Tere Sheher Mein 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episodes starts with Amaya screaming being scared of ghosts. She runs to Rama. Rama says ghosts does not exist, you are educated girl. He also screams and she hugs him. He sees the mannequin and tells her. They laugh and have an eyelock. Kangana celebrates her birthday in Kanika’s avatar of a modern girl. The goons see her alone and drunk. She calls them losers and says they don’t have any class. They tease her. She sprays pepper on them and beats them with the stick. A man hurts her with a knife. Her hand gets hurt and she beats him. She asks them not to tease any girl from next time and sings happy birthday to me. She leaves.

Rama switches on the lights. Amaya gets ache in her feet, as she was hurt by the nail. Rama calls someone for help. Kangana comes there and hears the knock.

She takes an auto and leaves. Rama says there is no one, I think we have to stay here till morning, there is no mobile network, I m worried for my GD. Amaya says yes, but we can do the work for which we came here. He says you are saying right. She asks him to try suits. Rama tries the suit and she compliments him.

She asks him to see, and makes him wear the tie. She encourages him. He says I could not think I can look so good, thanks Amaya, you encouraged me, you can make fun of me, its fine. She falls down. He asks her to say and turns to see her on the ground. He says what happened to her and checks her high fever. He sees the wound and thinks it can get infectious. He knocks the shutter for help, as he has to rush Amaya to hospital.

Sumitra asks for water. Shamu gives her water. Sumitra says Amaya has gone out and gets angry. Gupta talks in Amaya’s favor. Sumitra says I will talk to Rama. Gupta asks where is Rama. Sumitra says I will call him. Shamu says Rama has gone with Amaya. Sumitra worries. Nani says Amaya wants to control home by Rama on her side. Sumitra says I won’t let this happen.

Kangana asks what. She tells them that Rama and Amaya can go out, they are husband and wife. Bua says food will get waste. Sumitra calls Rama and thinks where will they be, if Amaya tells about Kangana and Kanika to him. Rama could not open the door. He covers Amaya with his coat and looks for water. He prays for some way. He sees the window and breaks it. He goes out and breaks the shutter lock. He gets inside the shutter and runs to Amaya. He lifts Amaya and rushes to hospital.

Rama says nothing will happen to Amaya and asks someone to help. He asks a man to help and cries requesting him. The man agrees and gives them lift. Rama asks the man to drive fast. The man tells about traffic jam. Rama asks him to take by highway long route. The car breaks down. The man checks the car. Rama worries as its getting late. Rama asks what happened. The man says this will take much time. Rama says what shall I do now. The man asks him to wait and take lift from someone else. Rama says my wife is critical. I will take her. He goes on highway and tries stopping the cars. Rama panics and prays to Lord to help him in taking Amaya to hospital.

Rama thinks what to do, people are not giving him lift as he is well dressed. Kangana treats her hand wound. Sumitra is worried for Amaya and Rama. Kangana says I will find them, give me some money, maybe they will need it. Sumitra says fine, come. Kangana says I have to get wound bandaged. Rama sees a truck and runs after it, asking for help. The driver sees him. Rama says I m not thief, my wife is serious, I have to take him to hospital, please stop.

Rama brings Amaya to hospital. The lady asks for 10000rs and then treatment will start. He scolds her for the rules.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will everybody know about Amaya’s truth?

  2. I think this show is going off air…Saw some new show advt….It will be good riddance…Stopped watching since Amaya and Rama married…

    On side note, That Rama guy is just looks smart…Other than that he doesn’t know how to act…He just comes across as bland…It was same in “Desh Ki Beti Nandidni too..”

    This guy doesnt know how to act….

  3. Where the hell is Mantu…? Please bring him back..

  4. ooh… abb pata chala kangana he kanika he.. nic episode. but mis u mantu and chiklu as alwyz

  5. Patha nahi ki yeh serial kab off air hoga. Ek request hai Amena aapse, aghar show mai amaya aur rama ke romance ho tho written updates mai kuch nahi likhna. Readers may hate to read that nonsense. I wish star plus ka soch kabhi naya na ho. Sp ko dekhkar naya soch ka meaning bakwaas lagtha hai.

    1. 🙂 🙂 .. Liked thr way you have put your point

  6. This episode is really amazing. I like rama n amaya pairing.

  7. Not going off air. Kinshuk will be shown in a couple of days. He is coming on as a new character.

  8. So Amaya and Rama hug, thinking they have seen ghosts????? And then he lifts Amaya and rushes to hospital (didnt Mantu lift Amaya, the night they saved that little boy), and then we see Rama crying, requesting a man to come and help them??????? Is it me………..or does anybody else think that the writers are forcing the Rama-Amaya pair upon us????? This is all happening so fast, nothing that great has happened between these two, and they seem to be falling in love…………..Amaya seems like someone who is easily pleased. Who remembers when Mantu carried and took a beating for Amaya and the little boy, when they both ended up at the top of the mountain to the temple, when the garland was thrown in the air and landed on them both, when they fed each other at work……………….now these are proper moments. Nothing of the sort has happened here, rather the opposite……..and they are falling in love. Its all so laughable.

    Kinshuk we be coming in a couple of days………….does anyone actually care. Not sure if I’m going to keep watching this show, but i hope they dont put Amaya with Kinshuk. Surely they cant change Amaya’s love interest again……..lol. So funny.

    It seems more people are starting to like the Rama and Amaya pairing. People really seem to be falling for the bait……..the writers have you hook, line and sinker.

    Anyways, I wont be commenting tomorrow, as I will be on the plane back from my holiday. Not sure what I’m going to do when i get home. I have 2 weeks of TSM shows to catchup on, but i’m not really too bothered to watch. Nothing good has happened and my favourite Mantu is gone too. I haven’t seen the show in just over 2 weeks, so will be good to visualise the show again and judge what is happening. This could easily be the last straw for me though. Storyline is depressing. Hard work building this show has come to nothing.

  9. This is last months after that this crap will finished

    1. Everyone keeps saying this show will end in a month, or some new advert illustrated a new show coming on tv…………..where are people getting this from. I dont think this crap will finish any time soon.

  10. anyone knows the retelecast timings of the show

  11. I miss manya so much..

  12. What rubbish!!!!!!!

  13. The retelecast comes at 4:30 am to 5:00 am. No other retelecast

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