Tere Sheher Mein 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Chiklu asking Uma to make coffee for Jaz. Uma gets angry as Amaya is eating Mantu’s tiffin and Jaz is making her maid for them. Rudra comes to know the highest donator will be doing Rudra Abhishek. Jaz says she will go home. Uma hides his shoes and makes Jaz go barefoot. Rama comes home and his dad asks is he the one who scolded his dad. Rama apologizes for his mistake. Rama’s dad scolds him for not answering his calls. He says your mum has cried a lot. His mum comes and hugs him crying. He asks him to swear he will never leave her. Rama says I won’t go again.

Rama apologizes again. His dad says fine, have some food. His mum asks him to freshen up. Jaz comes home barefoot and washes her feet. Amaya and Rachita ask her. Jaz says mum should not know and they take

her. Rudra keeps an eye. Jaz tells everything and says she wants new shoes. Amaya says she will get it. Sneha comes and asks why, where did her shoes go. Rudra comes there. Jaz says she has kept shoes there in Mantu’s house, don’t know where did it go. Rudra says maybe it was stolen. Amaya says why is he saying so, things can get replaced, Mantu’s home is… I mean its first time this happened, I m sure Mantu will get it.

Jaz says I can’t go like this in exam. Rudra says he will buy it in morning. Sneha says thanks, I will get it. Rudra says he will get it, don’t make me ashamed. Sneha says fine, lets go and have food. Amaya thinks mum will not like Mantu. Uma gives icecream to Mantu and Chiklu. Amaya messages Mantu that till she does not talk to anyone, she does not get sleep, can he talk for 2mins. Mantu is working on hardware and gets her message.

He says now she wants to talk on phone, she has family with her, if I refuse, she will get angry on me tomorrow, I will call her. She smiles getting his call. He says yes, say Amaya. She thinks her name looks good when he says. He asks did she sleep. She says yes, I mean no, I m awake. He asks whats the matter. She asks what is he doing, did he have dinner, who made it today. He asks what is she saying, is everything fine. She says yes, why, will it not be fine. He says you talk strange Amaya. Chiklu hears it and asks him to ask about Jaz’s shoes. Mantu asks what. Chiklu says her shoes got missing, its her exam, how will she go to school.

Mantu says I m sorry Amaya, I did not know this. She says its okay. He says no, I will find it. She says she will manage. He asks Jaz’s shoe size. She says number 6, why are you asking. He says I have work, and ends the call. She gets sad that he ended call. Uma comes smiling and asks with whom was talking, was it Amaya. Mantu gets tensed and says yes, she is new in office, so I was helping her. She asks does she work well. He says yes, she is hardworking. Uma takes the icecream back and says good you are helping her. He says not much. She gets angry and thinks to do something to spoil her impression.

Its morning, Rudra passes time and says he will go home with upset face. Amaya asks Jaz did Rudra come. Jaz says no, he never does any work well. Rudra comes and Jaz asks did he get shoes. He says no shop is open. Jaz says how will I go. Amaya asks her to wear any sandals. Jaz says its not allowed in school. Amaya says she will get ready and buy shoes on the way. Rudra says I will go and bath.

Mantu comes to their home with the shoes. He keeps the shoes. Rudra sees him leaving and asks why did he come. Mantu says he is misunderstanding. Rudra says three girls stay here, and shouts to call Mantu. Everyone come. Rudra says he has come like thief and was leaving, don’t know what was he stealing. Sneha says stop it and asks Mantu what happened. Amaya thinks Mantu’s impression got bad and defends Mantu. She says she knows Mantu well, I know there will be a reason and asks Mantu to say.

Mantu says aunty, you all wanted to know. Rudra says yes, why did you come. Mantu says that box has the answer. Rudra says he has kept bomb in this and gets the box. They finds shoes for Jaz. Amaya smiles. Mantu says this is for Jaz, sorry she lost shoes at my home, so I got one. Jaz says thanks, you are very sweet. Amaya says see I told you. Rachita says Rudra does not give chance to let anyone speak. Rudra says I asked him and he did not tell me. Sneha apologizes to Mantu. Kaushalya says no, Rudra will apologize for his mistake. Rudra says what did I do and refuses to apologize, saying he was just protective. Kaushalya slaps him.

She asks him to apologize. Rudra apologizes and hugs Mantu. Jaz thanks him and asks how did he get shoes, Rudra said all shops are closed. Rudra says I went early and shops were closed. Mantu says yes, but when I went, shops were open. Sneha thanks him. Mantu takes her blessings. She asks why did he come like thief. Mantu says I m ashamed that Jaz’s shoes were lost at my home, I don’t like to do work and express. Sneha says there are less people like him in the world. She asks him to have tea and breakfast. Mantu says no, I will go, I m in hurry, I have to drop Chiklu home. Amaya asks him to have tea. Mantu says next time. Sneha says fine, you have dinner with us tonight. Amaya smiles.

Rachita calls Rama and says mum invited Mantu for dinner, and asked me to invite you too. Rama asks whats the menu. Mantu names some snacks. Amaya smiles. Kaushalya and Rudra talk, and he says this will be last food for those boys.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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