Tere Sheher Mein 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Kangana going to Tilak with the box. He thinks everything is ruined. She tells how she got the box. He opens knife. She says she understood the box got exchanged. He says yes, right. She says she knows he is good man, he runs NGO, she loves him, she did not go police, she will save him. He says the gang will be finding this box, I will take the risk to give this box to police, give it to me. He gets the box from her, and says he can face any danger for this city and her. She says she is glad to trust him and listen to her heart.

He asks her to go home and take care. She leaves. He thinks he got saved, now he will give this bomb to his gang. He calls Tyagi and says he got the box. Amaya is praying in temple. She asks Lord to send Mantu, just Mantu can clear this

matter to Rama, Mantu and I were just friends, we had some feelings, but nothing remained, I truly love Rama, thanks for postponing the divorce date, I will prove that Rama is in my heart, my love is for Rama.

Atom stops Amaya and says you told me to tell about Mantu, he was seen last in Allahabad, She thanks Atom and Lord. Kangana is on the way and worried for Tilak. Amaya sees her and asks why is she worried. Kangana thinks she can’t tell Amaya. She lies to her. Amaya sees the men who attacked Kangana. She says we have to follow them, I will call police. Tilak is in temple and talks to Rahul. He says he will send the box by Tyagi and Rana, Kangana trusts him. Amaya informs police.

Amaya and Kangana show Tyagi and Rana to police. Tilak sees them and hides. Police catches the two men. Inspector gets bomb blast plan in university and according to it, blast will happen today. The inspector aims gun and asks them. Tilak thinks they can tell police, and comes out. Amaya sees Tilak and asks the men is Tilak your gang leader. Kangana asks Amaya what is Amaya saying, the gang members exchanged bomb box with Tilak’s gift box, Tilak was helping police and giving this box to police. Tilak says yes, I was coming to give this box to police. He hands over the box to inspector. The inspector says they stopped the blasts from ruining university. Amaya, Kangana and Tilak leave.

Kangana is cooking food for Tilak and tells Sumitra that Tilak saved Banaras from bomb blast. Sumitra asks her to be happy. Amaya looks on. Kangana asks Amaya to give buttermilk to Tilak. Amaya goes to Tilak. Tilak calls Rahul and says their plan flopped, reach here at Rama’s place. Tilak sees Amaya coming and starts acting. Amaya gives buttermilk and goes. Tilak says all the plan flopped, he has to do something. Sumitra tells Bua that Kangana likes Tilak, he is a nice guy, she wants to get them engaged soon. Tilak hears them. Sumitra says I think Tilak will bring love, happiness in Kangana’s life. Tilak thinks that’s why Kangana is after me, her split personality is the reason, her love saved me from police, but what about my mission, I have to make new plan.

Gupta says Amaya, Kangana and Tilak did a brave thing. Kangana gives credit to Tilak. Rahul joins them and signs Tilak. Gupta gets a call and is glad. He says inspector called and said they will honor Amaya, Kangana and Tilak. Amaya says we are not safe till Gang leader and other members are caught. Rachita says police will get their names, don’t worry.

Its night, Rachita and Jaz wish Amaya stays happy. Rahul fumes on Tilak, as this plan ruined because of Amaya. Rahul says I m leaving city, it will be good you also leave, we will not see Banaras again, I will resign in university by any excuse. Tilak drinks. Rahul asks Tilak to do packing and leaves.

Amaya and Rama come to their room. Rama thinks Amaya is fearless, she has bear so much and did all good, and even for this city, Amaya supported me without selfish feeling, I should see she gets something. He asks why did she go after gang, if anything happened to her.

Amaya asks why does he care, when he wants divorce, why does he care. Rama says I care, your safety is imp, as I have to send you to Mantu, I m going to find Mantu. She says she will go away from him, he does not need to worry, if he wants Mantu and her to unite, she will go away, she does not want Rama gets problems, why does he stay rude to her, he will not even see her face, he can stay peacefully without her. She cries and leaves from the room.

Sumitra taunts Amaya and wishes Amaya does not come back again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why they al r runnng aftr mantus nme disgusting n sick production team why?????????????????

  2. Was borring……

  3. What d hell amaya mathur.. U said that u and mantu wer just frnds… Go to hell amaya…nd end all dis crap…dont dare to take mantus name each and every sec of this utter crap drama

    1. she is not amaya mathur,amu loved mantu like crazy,she is shameless amaya r.gupta

  4. such a boring episode…..

  5. Amaya srsly do not deserve mantu at all. What d hell is she thinking of her self. Mantu loved her a lot and she’s like they were only friends..!! Disgusting..!!

  6. guys u need to understand that Mantu is not the man for Amaya..She loves Rama and who sys love cannot happen twice…U know Mantu did not even had the guts to save Amaya from the marriage,,, not knowing the truth he was weak…. Rama is the one whom Amaya loves and maybe Mantu is behind the bomb blast….

