Tere Sheher Mein 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sneha and Rachita leaving to meet Amaya. Amaya comes there. Rachita and Jaz hug her. Rachita says we were coming to meet you at your inlaws. Amaya says now this is my inlaws home. Sumitra comes and tells Sneha that Amaya named this house to her. They all get shocked. Dimple asks when did this happen. She shows the papers to Sneha. Sneha gets shocked seeing her signs. She says this is not my sign, whats all this and throws the papers, saying its fake. Rachita asks Amaya to say whats all this. Amaya says this is mum’s sign and reminds her about consent papers in hospital.

She says now this haveli belongs to Sumitra legally. Sneha is shocked. Sumitra says now we have become neighbors and asks Rama to come. Sneha asks Rachita to see her Amaya. She scolds Amaya.

Rachita says lets hear Amaya first. Sneha says no need, whats there to ask her. Amaya says she got her love and wanted lavish life. She asks them to leave the haveli, as its their haveli now legally. Rudra asks Rama to show his creep face, he wanted this haveli so he married Amaya. Amaya asks Rachita to show papers to Sneha, that this haveli is theirs now. Rachita asks what is she saying.

Amaya to face Sneha’s wrath; Mantu on edge of “love belief”

Rachita says we will solve this problem, just share with me. Amaya asks Sumitra to come. Pushpa says why did she not die before seeing this. Sumitra laughs. Nani says its all fine till now, but Sumitra has to keep an eye on Amaya. Sumitra says she can’t wink without my permission, choose your rooms. Bua says she wants big room. Mohini says my mum and I will take big room. Sumitra says all rooms are big here. Sumitra warns Amaya and threatens her about Rachita’s truth. She asks Amaya not to forget the deal. She says you fooled us and made junk noodles, now go and make good food, Rama got the ration, do first rasoi rasam, make tea for us now.

Amaya thinks what to make of spinach. She sees the items and does not find lemon. She asks Rama to get lemon, she is making lunch. Rama argues with him. She asks why does he dislike truth, he always have to sell the kirana items, does he have any ambition, she has wishes and he has to fulfill it. He says he is not liar at home, he does not cheat his family, you are a stain on your family. She thinks she won’t let his bitter words affect her, Rama is a coward to agree to his mum and marry her, she is stuck now.

Sneha, Rachita and Jaz go in Chobey Nivaas. The brick partition is formed. Rudra says he will call police. Sneha says yes, call police. Rachita stops him. She says Amaya is her sister and explains Sneha that they will lose name. Pushpa says yes, Rachita is right. Rachita says I have seen Amaya’s eyes, she is lying, I will go and talk to her. Sneha stops her. Rachita says just once. Sneha says if you go there, you will insult me like Amaya.

Nani asks Sumitra to control Amaya. Sumitra says she will keep Amaya busy in work, and then she won’t have time to think. Amaya hears their planning and says she knows what to do now. Amaya comes to kitchen and says they want to make me maid, I will show them now. She puts the pulses and spices in the cooker, and adds less water so that the cooker blows, then they will not trouble her. She leaves from there before cooker blows on her.

Sumitra talks to the ladies. Rachita and Jaz look on. Amaya thinks when the cooker blows, they will know it. Rachita says how will Amaya manage to cook. Jaz says leave it, she does not stay with us now. Sneha takes them with her. Bua says if Amaya cooks well, I will ruin the food. They laugh. Amaya looks on. Bua goes to add spices. Amaya worries seeing her and runs to stop her. She goes there and says Bua ji…. The cooker blows.

Everyone rush in kitchen after hearing the cooker blowing sound.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its really the worst…….
    Dragging it a lot?iam simply gonna despise it…………..

  2. Well done amu atleast Ek daiyan tuh kame hogi n sabko ase hi sahi Kar de.but then also Manya n rara are really being missed by the viewers

  3. keep t up amaya…..be strong, dont let rama’s word affect u…..sneha plz talk to amaya once nd find out what the truth is…..cant bear u badmouthing her

  4. What rubbish this is shocking this is soooo bad

  5. Keep it up amu… Only you can control the situation… 🙂

  6. Pl change the track and timings of the show.. missing mantu lot..

  7. Amu u lkng cute as saree also

  8. Dis doesnt seem lyk a dream at all !!!!
    I thnk dat de person who s dreamng mst b n coma:>
    Since i hd no option i watchd dis “bakwaas” serial
    Plz guys dnt ve false hopes!!!! Lets switch over 2 sme oder serial!!!!

