Tere Sheher Mein 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rama getting lift and bringing Amaya to hospital. The lady asks him to deposit 10000rs first. He says I don’t have cash right now and she still insists. He scolds the staff and asks them to treat Amaya. Kangana comes there. Rama asks what is she doing here. She says she was looking for them everywhere. She gives him money and he thanks her. She thinks to inform Sumitra and hides her hand. Rama thanks driver and asks him to take money. The man says I did this for humanity, I can’t accept. Rama insists. The driver says I don’t need this. Rama still gives him money.

Rama meets doctor. The doctor says you got her on time, she could have slipped in coma, it was severe infection, we will monitor her and discharge tomorrow. Rama thanks him. Amaya looks on. The driver

greets Amaya and says I helped for humanity sake and Rama gave me 5000rs, I can’t accept this, your husband has saved your life, he could have come under tempo and took big risk to save your life, you are very lucky to get a loving and caring husband. Rama comes and asks driver to accept money. The driver blesses them and leaves. Amaya says I know you saved my life, but if anything happened to you… He says if anything happened to you.. you are my wife and responsibility, I married you and gave promise to protect you, its my duty being your husband, I will always do my duty.

Its morning, Amaya gets fine. The nurse says she can go home. Sumitra and Bua scold her for taking Rama with her. Amaya says she took Rama for shopping, as he has group discussion got govt job. Sumitra scolds Amaya. Bua says why will Rama do govt job, he is businessman. Sumitra thinks Rama has to manage shop,till when will Gupta manage shop alone. She asks Amaya not to do this again. Rama comes and defends Amaya. He says she wants me to become a successful man, its imp for me to pass govt job. He says don’t interfere in our matter, she needs rest, don’t taunt her now. Amaya looks at him.

Bua says Amaya made Rama on her side. Rama says I will make discharge papers and goes. Amaya cries. Kangana helps Amaya. Amaya says I want to thank the doctor. Kangana takes her. The men whom Kangana has beaten up.. see Kangana in different getup. Amaya thanks doctor. Kangana goes to buy medical and makes Amaya sit there. Amaya hears them talking about Kangana and asks them do they know that girl. The man says she has beaten us badly, she was in modern dress, and drunk. Amaya says that was Kangana’s twin sister Kanika. The man tells about hurting the girl’s hand by their knife. Rama comes there and asks Amaya to come.

Kangana gets ointments and asks Amaya to wait, she will get rickshaw. Amaya sees Kangana’s hand hurt and thinks to talk to that bad guys. She makes excuse and goes back to talk to the men. She asks do they remember anything else about that girl. The man says yes, this fell from her purse when she was beating us. Amaya recalls the bracelet she gifted Kangana. She thinks is Kangana really Kanika or is this any coincidence.

Kangana takes care of Amaya at home and makes her rest. She asks amaya to call her if she needs anything. Amaya thinks are the twins, then how did that wound come on Kangana’s hand, I don’t understand, I will ask Sumitra. She stops and says Sumitra always takes Kangana’s side, I will reach to the bottom of this matter. She says are they different or same person, I have to find out. Rama comes and asks her to take rest. She asks him about his GD. He says he won’t go leaving her. She promises she will take rest and asks him to go. She thinks its not good to tell Rama, she has to solve this secret herself.

Rama is nervous for the GD. Amaya boosts confidence in Rama and wishes him all the best. She says I know you will do well. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What Rubbish is this?

  2. Krishali Sharma

    Supeb eppi…..I lyk Rama’s concorn 2wards Amaya nd where is Mantu?? I miss u dear……

  3. Guys I think we all just need to accept RaMaya because obviously Mantu’s character is getting changed and turning negative so ManYa will not look cute anymore and they will just not work, as long as everyone finds out why Amaya took this step then this serial will be going in the right direction..

  4. i think writers are trying to show sumhow that rachita missad a good and caring hubby and amaya got him even if she loved sum1 else….and rama got a wife who is supportive and his life wud have being ruined if he wud have married rachita….for amaya she hav loads of work as sha hav to win her inlaws hearts…..its being also shown that whatever b the situation when a marriage already happened pple shd respect its importance and essence even if you dont love the person you r married to!!

    1. Krishali Sharma

      I m agree wid u Rosy

  5. Amaya signed d agreement she wil do the job for 3 year. I think Writter completely forgot that matter

  6. Ya, its right. She always in home. What about her job!!

  7. Dhruv Bhandari ( mantu) is out of the show. Kinshuk Mahajan is going to be opposite Amaya

    1. dhruv is smart, this show is becoming plain stupid.

  8. Tooooo many changes has ruined tere shehar mein.
    Now the joy of watching has gone:(( the show without Mantu:((

  9. You just have to look at the promo and see where this serial is headed and what they have planned for it.

    Gone is the amaya poster of her standing in a red dress and heels and facing the sea/water and here to stay is the amaya in bridal wear with Rama standing behind her in his groom wear.

    You don’t have to be a genius to figure this one out.

    So those who want to watch have no
    Choice but to join in watching this pair and how they grow closer. We can twist it to Make ourselves feel better that ra and am aren’t that bad together/why not/mantu is gone/ rachita didn’t love him/all ends well/ it’s the holy bond of matrimony etc.

    But it doesn’t change the fact that;
    -story has done a complete 360
    -writing doesn’t make sense
    -mantu was a fine actor
    -amaya and mantu were great together
    -other fine actors are being wasted on the show

    That being said, i guess tsm is now just like all the others where we watch to see if love blossoms

  10. Between a married couple who don’t want to be together (yeh hai mohabtein, bade ache etc). But these writers forgot that in those the main leads didn’t love other ppl

    Anyways I’m not watching. Nor reading. Good luck to others.

  11. sonali jaffer hur show me ekhi story line nahi chalti.Kaise samjhau aapko.Mahadev kabhibhi aapko maf nahi karega…..

  12. where is mantu?
    manya they r really cute together….
    the story line is now totally changed….
    anyways i am not watching tis serial anymore….
    best of luck to other guys!!!!

  13. Ye sabh kya bakwaas hein iss serial mein love one n marry another

  14. — mantu, chiklu, Uma–gone
    — Nana ji, Sneha– gone
    — Dev, Rudra and hari chachu also gone…
    Ha ha ha

  15. Stop commenting guys….itna accaha show to hai.,…(irony)

  16. I have this serial and also some viewers. Kal tak sab manya ke liye likh rahe the. Lekin ab sab rama amaya ko accept karne lage. Log itne change ho rahe hai. Jaise script writters hai waise viewers. Do enjoy the show with rama aur amaya ke sath. Kisi se pyaar karna kisi aur se shadi karna. Bakwaas ke alawa kuch nahi hai.

  17. I have this serial and also some viewers. Kal tak sab manya ke liye likh rahe the. Lekin ab sab rama amaya ko accept karne lage. Log kitne change ho rahe hai. Jaise script writters hai waise viewers. Do enjoy the show with rama aur amaya ke sath. Kisi se pyaar karna kisi aur se shadi karna. Bakwaas ke alawa kuch nahi hai.

  18. Tum sahi ho sravya

  19. writers have made the story ruined

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