Tere Sheher Mein 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sneha inviting Mantu for dinner and asking him to get Rama along. Mantu leaves. Sneha says he is indeed a good guy. Amaya gets happy. Jaz says he did all this for our good, not to get thanks, he is prince charming, his hairstyle is so cool and praises him. Amaya sends her to school and says everyone likes Mantu, he is my prince charming. Rachita calls Rama and she invited him in dinner, as mum invited Mantu and him. He says he will come. She says she won’t talk about whatever happened. He says she is still angry. She says will you come or not, better if he says no. He says I will come, whats the menu. She says come on time and ends call.

Amaya comes office and sees Mantu working. She asks what will he have in food. He says much time for lunch. She says she is saying

about dinner, he will be coming, I was just asking, fine I will go if you don’t want to. He says snacks, dishes, and his fav ones. She smiles and thinks he gave the list. He says banarasi pulao is his fav, will you remember, I will email. She says no, I will remember. He says I was joking, I will eat anything by Sneha’s hand. Uma gets this news by the poen and gets angry.

Rudra thanks Dinesh for keeping him for work. Dinesh says thank my dad, and we are giving imp work to you, take this quotation, this work is of trust. Rudra says he will do and smiles. Its evening, Sneha cooks alone and does not take Kaushalya’s help. She says she called guests, so she will cook everything. Kaushalya says fine, as you wish. Amaya hugs her and says what is she cooking for guests. Amaya asks her about Chana dal. Sneha says does she difference in Chana dal and Urad dal. She asks her to get ready. Amaya recalls Mantu’s words, about Chana dal and roti. She goes.

Uma asks Mantu to taste besan halwa, she made for him. He says its great, she has magic in her hands, her husband will be very lucky. She says she will make many items for him today. He says not today, make tomorrow. She asks why. Chiklu says Jaz’s mum has called him for dinner. Uma asks just Mantu. He says no, Rama too. She asks will he not take her and Chiklu. Chiklu says why to burden them for cooking more food. Mantu asks her to learn from Chiklu. She asks him to end halwa. He says he will guy some gift and pick Rama too, he has to leave. He asks Chiklu to have food on time and sleep. He leaves. Chiklu studies and asks Uma why is she acting like Naagin. She scolds him and asks him to study.

Amaya tells Sneha that she did not make Chana dal. Sneha asks why is she after Chana dal, whats the matter. Amaya says my colleague got chana dal in tiffin and I liked it. Sneha says I will make sometime else. Amaya asks sweets? Sneha says kheer, this is not five star buffet, why is she asking like this. Amaya recalls Mantu’s words, and asks about getting local dishes from outside. Sneha says I made it. Amaya says I will get it, don’t worry and leaves.

Kaushalya and Rudra look on. She says Sneha is cooking as if son in law is coming home for the first time. He says I will do something that Mantu and Rama do not come here again. Rama waits for Mantu. Mantu comes and greets him, and says come if you are so excited. They see the gifts and don’t disclose it to each other. Rachita is in thoughts. Sneha saks her to get dish in bowl. She says I know you are thinking why did I invite Rama after his dad refused to keep insulin, Rama did many favors on us. Amaya gets many snacks and says they are from banaras, and got things they like. Sneha says I don’t get your logic, even home food tastes banaras type. Jaz says they have come.

Sneha welcomes Mantu and Rama. Mantu brings a Lord idol as gift and Sneha likes it. Mantu says I thought Lord’s blessings will be best gift. Sneha opens Rama’s gift and gets Shiv Parvati idol. Rama says their love was ahead of life and births, and they were together always, so I got this. Sneha says I will set table. Amaya says we will show home to them. Jaz goes to help Sneha. Mantu says its beautiful house. Amaya says its dad’s gift for us. Rama smiles and says Rachita ji your home is very big and well decorated, did you like my gift.

She describes her home, annoyingly and goes. Rudra and Kaushalya talk about his plan to spoil the dinner. Rudra says just see my plan, and she asks him. He says he won’t say. She asks him to get chair for her. Uma says don’t know why Sneha called Mantu and argues with Chiklu. She is angry on Amaya.

Amaya shows her room to Mantu and reminds him. He says how will I know, I came here for the first time. She says yes, I mean its good and I will keep this idol here. He says its very beautiful. She smiles. He says your room. She opens the window and stands feeling the breeze. Yuhin bewajah dil me nahi betabiyaan…………..plays…………… Mantu looks at her. She smiles seeing him. Dheere dheere se……………plays………….he walks to her and gets close. She opens eyes and sees Mantu gone. Rudra brings the chair and adds chilli in palak paneer dish. He says they will not see this house again, and this will be Sneha’s insult. He mixes chilli well and smiles.

Rudra serves palak paneer to Mantu and Rama. Mantu and Rama taste it and stop eating….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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