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The Episode starts with Rama doing light makeup to Amaya. He says she does not need any makeup, as she is beautiful within. He praises her. The man announces Rama and Amaya as the winning Jodi. They get the trophy. Gupta smiles seeing them. The man congratulates them, and says I think you both love each other a lot. Rama says I will leave now Amaya. Gupta stops Rama and says stay for sometime.

Rama says he got urgent call from shop. Amaya tells the men that Rama got urgent work, so he went, but she is here on his behalf. The man praises her to support her husband, and asks about her marriage. She says it happened recently. The man says even then great coordination, how did you both find each other being blindfolded, other jodis could not win. She says our heart eyes see whom we love,

so we both have found each other. They clap for Amaya.

Rama thinks if Amaya loves Mantu, why these feelings towards me. He recalls Amaya and cries. He says no, I can’t keep her love in my heart. Amaya is doing this for my dad and family, I m not suitable for you, I have to free her, divorce will happen in few days, she will be with Mantu. Amaya gives car keys to JAz and takes the trophy and gifts. She asks Jaz to get Gupta inside. Gupta says I will come, you go.

Amaya goes inside home and smiles recalling the competition moments. Jaz says I think our plan will work. Gupta says yes, I think Rama is much affected, they spoke their heart out. Rama comes home. Jaz says I was going, Amaya went inside home. Rama says I have to talk to Amaya, I will take dad. Jaz says I will bring uncle. He goes.

Amaya smiles holding the trophy. Rama brings some papers. He says he has to say something. She thinks maybe Rama changed his decision about divorce. She asks him to say. He says divorce hearing got prepone, its tomorrow. She tries to give reasoning to change his decision. He stays adamant. She asks about Gupta’s care.

Rama says I will explain him, next date will be after 2 months if we miss to go tomorrow, I don’t want to keep you in this relation for one day, I will tell dad that you are with Sneha in Mumbai, I will tell the truth once he gets fine, you will be free from this marriage, and will have happiness in your life. She cries. Tere liye toofan haske sehlungi………………plays…………….. Rama goes out and cries.

Amaya asks Gupta is he happy now seeing her and Rama win competition. He blesses them and asks them to go and rest. Amaya says we are fine. Rama says we will be here with you. Gupta asks Rama what does he want to tell Amaya. Rama says nothing, I had to say that I won competition because of Amaya, I had to say thanks. Gupta laughs and asks her to thank Amaya. They leave. Gupta thinks things are getting fine between them.

Amaya asks Rama not to go out, if Gupta sees him sleeping outside, he will be worried, its matter of one night. Rama sleeps on the ground. They recall their moments and silently cry. Rama tells Sumitra and Bua about divorce hearing today. He says tell dad that we went to temple to pray for him. He goes. Sumitra and Bua get glad and see Amaya praying. Sumitra taunts Amaya as she will cook for the feast today. Amaya gets sad. Bua asks did this girl go mad, having sindoor and mangalsutra, she is getting divorced in some time. Amaya says papers can’t remove love for Rama from my heart, he will always be my husband and I will be his wife by my heart. Sumitra says fine, but get away from our family, go, Rama is waiting. Amaya prays that she loves Rama and does not want divorce, do something that divorce does not happen.

Tilak keeps bomb in university. Rahul says Tilak made the mission risky and argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh my god………….is it me, or does every single day have a moment(s) in which the Rama-Amaya debacle keeps getting forced and forced upon us. Wow…….they found each other with blindfolds on, they win the competition (which sounds like such a waste of time) and now you have Amaya praying that she does not want divorce. Not to mention all the tears they all seem to be shedding over this………….its all just sooooo cheesy and something which the writers feel so desperate to make the viewers believe in. Rather than chemistry and believing naturally, its like the writers are telling us what to like and believe and are ramming it into our heads. Having faith and believing comes naturally, not forced upon us.

    Can I just mention………Amaya keeps praying, who is she praying to……….obviously the great MAHADEV!!!!! And who was it that introduced her to Mahadev……..it was Mantu. Everything in this show has reference to Mantu………the writers should have packed this show up when he left.

    Finally, i had a thought the other day……..this show was originally meant to be about 3 sisters and the events of moving to a new city and the hurdles they have to overcome. Ok…..yes…..you could always tell that one character may take the lead……but can you imagine how Anjum Fakih (Rachita) and Isha Mishra (Jas) must feel. Surely they signed up to show thinking they would be co-leads, but have ended up as bit part characters and have taken a massive back seat to Hiba Nawab (Amaya). Say what you want about Rachita, but i also kind of enjoyed watching her relation develop with Rama. For obvious reasons, that ended. People say Amaya changes love interest more than the weather…………same can be said for Rama. Didn’t he get beaten up for Rachita……and now he is crying for Amaya. Its so pathetic.

  2. i know what they are trying to do. They are taking revenge on us for not accepting their stupid twist. That is why this torture of watching or should i say reading this utter rubbish of amaya and rama’s grieves. oh please end this show, for once understand what viewers want. And amaya(please note, not hiba) you don’t deserve mantu, you deserve rama for sure. Stay with him. I don’t even want mantu to come back now.

