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The Episode starts with Sumitra thinking where can Amaya go. Dev comes and sees Gajanand’s state. The nurse sends Dinesh to bring medicines. Dev comes to Gajanand and taunts him. he threatens him about Rachita’s truth. He says he has told Sumitra to take revenge in big way. Amaya comes there to meet Gajanand. Dev promises him that his family will never see happy moment. Dev sees Amaya coming and says he will leave now, he will come later. Dev hides seeing Amaya. Amaya goes to Gajanand. Dev leaves.

Amaya tells Gajanand that she fulfilled the promise given to him, Sneha and Rachita are fine. She says she will keep this marriage, she will be close to Gupta family that they don’t tell the secret to anyone, she wants haveli to be back to Sneha, they all are alone and need him a lot,

get well soon. She cries and prays for them.

Sneha and everyone sit silent on the dining table. Dimple asks Sneha and Pushpa to eat food. Rudra comes frustrated and says everyone is insulting the family, the people are gossiping how Amaya did this in Rachita’s marriage, how Amaya became the bride. Kaushalya says how can we shut everyone’s mouth. Rudra says how will we do this, when our family member was wrong. Sneha says stop it, no one will take Amaya’s name. Rudra says her belongings will remind about her.

Sneha says Amaya’s relation with me and my family is broken. She leaves. Rudra and Kaushalya smile. Gupta asks for breakfast. Sumitra says your bahu is not at home. Gupta taunts her. Nani scolds Gupta. Amaya says I m here. Bua asks where did she go, there is so much work. Amaya says I just… Sumitra says you went to meet Gajanand. Nani asks is he alive or dead. Amaya says think and talk, else many hospital beds are empty and they can need it.

Sumitra asks Amaya to change her suit and wear saree, then she will have to do first rasoi rasam, as her father in law is sitting hungry. Amaya agrees to make food. Sumitra reminds Rachita’s truth and blackmails her. Amaya thinks she will never let them win, she will end their plans forever.

Rachita asks Sneha what is she doing. Sneha says she is throwing Amaya’s belongings. Rachita asks her not to regard Amaya wrong, there is some big reason. Sneha asks is she saying this. Sneha says Amaya said this was her plan, she loved Rama. Rachita says she can’t do this, she was happy for me and Rama, she was not interested in Rama, you know her well, she did a lot for our happiness, ask Amaya once that made her helpless to do this.

Amaya tries wearing saree and recalls in FB…..Sneha helps her in wearing saree, and Amaya winning over Rachita. Amaya asks for the prize. Sneha says the prize is the one who wears saree first will get married first. Amaya says this is cheating and they laugh. Fb ends. Amaya says mum said this and my marriage happened before Rachita’s.

Sneha tells Pushpa that she wants to talk to Amaya once, her upbringing is not so bad, maybe Amaya has some reason. Pushpa says Amaya told us clearly. Rachita says we should talk to her once. Pushpa agrees. Amaya thinks to make suji ka halwa and finds all the boxes empty. Bua, Sumitra , Nani and Mohini are outside and laugh thinking how will Amaya cook food now without anything available.

Sumitra asks Rama to come for breakfast, they are going to Mathur haveli, their new home. He asks what. She says Amaya named haveli on her name as a gift, come with me, we have to do packing. Rama says how can Amaya fall so low, she cheated us and snatched her mum’s home, how can anyone do this with her family.

Amaya says even salt container is empty, how can she cook, will there be any magic. Sumitra and everyone come inside home. Amaya brings the food, and says she has made this noodles, and asks them to try it. She says there was nothing in the kitchen, as Gupta was hungry since long. She gives it to Rama. Rama says he is not hungry and anyone’s hunger will die after seeing this noodles. He asks Gupta to come, they can’t eat this. Amaya eats noodles and hears music. Rama takes Gupta and leave.

Bua tells Sumitra to see her bahu, Amaya will kick Sumitra in few days. Sumitra says I know what to do, and talks to Amaya. She asks is she listening and shakes her. Amaya says sorry, I was hearing songs. Sumitra says you will care when the loved ones come infront of you and see you with hatred, we will go today to Mathur haveli, face your mum’s hatred, get ready to get insulted by your mum. Amaya gets shocked.

