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The Episode starts with Dinesh coming home. He sees Sneha and asks Gajanand whats all this. Gajanand says love winning over hatred and our family union. Sneha asks Dinesh will he not forgive his sister. Dinesh hugs her and the girls. He says Neeti got 3 sisters now. Rama and his parents come there. Sneha sees Amaya at the door. She asks her to call Mantu and ask him. Amaya says no shortcuts, she can’t do this. Rama coughs and asks Rachita not to worry.

Amaya asks Jaz to call Mantu. Jaz says its not connecting. Amaya asks her to try again. Jaz shows her call is unreachable. Amaya gets sad. Uma asks Mantu how will they arrange pandit. He says they can get pandit easily. She says all pandits are booked, she did not get anyone, and asks him to go and find pandit. He says fine, I will see.

Rama’s dad asks him to have water, and not cough. Rama helps Rachita. She says don’t do this, you are unwell, sit here. She says you are guest, sit here and rest. Rachita goes. Rama talks to Shamu and says he will become Majnu and make Rachita fall in love with her, he wants to get someone from this house who help him in winning Rachita’s heart. Rudra talks tp pandit.

Rama goes to Amaya and asks her to ehlp her, as he loves Rachita. Amaya slaps him, and then Dinesh slaps him. Rachita scolds him. Rama comes out of the imagination and says I m a donkey, I m getting slaps even in my imagination, I will get Mantu, he is my friend and Amaya’s friend too, he will become my way top reach Rachita.

Rama calls Mantu. Mantu says about getting a pandit. Rama tells about a pandit, who is his dad’s friend, and asks him to come at Amaya’s house. Mantu refuses. Rama asks him to come near lane. Mantu says I can’t. Uma asks why not, what is Rama saying, and talks to Rama. Rama says he can arrange a pandit. Uma asks Mantu to go. Amaya waits for Mantu. Gajanand talks to pandit and goes for puja start. Rachita goes to see Amaya.

Rachita asks Amaya to come, as Sneha is calling her. Amaya stops and sees Neeti singing a devotional song Mann mohana………….Rama meets Mantu and gives him pandit’s numbers. Mantu says you could have messaged me. Rama asks him to come inside and talk to pandit, attend puja. Mantu refuses.

Amaya feels Mantu’s presence and goes out to see. Amaya sees Rama and Mantu. Sneha asks them to come. Amaya stays there and gets flowed in emotions. She sees Mantu and cries. The lights change. Amaya sings Main hun tumhari………. They both get teary eyed and have an eyelock.

The pandit stops Mantu and asks him to stay till puja ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohh my dear foolish stupid mantu stop falling in umas trap like arjun falling in nandiniz:@ :@

  2. UMA is dhakken and pout faced ….

  3. Yaar plz kill this uma.. Stupid girl… Doesnt have any sense.. Shouts always… Plz mantu n amaya plz tell ur feelin soon to each other ..

  4. Director plz don’t make any kind of situation where mantu amaya can never unite
    Viewers are waiting for mantu confessing amaya
    U can make it a bit late but plz don’t make any nonsense type situations

  5. yaar mantu…..bataao na tumhari dil ki …….

    1. yes i m agre this plz confes ur love

  6. Cheapster uma….uski freaking aankhen…c***i kahiki…n my dear mantu uske trap me mt pad nnnnn

  7. dhor uma sali tne apni sari akal bech khai kyo kbab mein haddi ban rahi hn

  8. good episode….mantu yaar plz come out of uma’s trap nd confess ur love to amaya soon…. writers plz unite mantu and amaya…..luv u manya

  9. plz kill uma
    manya confess ur love.

  10. What channel does manmarziyan come one?

  11. Last part emotional scene was amazing. Really a passionate love between mantu & amaya……

  12. If you both will think that the other one will come and say you I love you then it will not happen at the end of the serial also. Please say I love you to each other

  13. I am totally…… Collapsed…… Ohhh God……. This is too romantic……. Maza aa gaya…… Yaar….

  14. nice ending …. and I laughed a lot in that scene when rama imagines ….. omg.. so many slaps he got.. and nooooo he shud not get any slap in reality in the show… plzzz eye lock thoda lamba karna…. and I know that uma has no sense.. she is characterless but mantu u r intelligent and have sense then y not telling to amaya that u love her a lot n lot more…. I think they both have gone mad bcoz of love… thats y not telling to each other….. mantu I have an idea for … u should tell to rama that u love Amaya… and then see …together u both will get ur love…
    Like a thought :-
    “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I
    cannot; together we can do great things.”
    ― Mother Teresa…..
    So all the best …

  15. Uma why are you coming in between .let mantu and amaya be together as destiny will bring them together

  16. Love TSM I missed this episode and regretting a lot………plz director everyone wants to see mantu and amaya united!!! And other problems will b seen afterwards only unite them 1st plz plz plz

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