Tere Sheher Mein 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaz saying she wants to continue her studies and want to go back Mumbai. She sees Rachita finding jobs in Mumbai. Sneha comes and asks them to come, she wants to talk. Amaya battles with the mosquitoes and asks them to bite Mantu, not her. Sneha asks her to come and talk. She asks them to respect food and thank Lord that they have food. She makes them sit and have food. She asks them to try once to accept Banaras. Rachita says the people are big problem, why did dad leave Banaras if its so good. She says everyone knows here about dad and their hearts are also small.

She cries and Sneha asks did anyone tell anything, what happened, why did she not say. Rachita says you were already stressed out. Amaya says what would you do, Jaz and I heard bad things about dad. Rachita

says everyone taunts us and jokes on dad, how will we stay here. Jaz says yes, they will remind us about his past, please lets go back to Mumbai. Amaya says please. Sneha thinks holding them close and sad. Uma scolds Chiklu and asks Mantu to manage him. Chiklu hides his marksheet and Mantu sees 20/100. He gets angry seeing poor marks 6/50. He gets angry and scolds him. Chiklu says he has a solution. Mantu asks him not to do cheating, and ask teacher for explaining again.

Chiklu’s friend calls him to play. Mantu stops him and scolds. Chiklu says he wants to meet Jaz, she is my new friend and she is smart. Mantu says pack your bag and come. Sneha talks to Rishi’s pic and thinks of the girl’s words. Sneha asks their plans after going to Mumbai, did they plan anything. They stay quiet. Sneha says fine, if they want to talk. They stop Sneha and asks what was she saying, they will talk.

Sneha says I wanted to know what are your plans. Amaya says Sinha uncle, he told us that we can stay at his home, we will manage till we get job. Jaz asks her to think well. Rachita says we can plan, as mum said yes. Sneha says she did not say yes, she will think and say. Amaya says I know what you want and hugs her. Sneha worries. The girls start packing bags and are very happy. Sneha thinks she has Banaras in heart, who is their loved ones who care for them. She recalls her dad’s words. She says dad and Dinesh will never forgive me, and mum.. She recalls meeting Kripa in market and asks about everyone at home.

She asks about her mum and he does not answer her. He says her mum is coming back after her yatra soon. Sneha thinks will her mum meet her when she comes back, I m sure she will meet. The girls talk that mum did not say yes till now. Pushpa comes and knocks the door to give Prasad. Sneha says her hands are not good, she is coming. Kripa asks her to come. Pushpa says they should give her also. Kripa asks her to come home, else it will be bad. She gets puzzled. He says come home, I will tell now. Sneha comes and opens the door. Pushpa goes towards her home and a procession comes in between. She turns and sees Sneha. She smiles seeing her and Sneha too is glad. Pushpa recalls Gajendra’s words that Sneha is dead for them.

Sneha walks to Pushpa. Pushpa cries. He told her not to meet Sneha else she will see his dead face. Pushpa turns and cries. She tells Kripa that she is tied in vow, and Gajendra will end it one day, else I will tell him to release me from this vow, I will go and hug my daughter and granddaughters, hug them. She goes to her home. Sneha cries. Kripa says he will get vegs from market and goes. Sneha sees his mum’s footmark and goes to touch it and takes blessings. Sneha thinks mum is not annoyed, she said she will come to meet me.

A man tells Gajendra that his family is one today. Gajendra says my daughter is dead. Pushpa hears this and gets sad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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