Tere Sheher Mein 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with discussions going over tea and people start fighting. Uma gets angry and shouts at them to calm down. Amaya and Jaz come there and call this tea discussion a circus. Uma scolds her and says Mantu organized this. Amaya says Mantu, joker is important in circus. Uma asks who is she to insult Mantu. Amaya says she has seen everyone’s bad behavior here. Uma says she knows a lot of Banaras. Mantu says the tea discussion is over, we will talk next time, sorry, thanks for coming. Uma says its not over. Jaz asks Amaya to come.

Uma says where will you go, tell me your name. Amaya says I m Amaya and she is Jasmine. Uma says now they will tell us how to discuss. She asks them to say what they know about Banaras, and what change they want and challenged them. Amaya goes on stage

and sees so many people. Uma says you can’t talk any word, you would be beaten if there was anything else. Jaz goes on stage and tells her info about Banaras. She gives all the Wikipedia info about Banaras and some unique info which they did not know.

She tells the history of Banaras. Mantu smiles. Amaya is surprised. Jaz says she knows all this and she learnt this from her elder sister Amaya. They all clap for the girls. Amaya too claps happily. Uma fumes. Jaz asks do you want to know anything else. Amaya taunts her and hugs Jaz. Uma leaves. Rama’s mum blesses Jaz. Chiklu tells Mantu that she knows so much, make me meet her. Mantu says fine, come. He stops Amaya and Jaz, and asks her to talk to Chikli, who became their fan.

Chiklu tells Jaz that she spoke a lot, can she become his teacher, sorry friend. Jaz asks his name. He says chiklu and becomes friends with Jaz. Mantu says I m Mantu, and says her name Jasmine is perfect, everyone likes her words, he felt glad hearing her. Amaya asks Jaz to come and Mantu says nice meeting you. The oldies wish the kids were like the girls, and asks who are they. Jaz says the address, and Amaya says her dad Rishi Mathur. The man says oh, he is the one who did scam. They talk bad about Rishi and Amaya gets angry.

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Amaya scolds him and says my dad did not do anything wrong. The man argues and says they did not lie. She says she is not mistaken, her dad did not accept Banaras as theirs, and even they won’t accept, their city is Mumbai. Jaz tells Amaya says dad did all that and so we heard this. Amaya says dad did not do any mistake. She asks her not to tell anything to Sneha. Amaya hides her anger. Sneha asks what happened. Amaya says lets go home.

Mantu asks Uma why did she do drama and call them on stage. Uma argues with him and says she was supporting him, as they called him a joker. He says he did not tell her to defend him. He says he wanted to apologize and she understands that he met Amaya before. He says yes, I know her. She asks why did he meet her. He says he got angry as she said bad about Banaras and I twisted her hand. Uma says you should have broken her hand and leaves throwing chutney on his shirt.

Chiklu asks Uma for food and she asks him to ask Mantu. He goes to Mantu and asks what did he do. Mantu says see this. They eat the pakodas. Sneha and girls come home. Sneha asks Amaya is there any tension. Amaya says everything is fine. Sneha asks her again. Amaya says this city is the problem, we want to go Mumbai back. Sneha asks Rachita and Jaz is this their decision too. Rachita says sorry, I can’t adjust here. Sneha says I told you all to give me some time.

Amaya asks how much time, we will not stay here. Sneha says we don’t have anything in Mumbai. Jaz says she can study in Mumbai, whats here in Banaras, they don’t have any future here. Sneha says try to adjust, everything is not so bad. Amaya argues and says when will they go back. Sneha says wait. Someone knocks the door. Sneha asks Jaz to see.

Rudra gets the cylinder and Amaya asks him to take it back. She says she has to go back to Mumbai and Sneha asks her to adjust. Amaya says why should I, its your city, not ours. Rudra says I fixed cylinder, check. Rudra tells Sneha to think about her daughters, if they want to go Mumbai, and how will they stay alone there, anything can happen. She says it will be tough there, Banaras is very safe, I request you to explain the girls to first know Banaras and its people, and stay here.

Sneha and Amaya have an argument. Sneha scolds all her daughters. Amaya says if you could not understand Superman’s problem, will you understand mine? Sneha cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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