Sneha asks Sumitra whats happening. Sumitra says Amaya gave me gift and shows the house papers on her name. Sneha gets shocked seeing the papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Show iz going boring. TSM iz a flop show

  2. in this serial direction is superb, and costumes are excellent and serial may jo actors hina vo bhi ache se act karte hi, but jo acha hana tha na o nahi hi, vo jo hi ki serial ki story, few days back na serial bahut achi thi lekin ab tooooo bad ,i can’t say dat ki i mean jitna bura hi ye serial.
    ye jo story likh rahe hina plz isi story mat likho kyu ki is serial totally team ko fans ke badleme hate karne vale jyada hojathe.
    change the story of TSM.

  3. I already stopped watching this serial…it’s very very unrealistic story compared to other all serials…there has to be some reality in story which is near to our life…such things doesn’t happen in life so easily. What u say?

  4. D person who evr is writing this story plz go n see comments fr d episodes of past 3 or 2 months. They were so positive n so good, where as now vry negative comments. The serial is vry gud bt plz make it interesting. Amaya n mantu are d bst couple nt amaya n rama

    1. yah….pls brake amaya and rama’s marriage and pls make amaya and mantu together

  5. Besharam writer itni gaali kha kar bhi story change nahi karta haad ho gayi
    Hope no one hires him in future with such crap……..!!!!!!
    ……. super idiot director and producer to sustain and support gissi pitti storyline
    Only the actors are good onscreen everything else SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. what is the logic behind sumitra ations. so she got mathur havali. why did she want amaya. just to touchre her.even at the cost of her own sons life. what is gained for revenge. she thought that rudra beating up her son was a big injustice. and we all agreed and sympatised with her as her mother. but when that same mother puts her sons life on the line for her own personal gain. she is no better the a dhiyan. so now they will move into mathur house and torcher amaya in front of them. will this give her satisfaction. and where is rama’s and guptaji brins gone. why would amaya make her family homeless and give property to his mother. and lets her and her gang to harress her and her family. if rama cant hear one word against his mother how can he think that anybody else could be any different when it come to their family. logic ki bhat hai

  7. I agree this story is getting silly now. I love dhruv bhandari and hiba nawab but this is just ruining it for them. Don’t the director or producer have any taste in Indian dramas. Let’s get real this story is getting bad… Really bad, so quickly make it better because you are losing all your viewers.

  8. Negative, negative and more negative!!!! Next episode where Sneha learns that the house is no longer hers is also going to be depressing. I can’t get over how un-realistic this show is.

    Sumitra playing with Rama’s future and happiness is dumb. What mother goes to such an extent to mess around with her sons happiness. She knew Rama loved Rachita, but didnt seem to care. She could have let Rama marry Rachita and still potentially get the house too. Did she change to Amaya because Rachita is an illegitimate child or just because she wanted to add even more fire to the furnace, because Rachita is still Gajanands grand-daughter and she wants revenge from Gajanand. My mum can be a pain, but she would never screw me like this for an ulterior motive.

    Next we have Gajanand, who is happy for Amaya to do all this crap, just for the reputation of his family. Firstly it would be better for Rachita to know her real dad as it would help the matter and I’m sure Dev, when he finds out, wouldn’t let things get too bad in bananas if news broke out. And Amaya may have saved one secret from coming out, but it dont count for too much because, on the other hand she has screwed her family around and out of their house. She claims this was her dads final present to Sneha. If that is the case, you don’t mess around with stuff that has sentimental value. Point being, my grand-father would never sacrifice my happiness for stupid matters like this.

    STORYLINES ARE NOT REALISTIC!!!! I am indian, as I’m sure most are here, and indian people dont act like this. Yes, sumitra as the mother-in-law from hell, yeh ok that happens. But not swapping places with your sister at their wedding etc. And dont get me started on the meaning of weddings in these shows, because obviously they mean very little. Its marriage we are talking about. Getting married is huge, not a joke!!!!! These serial seem to think getting married 2-3 times is a normal thing.

  9. guys i saw in twitter that the story twist is from ”production team of star plus.” i think star plus wants to do same thing with tere sheher mein like manmarziyan..wrong timings,no promos,wrong retelecast timing.. Star plus dnt make fans angry, u r the who’ll pay for it.. Pls dnt make us and change the track nd timings of manmarziyan.. I wonder y always gud stories come to u and u make them bad bcoz u dnt give a damn abt viewers or the value of a gud story..

  10. dnt make us angry

  11. sorry mistake i didnt read wt i wrote.. Pls change the track of tere sheher mein..

