recall their Nani today. Rama and Mantu say its very tasty dish. Sneha says thanks. Rudra thinks what happened to them. Mantu says its tasty, we will end this dish now. Amaya says give it to me. Mantu says no, its decided, we will eat it. Rudra gets puzzled. Uma waits for Mantu and says she has to do something, but what.

Sneha asks Kaushalya to have food. Kaushalya says its poornima, she will have late and asks Rudra to have, its his fav palak paneer made. Rudra says no, I will eat later. Mantu asks does Rudra like this. Kaushalya says no, he eats

full dish. Mantu smiles and challenges Kaushalya about Rudra. Rudra says I won’t eat, its for guests. Mantu says I m sure Rudra can’t eat. Kaushalya says he will eat, and Mantu bets for rs 500.

Rudra worries and says no mum. Amaya says lets see who wins. Rudra refuses. Mantu and Rama make Rudra eat the dish by their hands. Rudra says no. They feed him by spoons. Kaushalya says he will win. Rudra sits down and they still make him eat. The girls smile. Mantu says its not over. Rudra says I will get over by this. Mantu says no, have more and they finish the dish by feeding Rudra. (Hilarious scene!!)

Kaushalya says she won the bet and makes Rudra have the dish to the fullest. Mantu says I lost and gives Rs 500 to her. Rama smiles understanding Mantu’s plan. Rudra thinks he did big mistake by not telling plan to my mum. Sneha says the dish is over, I will make it some other day. Mantu says everything is good here, I will take Chole. Amaya smiles seeing him. Rama smiles seeing Rachita. Kaushalya goes to get sweets. Rudra sits holding his stomach.

Rama asks Rachita to pass puri to him, Amaya asks Mantu to have moong daal halwa. Sneha says she got it from market, Amaya got many things. Mantu says fine, I think she learnt treating guests from you. Amaya thinks Mantu cares for her. Mantu offers jalebis to Rudra and Rudra refuses. Mantu and Rama smile.

Kaushalya goes to Rudra and asks what about his plan. Rudra says don’t talk to me, buy sweets by the rs 500 won and dance. She asks why. Amaya pumps water and makes Mantu wash hands. He says I m done. She says I forgot to bring towel. Rama goes to wash hands and looks at Rachita smiling. Rachita does not move. Rama pumps water himself, and Sneha asks Rachita to help Rama. He gets glad and washes hands staring at her.

Sneha gives shagun to Mantu. Mantu says I m like you son, why this formality. He takes her blessings. Sneha gives shagun to Rama. Rama thanks her for inviting. Mantu says his heart got happy by having her handmade food, he recalled his mum. Sneha says regard this as your home. Mantu says thanks, bye Amaya, and I m glad meting Rudra. Rama smiles and leaves with Mantu. Sneha says they both are decent good guys. Amaya gets happy.

They all go inside. Kaushalya asks Rudra about his plan again. He gets annoyed. Uma recalls Mantu’s words about Amaya, and gets angry. She says she will spoil Amaya’s impression infront of Mukherjee. Its morning, Uma comes to meet Amaya at office and asks for her dress. Amaya says you can say this calmly too. Uma asks why did she not return the dress. Amaya says I will lose job, please calm down. Uma asks for an answer. Mukherjee comes and asks Amaya to solve her personal problems outside office. Amaya says its not my mistake. Mukherjee scolds Amaya. Uma gets glad. Mantu comes and stops them. He says he will see them. Mukherjee says Montu…. Uma says his name is Mantu. Mantu asks her to be quiet. Mukherjee says Montu, solve this and gets angry.

Mantu talks to both of them, and Uma argues again, asking about her dress. Mantu asks them to shut up and sees receptionist smiling seeing their fight. He says we will discuss calmly, come. He takes them to canteen and asks them not to fight. Amaya says the dress is lost when she gave it for dry cleaning. Uma scolds her and says she has taken it. Amaya asks her to take money. Uma asks is she beggar. Mantu gets irritated and asks Uma to take new dress from him. Uma says no, and asks laundry name. Amaya says the name and argues with Uma. The staff looks on. Mantu asks why are they stretching a small matter. Uma says this matter did not end and leaves. Amaya laves angrily too. Mantu sits holding his head. He says where am I stuck, my fate is bad.

Rachita tells Sneha about puja, where unmarried people keep fast and Amaya smiles hearing this. She talks to Mantu about the fast.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lovely manya couple 🙂

  2. Nice episode good lesson for rudar and his mummy and I hate this uma her trouble is too much

  3. Poor mantu …. So sad he is stuck and una u creap …. Feel shame as u r a girl … I r behavior is not less than tht rudra …. One difference he is doing all this silently but u fool doing all drama in front of so many people even spoiling ur image …. ?????

  4. What a beautiful episode. Hat’s off to you Rajan Sahi sir & the whole tsm team. You all rock. Do you guys know Gautmi Kapoor aka Sneha Mathur really cooked those food in her hand which are shown today. She’s a fabulous and very affectionate actress so as Hiba aka Amaya & Dhruv aka Mantu. I’m so Happy that the writer made Rudra learn a right lesson. Loving it more day by day. Fantastic show.

    1. I’m also thankful to H. Hasan of this website for his hard work & L?ve to keep us update about our fav. show like tsm, if we miss it by chance.

  5. very nice episode luv u manya 😉

  6. Today that fool of posting first comment not here it seems…

  7. interesting episode.foolish rudra…..love amaya and mantu’s couple.uma!!!!!!!!!! onye ala

    1. Nwanyi Onye ki na kpo onye ala?

  8. Suprb epi….. Love it…… Love you Rama and mantu for teaching a good lesson for that idiot rudru……. Rachima and manya love you……… Uma is a nice girl but slightly possessive abt mantu….. I believe wen she will come to know that if mantu also love amaya….. She will definitely sacrifice her love

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