  3. What ? Amaya love Rama! Where is mantu ?????????????????????

  4. Yes writers at least show where is mantu….. and rama should first find mantu and should think to leave amaya.

  5. U guys are right go & chek out mantu & amaya a fresh start in fan fiction its much good you will find our dearest couple mantu & amaya together ♡ ♡ ♡

  6. Dimeo – its not just you. Rama and Amaya are being forced onto us, almost out of desperation.The writers/producers so badly want us to accept them – which we won’t after seeing Mantu-Amaya and Rama-Rachita earlier in the show. The age gap between Hiba and Rafi is obvious, they are more like brother & sister than lovers, there’s no chemistry there at all not matter how hard they try to show us otherwise!!!
    The show should have stopped the day StarPlus decided to can it.It should have stopped abruptly, there was no need for a “Ramaya happy ending”.

    Rachita’s character played by Anjum Fakih was pivotal in TSM. I don’t think she has been given enough credit for the wonderful portrayal of her character. I know a lot of attention has been on Hiba/Amaya but Anjum/Rachita deserves more credit. For both Anjum and Isha (Jazz), the end is a blessing in disguise, at lease the writers did not get a chance to butcher their characters. They are both talented and I hope they find something else soon.

    Given the events of the past 2 months, I have new found respect for Dhruv Bhandari(aka Mantu).He made a decision to leave the show (partly impacted by the sudden passing of his dad) because he did not want to compromise the integrity of his character. It takes a lot of courage to do what he did. People often comment that Hiba couldn’t leave because of contractual issues but I’m sure Dhruv would have had similar issues. Hiba was happy to make a 200% promise (which turned out to be a lie) to fans that she’d get back Mantu probably at the insistence of the production house. Dhruv on the other hand did not want to lie to his fans. I suppose experience and maturity teaches you to be wiser.

    Hiba will move on from this experience but the character of Amaya has tarnished her. Amaya has become so worthless as a character that we can’t wait to see her off our screens. You compare her with the popular lead female characters on SP like Ishita (YHM), Akshara (YRKKH) and Gopi (SNS) and you can see why she has become one of the most hated characters to her fans.

    14th Nov can’t come soon enough.

  7. atleast show whre is mantu. amaya had gone mad

  8. The worst story ever… how can some one change love like this? writers please dont make us hating this… this is a mess.. because actors are leaving the show you cant make the story mess like this.. Then you should have end the show (like you did for manmarziyan) still missing manmarziyan 🙁 🙁

  9. atleast they should stop using
    mantu’s name to unite this worst jody!

  10. Agree with everyone above. We all feel the same way. Something somewhere went terribly wrong. It’s like the writers stopped writing. Took the lazy way out.
    Dhruv was leaving so they could have written it out better. They could have even given him time off. Instead they were about to show twist to mSke
    him evil after twisting the plot to get amaya and Rama married. After stringing us along for months and months about and amaya and mantu. Rachita / anjum is a fine actress. Much better than hiba. Hiba was new when this show started and all she still does is display doeful eyes in most of her scenes. Whether she was staring longingly at mantu, or hurt by someone or upset it’s always the same look. Sorry guys but acting is expressive. Lots can be conveyed thru the eyes but you can’t stick to the
    same look over and over. I know it’s not nice to pick on hiba. But I’m going to. She should have taken a stand for her character. Either you are loyal to the paycheck or to your
    character (amayas). Even hiba can’t
    pull off the acting to show she’s in love with Rama!!! We see right thru it. Crying in every scene and uttering the dialogues that you love someone doesn’t make it so. Mantu made her
    love believable. Dhruv was so good
    at his acting and conveying his feelings to her (without saying anything) that it elevated Amaya’s acting. That is why we the audience just couldn’t let it go. You don’t find
    love like that (or acting thanks to
    dhruv) over and over again. And Rama / Rafi wasn’t that good an actor but we liked him with rachita because she was a good actress. She brought out the best in him. Because she was a strong actress we didn’t mind him being a softer one. They could have at least kept them together and we could have watched amaya rebuild her life and find a new love and maybe dhruv could have been bk and those would have been incredible journeys to witness. As viewers we would have been loyal and stuck to amaya. But the writers showed disloyalty on Amaya’ and rama’s part to their respective loves and we couldn’t stomach that.

    Sorry I’ve gone off on a tangent. It’s just sad on what could have been and what is. There was such potential. And all for nought. We can’t wIt fit the show to be over. We actually don’t want to see the lead pair together. That speaks volumes. Usually ppl cry and are upset that a show is ending. Here we are only happy to see the nonsense ending. Characters like kangana Tilak Rahul ate adding nothing to the show. Now there is talk of a bombing the show?? How far fetched are they going to go?? So them two will get their divorce. Amaya and Rama both will shed crocodile tears. The Bomb will create a situation where someone is in danger. Let’s say kangana. Rama goes to save her. And he possibly could be hurt. Amaya cries some more. This brings them two together. Rachita gives them her blessings and they get married again. The end. Happily ever after.

    It’s like mantu never existed for amaya!!!!!!
    Beyond insulting.

  11. Boooooooooooringgggggg!!!!!!

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