  12. Very boring serial I have never seened in star plus try to stop that serial or change the track. please mantu & amaya was amazing couple very bad diector.

  13. Loveleen Khasria

    Guys don’t stop watching! It is confirmed by the serials Facebook page that on Wednesday the wedding will be shown as the dream of a character. Don’t lose hope in Manya plz….

  14. When i saw amaya in the bridal costum; tab sei mey ne serial dekhna hi chod diya hey….. kya achi khasi love story shuru hone vaali thi…. are mey puch thi hun, koi aakar kehega ki rachitha unki beyti nahi hey tho koi viswas kyon karega.. bina koi sabooth key….ek dum bakvaas. Dadaji kehathe hei ki hamara beizzath math karo, abhi kya unki izzath badgaya hei kya…….mene tho soch liya hey story ek ache track mey aane thak mey yeh serial nahi dekhne vaali….

  15. The worst character at this point is Rama. Not only he should not be married to Amaya, he had no business marrying Rachita either. One sided love doesn’t mean anything Abd a girl doesn’t become obligated to marry someone who is obsessed with her. A jellyfish like Rama is not fit to marry anything more than an illiterate girl with an IQ that hovers aroun 90. Just smart enough to follow his evil mother’s instructions but not smart enough to know that she deserves better than that wicked witch and her spineless son. How can he think that there is nothing sinister about his mother getting that house? He doesn’t know his mother is nothing different than most Indian men but then don’t tell us that he is a smart and principled man.

    1. Hey that day u said na ki dev n Sumitra are sanskari Devils. After seeing today’s episode u must hve realised how sanskari they are. she is still blackmailing Amaya by rachitas truth n dev planning to spoil choubey’s reputation which no more left. But seriously whole track is going rubbish

      1. Megha, I was being sarcastic about all kinds of evil that hides behind the mukhota of sanskars in our society. Sanskar or traditions ke naam pe you can keep tottering and humiliating others especially girls and their families and they are supposed to keep taking that abuse or risk being labelled as badtamiz Abd be-Izzat. I do t believe there is anything sanskari about what TSM is showing these days. What revenge is Amaya going to take? She had any sense then she would have taped the witch with her iPhone and gotten her ass arrested for demanding dowry. It is India not some middle eastern country. Women have rights there and greedy in-laws can be easily skewered along with their ladle suputr who can be shravan kumar’s behind the bars.

  16. Its amazing track in serial that show the sacrifice of a girl for her family

    1. hey plz don’t say that it is an amazing track bcoz its not…. by sacrificing also she lost respect by marring rama… all the women, men, whole banaras is telling bad abt amaya, and bcoz of amaya gajanand ji ki respect toh chali hi gai hai….and even in her family she lost respect… then wats the need for this sacrifice … it all went waste… isse achhaa toh woh mantu se bhagkar shaadi karleti…

  17. I think all of us should report to authorities to have guide lines for stories shown on tv channels. Theses stories warp unsuspecting minds of young people. No wonder we South Asian countries have high suicide rates (tarnished reputations are blown out of propotion) and suicide bombers (sacrifice is biggest virtue). We talk about present society being wrong. But the contributors to this situation go scott free. One would argue this is democracy. Then should democracy allow people to rob or kill ?. Laws are there to safe guard people. Likewise laws should be there not to influence people in the wrong manner by showing this type of drama. Prevention is better than cure.

    1. Ninesha, you couldn’t have said it better. I dread the idea of my mother-in-law watching this crap and thinking yeh chakra hai. No wonder she likes this stuff. I can’t imagine what this must do to young minds. It is irresponsible to make shows like this. I can tell you that after watching NAUC and TSM I was getting convinced that I would never want to be a woman living in India. Reading comments here gives me relief to know that this crap doesn’t resemble real life in India. Girls need to be empowered to study and make miracles happen by contributing to the progress of their family and their nation. These shows try to show that marriage is the final destination and your pati becomes parked war with that do chuti sindoor regardless of how the two of you end up getting schemed into that mandap. Just bakwas.

    2. I agree with you Ninesha. However I think the public are powerless to a degree, to have any impact on what is and isn’t shown in these dramas. I think your analysis above is spot on. All this nonsense about sacrifice and reputations is bakwas!!!!!!!