  9. Thus is a worst serial I ever seen in my life.guys plz call to writer for some change in script.

  10. This is definitely not s dream. It is too detailed to be a dream. Btw, are the Bhua masi naani here to stay? Why are they so ugly? I know they are evil but must they also be this weird looking? How can one family have such a rich collection of uncouth, shrill, small minded and ugly women. Rama is fairly good looking – forget Rachita, the question that needs to raised is Ki usko ye chudail kahan se Utha ke lai? There is no way that he looks like inke khandaan ka beta.

  11. MoriumShirin

    Plz change the theme. I can’t tolerate it more. Bring Amaya back to mantu. No one can do anything more without true love..if ur beloved is with u, you can win the world.

  12. Tips tricks and the twist by writer ALL ARE CRAP!!!!!! sheer BAKWASS!!!!!
    Stop this serial NOW getting sick of this!!!!! story headed to SAAS BAHU drama/war.

    Are we suppose to enjoy this????
    Are we suppose to devote our precious time for this ????
    Losing hope day by day. WTH TSM crew???????????????

  13. I’ve never said that I’m going to stop watching this show, but right now I hate it. We’ve all said that the writers have completely f**ked up this show (pardon the language), but now they are messing up Amaya’s character badly. Today she has stated that Rama is spineless, which he is……but she is the one who traded places at the wedding. All he did was obey his mother. Many individuals get bullied or scared by their mothers……at least that can be realistic, unlike taking someone else’s place in a wedding. She cant blame him for this.

    Also when she walked in with her in-laws to take possession of Sneha’s mansion, she just acted like a b*t*h, all whilst her mother was getting insulted and humiliated. Guys, we know this story is about sacrifice and reputation etc, but regardless of the situation, I would never let my mother get humiliated by anyone at any cost. Finally to get her own back on her in-laws, she decides to have the pressure cooker blow-up. Is she out of her mind????? Why not just make the food taste bad………not blow up the kitchen. That’s a bit extreme and psychotic.

    Yes we all know her intentions are good, but as i’ve said many times before, her actions have completely overshadowed what she is trying to achieve. Just makes her looks stupid. No doubt the writers will try and portray it so that the viewers will feel sorry for her but i’m kind of past that. I’m also seeing it from a point of view, in which, if my brother did something like this to my family, i would praise his intentions, but feel disappointed that he felt he couldn’t tell me, seeing as we are close. The siblings can’t be that close in this serial. People are saying “keep it up Amu”…….i dont think so. Yeh take the fight to the ugly aunties, but don’t treat family like that at any cost!!!!!!

    Reports are now saying that Mantu will feel so distressed that he will also now try and make Amaya pay for hurting him. This show is utter crap!!!! Lets see what happens on Wednesday as people keep raving about.

  14. One final thing………how and why do people keep thinking that this is a dream sequence. These writers are clearly stupid, but they can’t be that stupid. Setting this as a dream sequence may correct a lot of things, but this would truly be an utterly poor example of writing. Writers can not be paid for this weak writing, if a dream sequence was the case. You can mess with the viewers, but not like that!!!!

  15. Dimeo, I agree there is no way this is a dream sequence. Just saw a spoiler where Amaya is being treated badly on the day of her muh dikhai and read somewhere that Mathur’s will continue living in the same haveli, making Rama face Rachita. Utter crap. One drama after another shows that there is no logic involved in making of these dramas. Where are these people’s cell phones why are people getting away with whispering menacing threats without getting recorded and without being taken to the police for extortion? This girl studied in Paris and is returning from the ghat after taking a dubki at four in the morning. I don’t think so. You spend six months in the west before you realize that no force on earth can get a strong adult woman to cower before an older illiterate saas who is out to abuse her. There is no way a western educated filthy rich chicky went back to India to become a Gau mata.

  16. A happy person finds it difficult to tell unhappy stories. Likewise these type of stories are written by those who are are having issues. It shows their inner attitude. Negativity. So beware writers, the type of story you write expose your inner self. So please dont be naked in front of the viewers.

  17. So much of dragging….i don’t think sumthing is gonna happen by wed…definitely manya vl unite but i think it vl take lot of time…situations doesn’t seem as of now…how funny Amaya is not at all remembering mantu…if they want to drag it they shud have shown amu thinking about manti n all ….y this saas bahu crap…

  18. Sumitra is wonderful lady on earth…usey tho Rama Ki bilkul parvah nahi…

  19. Seriously what a crap.. I was a fan of this show.. A girl studying in paris faces all the wrath and how she emerges from the cocoon and saves her family by taking all the responsibility
    But seriously i pity u writers or whosoever who ruined such a gud show

    1. ya .. I totally agree with u yamini..

