Tere Sheher Mein 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya crying while thinking about Mantu. The police comes and asks Mantu about the matter, the auto driver informed him. Mantu says goons kidnapped a boy, he was saving the boy and the goons have beaten him, he has to know about the boy, he needs help. The inspector asks him to sit in jeep and they leave. Amaya comes home and sees Uma arguing with Rachita and Jaz. Rachita hugs Amaya and asks where did she go. Uma asks about Mantu and says don’t die. Amaya recalls Mantu’s words. She does not tell her and says don’t worry, he will be fine, maybe battery went. Uma argues and Amaya asks Rachita not to tell anything to Uma, like she is worried for her, Uma is worried for Mantu. Uma asks what does she mean.

Rachita says you were here for long time, Amaya has come,

maybe Mantu has also come, go and check. Uma leaves. Rachita asks Amaya where was she. Amaya says a different story, she lost way and got late. Jaz says we were so worried, mum is also not here, you should have called. Amaya says I m really sorry, I was also tensed. Rachita says you have fever and takes her to room.

Uma comes home and sees Mantu sleeping. She gets angry that he did not tell her. She sees his wounds and cries. He wakes up and asks you here. She asks what happened. He says I m fine. She asks who did this, tell me. He says nothing, he has fought with few goons. She says she will get medicines for him. Amaya calls him and can’t connect. She says don’t know did he go home or not. Uma does aid and says she was worried for him. He says phone battery was dead. She curses the dress for which all this happened, her anger will not get less. She asks him to sleep. He asks her to stop crying, he is fine now. She says I m not crying, can’t he keep quiet, if he fights with goons, she will beat him. He says fine, stop crying now.

Rachita brings medicine and does not find Amaya. Uma charges Mantu’s phone. She gets missed call alert and says why did Amaya call him. She deletes the entry. Kya hai kyu hai…………..plays…………… Rachita finds Amaya in Sneha’s room and asks why is she here. Amaya says nothing, just like that. Rachita asks her to have medicine. Rachita asks her the matter. Amaya says nothing, I thought to come here. Rachita says even I m missing mum. Amaya asks her to sleep here. Rachita says fine, don’t hit me and kick me down. Amaya says I won’t.

Rudra meets Hari and hugs him. Hari blesses him and says he is out of jail today because of him. Hari talks to Sneha. Rudra thinks dad does not care for him. Hari asks about her relations with Chobey and Rudra thinks whats her relation with Gajanand, everyone in Banaras knows him. Sinha says they just came, let them rest. Sneha says yes, I will make a call.

Sneha calls Rachita and says they reached Sinha’s home. Rachita asks her to have medicine on time, and not eat sweets, and drink plenty of water. Sneha asks about them. Rachita says they are fine, they went in reception too, they learnt to handle things. She says we came late and Amaya and Jaz are still sleeping. Sneha asks is there any problem, is Amaya fine. Rachita does not find Amaya and says yes, we are fine, Amaya is in bathroom. Sneha says I will call later.

Amaya says what will I tell Mantu, why did I come to meet him in morning. She stands outside his house and thinks she has to see him and return his watch. Uma makes Chiklu ready and does not let him disturb Mantu. She asks him to take blessings without waking him up. The rickshaw driver asks Amaya to come, and says she did limit, as guys do like this to stand outside girl’s house. She says she will come in some time. Chiklu takes Mantu’s blessings and leaves with Uma. Amaya hides from them. The rickshaw man says he is waiting for someone. Uma asks him to take Chiklu. Chiklu sits in another rickshaw and leaves. Uma goes to Mantu. Amaya thinks she is unable to meet Mantu, but Uma is with him to take care.

Amaya prays in temple and gets Mantu’s call. She goes out to receive and call ends. She calls him and he keeps the phone on charging.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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