      I live in London and with british serials you dont get rubbish like this, but more realistic storylines that people face day to day. One thing indian serials can be good at is portraying love and feelings, but not when they muck around with twists like this.

      Fact is, some people do get influenced by what they see on tv, and what we are seeing here is not really role-model stuff is it????

  18. Mantuji ab aap ka koi kaam nahi hai show Mein…nikal jao ab tho…jago ab tho..kyun aur bakra ban rahe ho….

  19. Arey itna lamba dream ho saktha hai kya…koi dream Mein itna minute things bhi dekthe hai kya….its just to fool us n make us watch….bus audience ke liye serial ke ending Mein manya ko mila dega bas tab tak ye drama chalta rahega…false hopes dethe rahenge

  20. Without manya scenes tsm will be very boring..
    amu tell everything mantu
    till wed. Wtng anything happend
    any spoiler plzzzzz

  21. plzzzz mantu and rama try to understand that y amaya did this…. plzzzZ .. plz writers make them know this and also make them helping amaya.. then see tsm’s good trp will be back… and plz for god sake end this worst twist in 1month or less than it…

  22. stop nonsence story . we want manya story.and your repeat watching time is wrong.please please story and time change.we want watch it .

  23. Bakwaas tareen soap

  24. same old story reminds of various indian drama movies.l ntg new,, just a boring serial . shud scrap nw

  25. This is getting boring day by day… I request the the director to change the track now…the people following this serial would seriously avoid this serial anymore and additiadditional to this the timing of the show is changed for no reasons…I was much happier watching Manmarziyaan rather than watching this meaningless twist!

  26. such a bore one

  27. I think wed mantu is goin to know the truth about amu…sum positive vibes at least….wwwaiting…..for wed…

    1. hey plzz telll me… what is on wenzday…?? every one here is telling that something is going to happen on wenzday… are hadddd hai… aisa kya special hai wenzday ko????

      1. Shuvi, on Wednesday, apparently there is going to be some development in the Mantu-Amaya storyline. As in some positive scenes or maybe Mantu will find out about why Amaya has done all of this. Some of this is coming from comments on Facebook and Instagram so I’m not sure if i believe it. Can only wait til Wednesday to see.

    2. okk… let’s see … thanks dimeo

  28. pls make amaya wed mantu…..i want amaya to propose mantu nd mantu agree…….brake amaya and rama marriage…..this requst is for the director

  29. I hate this serial I never see tis

  30. Now tsm become real saas bahu serial . I want our old amu.

  31. Thuuu hai iss show pe

  32. I wish dat dis marriage shud b a dream as oders said …
    Waitng 4 manya story

  33. I guess the writer has gone mad…. I mean.. amaya n rama… get some air writer…

  34. by sacrificing her love amaya ko kya milgaya… then also she lost respect by marring rama… all the women, men, whole banaras is telling bad abt amaya, and bcoz of amaya gajanand ji ki respect toh chali hi gai hai….and even in her family she lost respect… then wats the need for this sacrifice … it all went waste… isse achhaa toh woh mantu se bhagkar shaadi karleti…

  35. okk .. let’s see what happens on wenzday… hope mantu cms to know the truth… so that atleast he will not think bad abt her… and plz mantu when u comes to know the truth… don’t hide it okk… tell to everyone

  36. prachi saklecha

    shitt……….amaya and montu are not to getter….this show is going borring……

  37. So now everyone is waiting for wed. Fingers crossed.
    It’s just been a really bad emotional roller coaster for the viewers. We were given amaya and mantu and we were rooting for th. Instead we got spineless Rama and silly Amaya.

    Valid pts made by viewers:
    -Rama has no business getting married to Anyone let alone rachita. He needs to grow/ buy/ get a spine.
    -amaya shud have confided in her love mantu and they cud have figured something out. That wud have been plausible.
    -you can’t put bad storylines behind the guise of izzat/ sacrifice etc and ask viewers to tune in. It’s been bad writing by starplus.

  38. Star plus programming team changed the entire story for trp. ….first they spoiled the story of an amazing show manmarzian now tsm. …. dear star plus r u guys gone mad or Wat? …r u promoting extra marital affairs? ???

  39. what is going to happen on wednesday ?

  40. Ayo !!! Am really waitng 4 de wenzday
    Am nt n fb or twitter so can u guys plz tel me wats gng on n dat? Wat r dey tellng ? Wats gng 2 happen dat day????

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