Tere Sheher Mein 5th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Tere Sheher Mein 5th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mantu helping Amaya in knowing the cows. He gets the milk and gives her. She drinks it and says thanks him. He says come and they sit there. He gets a radio and tunes it. He gets scared seeing a spider. He asks don’t move, its here. She asks did the goons come. He says nothing. She asks who is behind me, cow? He asks her to look there. He says its spider. She laughs and says spider should tell Mantu that she will not harm him, he is so afraid. He says no, I have allergy. She says she will move it away. She fools him and asks him to see the spider, its so cute. He says be away and runs.

She laughs and he asks is she mad. She says see your face, you feel I will take that spider in my hand. He says if you are so naughty now, you would have troubled everyone in childhood.

She says how she used to trouble Rachita and Jaz, mum scolded her and she has… He says its fine if you don’t want to tell me, I won’t force you. She says she has seen how life changes, dad took great care of us, we did not see any pain, and sorrows in our lives, we had just happiness. She recalls Rishi and cries. FB shows the moments. She says their world ended that day when Rishi died. She tells him everything. She tells about Gajanand, her Nana ji and she has come to hospital to rush him for immediate treatment, and his hatred for them. She wipes her tears and says its very difficult.

Mantu says you are very brave Amaya. She says you are saying this to keep my heart. He says you are really strong, you have seen much pain, how could I not see this, Bansi was right. She says yes, I m strong, as I m not afraid of spiders. They smile. She says she is feeling heart sharing things with him, thanks. He says whats there to thank, pain gets less on sharing. She says yes, dad is not with us, but I m lucky to have a family, who loves me a lot. He says yes, she is very lucky.

Uma calls Mantu and he does not get call. Jaz says I think we should tell mum. Rachita says no, she will be in train. Uma says Amaya has kidnapped Mantu. They argue. Rachita asks them not to fight. We will wait for some time and then go to police. Jai koi baat bigad jaaye……….plays on radio. She says she does not start filmi songs. Mantu asks her opinion. She says its so illogical and explains him about impractical things, hero fights with so many goons alone, and heroine gets impressed seeing the hero staring at her and getting beaten, he should run away saving his life, he gets beaten for the girl, he should use his mind, and save his bones. He says the one who thinks about himself is not hero, for me hero is one who listens to heart, not mind.

She says we will go now. He says he will check if goons have gone. She says she will come along. They walk on the road. She sees the stars and smiles. She says I m seeing stars like this after a long time, its beautiful. He says its seen everyday and we don’t have time to see. He stops an auto and they leave. The goon’s car comes and catch them. They ask about the kid. Mantu says he is safe. Mantu runs with Amaya and she falls. He asks her to come. They catch Amaya and laugh.

Amaya asks Mantu to run away, why did he stay. The goons laugh and say his life is stuck in you. They ask him to leave. Mantu walks to her and says he will not say anything about the kid. The goon beats Amaya and says he will not let them go easily. She cries and says let us go. Mantu fights with them. The man says if you beat our man, we will cut her fingers. They beat Mantu a lot and she cries seeing him fallen and wounded. She recalls her words of the Bollywood movie, and Mantu’s words. Na jaane ye vaar dun…………. Plays…………….They beat him more and pull his hair. Mantu shouts in pain and she looks on. The police siren is heard and the goons run from there leaving them. She gets up and runs to Mantu. She asks whats the need to become hero, why did h do this. Mantu gets up.

She asks why did he do this. The auto comes and he asks her to go home, police can come anytime. She says stop it, why did you not run, if anything happened to you… He says if anything happened to you… did you think I will run leaving you with goons, we can’t think by mind always. She says she will take him to hospital. He says what will we say if police sees us together, people don’t believe the story, its Banaras, what will we say. She says she will say the truth, she is leaving as he is saying. He makes her sit in auto and sends her.

Uma asks Amaya about Mantu. Amaya says I don’t know where is he. Amaya and Uma worry for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Please stop this boring love story. Make it more interesting. Story is very slow paced. Least said better about Sneha.

    Senha’s acting is so dull and boring. Somebody please tell her to learn from Sakshi Tanwar/Ram Kapoor

  3. bhai mantu Thoda marna to chahiye tha

  4. nice episode 🙂

  5. love u manya

  6. waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  7. I’m so disappointed….why did amaya leave him in the end…in real life i don’t a girl would leave a boy who got beaten up for her

  8. Don’t slow the track and make it boring.. We want Manya joining ASAP and their love scenes..Please bring some interesting story line.. Someone do slap that uma crap… She is disgusting like hell..

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