    1. no offence but i think ,may b you r a new viewer!mantu is not God ,that he will know evrythg!rama is spineless and evn he don’t have capability to b compared with mantu that is why amaya doesn’t deserve a good life partner like him,this shameless girl only deserves spineless ramashrey,.sorry if u felt bad.

    2. Its not that Mantu didnt have the guts. He was at the hospital tending to Gajanand, only to return and find Amaya had married Rama. He was shocked, surprised and sad. Anyone would feel the same. As time went on…….he knew something was wrong, but didn’t know what. Before he could do anything, he left the show. Well played Dhruv,

      Thats not weak or gutless. Without Mantu……..this show is nothing.

  7. gorgia mantu is a good man we cant blame mantu for all this utter nonsense.He is the only daring and courageous guy on the show.

  8. The show is ending and the guy isn’t even on the show and his name is used in every episode.

    What an impact you are still making Mantu.

    That’s called good acting. He doesn’t even need to be on the show and yet the poor writers are still talking about him!!!!

  9. If mantu is behind the bomb blast why did he send the letter amaya ? I hate this serial

  10. you are saying that you and mantu were just friends and there is something between them and that is also ended.how dare u say like this? sach baath toh yeh hai mantu ka hi saccha pyaartha .you are a cheater and a liar.agar ab tumhe rama chod denge na toh tilak ke pass jaongi.tum aisi giri huyi harkat hi hamesha karti ho.nahin toh tumne rama aur rachita ko ek aur moka de diya hota

  11. Where is mantu i want manya back & rama you forgot about rachita amaya how can u forget mantu u were so mad for him he was ure 1st true love ( please note i am not blaming real life actors who are playing their roles)

  12. Everyone is stupid on this show. This show is about stupid people. I dont need to talk about others, but now Kangana is acting all dumb and crazy. Seriously where do these writers get their ideas from. Its seriously disturbing thinking people are actually drumming about ideas about these things, and they are actually being accepted to air on the show.

    Amaya was in the temple, saying that she is only friends with Mantu and that she loves Rama. This one scene reflects the way this show has turned out. Seems Amaya does not know what true love is, and is just as immature as when she came to bananas at the start. In terms of Mantu, I say this everyday, and S also mentioned it above, he is not even in the show anymore and is still having an impact. I personally dont want them to use his name anymore. His name is to prestigious to associate with this bog standard garbage.

    On a final note, we know this serial is ending, and its hard to take anything seriously anymore. They have a week left, what can they possibly achieve in one week, that will end this show at least with an ounce of dignity. You can already tell that its going to be awful. 1 WEEK TO GO!!!!!!!

  13. Such a disgutsing story . Idont why still it is going to be telecast

  14. Hi everyone

    The soapie is awesome and all actors are doing a good job.

    Mantu and Amaya shared a great relationship , which unfortunately never lasted. Just like Rahul and tina (kkhh).
    Mantu and amaya were never going to be together even they stars never match , did url forget that?short time memory loss I assume.

    Amaya and Rama make a good couple , great one in fact . No matter what they faced they did together and they did it well. When two ppl that care for each
    other are confused that’s love.

    Despite young amaya is a mature girl who did what she had to protect those she love .

    Its good that you give your views , but frankly speaking if you don’t like the soapie don’t watch it or read updates . the soapie doesn’t need your approval to run daily just remember that.

    1. Rahul and Tina was different as Tina died. That is completely different to this show. How can you even compare that????

      As we have all said……………Amaya chose to ‘protect’ her family secret. Funny thing is the secret came out from a piece of paper anyway, and nobody even seemed to care too much about it. Can I just say, if you, cas momo can remember………….at first Mantu and Amays stars did not match. But if you remember clearly, the priest said that Mantu’s stars and path were going to change after the full moon. Remember that……….must be short term memory loss right?????

      Amaya and Rama got together, not because of love, but because she stupidly took her sisters place, without informing anyone. Rama didnt even love her……………did she win the race up to Mahadev’s temple for Rama…….no………..when at the temple, did the garland land on her and Rama……..no……….did her and Rama, have individual paths, but meet at the hospital one night, save a young boy from goons and spend a night in a farm………no. All of the above is Mantu. Care is one thing……..love is another.

      Amaya is not mature. She is naive. Taking Rachita’s place in the wedding was a selfish decision. She could have confided in and discussed it with a number of people, but no……….she is a heroine who takes on the world.

      You are right about one thing………the soap doesn’t need our approval for anything. But they have lost our confidence………and as a result, they are finishing this ‘soapie’ in a few days!!!!!

      Have a good day!!!!!!

    2. cas momo,here mantu nd amaya was like rahul nd anjali !nd in kkhh story line was totally different from this,that was more logical

  15. Amaya says mantu n she wer nly frndz. If nw i know it won’t happen bt if she marries tilak in luv vid rama, aftr fw dayz of marriage vid tilak she says d same fat ” im in luv vid tilak rama n me wer nt too close i luv tilak bla bla bla”. She don’t know wat is true luv..!

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