  20. They have even changed the poster now…

    1. yaa 🙁 …. that old one was very very nice…. that used to show the the strength of amaya… and that poster was a perfect match for the serial’s title “tere sheher mei” … 🙁

  21. Wat s meant by haveli?

    1. Havelli is big bungalow. Correct me if wrong.

  22. okk I can support amu only for her insulting Gupta family bcoz I also don’t like Rama’s family, even rama now… writers, directors every one… plzzz don’t drag it ..finish this track quickly… and let mantu rama and rachita know the truth so that they may help amaya… plzz mantu believe in ur heart … just listen to her heart…

  23. Everything is ruined in the show blo*dy sp production mngng team whom that only the reason of changing such a good show early i think this is best in sp because tsm has good story line now everything is changed lot of vamps not good for good show if much scenes are more leaders

    iam wstng lot of time in fb,twitter,instagaram,tellyupdate,desitvbox any thing happy news
    but surely this is not dream sequence..
    so after Wednesday we shutdown the channel sure

  24. And the new promo is out definitely knew the on going track is never a dream sequence..
    where is mantu?

  25. Cnt seen in two episode

  26. the new poster is some what similar to veera..old one is nice..nd perfect.. Pls change the track.. Still waiting for some positive epis in the show.. Nd dnt make people get influenced by negative in the show..pls change the track

  27. bakwasssss……… pls let the truth comes out…. chobey ji get well soon and let ur daughter know about amaya’s truth…..

  28. Tsm to go off air by Oct 2nd see wickipedia…

    1. Hey on wiki according to casting rachi will get married to mantu n Uma with Rudra . U r rght it will cum till 2nd oct

      1. Wikipedia is not a reliable source
        anyone can edit anytime with id..
        so dnt believe…
        Badtameez Dil is go off air not tsm..
        wait till Wednesday wt happend

      2. I also want wiki info to be false but I just told as I saw. Tsm should end but after Manya together

  29. Good.. let it end by 2nd Oct… but missing manya lot..

  30. Plz amu come back to Mantu… its going too worst… make relations correctly….

  31. Uma is marrying rudra is true guys… but rachitha is going to marry abimanyu a new face.. then wt about mantu❤❤❤

  32. Sick people kya dikha rhe hai
    Rama ko rachita ko dekh k koi feeling hi nai ayi na dukh na kuch
    Bs apni maa k piche vhote bcho ki tarah chla hai kya character dikha rhe hai plsss
    Chota bcha hai? To pyar maa se puch k krna tha shadi maa k khne pe kr li is ladk ka koi stand nai bekar sick story
    N amaya over acting kr rhi hai ab
    Track rha hi nai ab story ka kya se kya bna dia
    Lgta by khne wala hai TSM
    So stop abusing language jiska kpi base hi nai to vo jada der nai chlega
    Rama thodi ijjat bchani hai to quit kr de show itna bechara boy kisis ladki ko pasand nai ata
    N writers plsss thoda educated modern track dikhayo kya message de rhe ho ap logo ko.
    Plss God sake stop this nonsense
    Change the track n if u cant then stop this show dnt play with viwers feelings
    Rachita hats off to u for ur support to amaya
    Rama do sumthing ldko k name ko bdname na kro galat ko galt bolna sikh Ok

  33. Rama ka kya bekar character dikha rhe hai
    RAMA leave this show
    Plss koi itna bevkuf kaise jo skta hai
    Baap beta muh dekhte rhte hai
    N ladies tmasha krti rhti hai
    Gents sare muh dekhte hai
    Sick people cheap track 🙁

  34. Mantu gayab hi ho gya hai show se
    Lgta he is planning to quit
    Vaise bhi usk lie to kuch bcha hi nai
    Amaya ka hi main lead dikha rhe hai
    N vo mummas boy Rama 🙁

  35. haa i checked wiki.. Ab toh tsm kyu dekhni..acha he sojau..kyu viewers ke mann ke sath khel rhe ho..acha chal rha tha story writers ne kharab kar diya..ab to ye pairs dekh ke dil toot gayi.. 🙁 u have such a grt actors bt dnt have a mind..actors of tsm deserve well..today u broke my hopes 🙁

  36. Muthulakshmi

    1st of all tis smy fvrt drama…. but now :-(… change the story track… its really driving me crazy…. bring back amaya to mantu…. i really miss them very badly….

  37. We must all stop watching to send them a msg. My trp doesn’t matter as I’m not in india. But the writers are beyond understanding. Break up the lead couple. The only reason everyone watched and then expect viewers to stomach kitchen politics with saas Bahu drama? What happened? The writing used to be smart. I don’t watch and don’t even read the updates. No pt. it stresses me out to see mantu upset and amaya acting like an idiot. Fine we can understand she wants to help her family out but what she did wasn’t courageous of remotely smart. It doesn’t even make sense!! Marrying Rama doesn’t help anyone. Giving your family home to some shrewder awful women helps not your family. No izzat saved by marrying someone you don’t love and breaking mantu’s heart. The way she was after mantu it doesn’t make sense

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