Tere Sheher Mein 4th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Rudra telling Sneha and everyone that Gajanand got paralysis, and asks them to come fast. Sneha and everyone meet Gajanand in hospital. Sneha cries and says marriage has happened, but Amaya ruined everything, its my bad values and upbringing, forgive me. Gajanand thinks it means Amaya sacrificed herself to save our family name and respect. The doctor asks Sneha to go out and not make patient tensed. Sneha and everyone leave.

Amaya cries seeing family pic. Bua and Mohini leave Rama in his room. Rama scolds Amaya, and asks what did she do, she played bad game, she spoke to him as friend, she was going to bring Rachita and him closer, why did she cheat him, he did not think she will cheat him by this innocent face, why did she do this. Amaya asks what is he saying,

he has spoke to his mum, he married by his wish. Rama says shut up, you don’t take my mum’s name by your bad tongue, she told me everything that you are a cheap girl, I was waiting for the biggest moment of my life to marry my love Rachita, you knew this and ruined everything.

He says your reality is you are a cheap, fallen and a selfish girl, you are stain on your family. Amaya says enough Rama, I won’t hear anything, why are you feeling bad now, answer me why did you marry me, because your mum told you, where did your love go when you knew its me in mandap, not Rachita. She says Rachita never loved you, you loved her, one sided love does not make life successful, my Rachita’s life would have been ruined, you are a loser, coward, you married me on your mum’s saying, you can’t be trusted, you can’t do anything, you are spineless, why should I listen to you, does anyone listen to you here.

He says fine I m coward and spineless, come with me. He throws her out of the room, and asks her to see what this coward man treats his wife, just get lost. She cries. He shuts the door and says I m not a coward. Rama breaks the flower decorations and says I hate you Amaya, I will make your life hell as you made mine. Rachita talks to Sneha. Sneha says Amaya is responsible for dad’s state.

Amaya cries and apologizes to Rishi, as she had no option than to cheat everyone. She is sitting in the store room and crying. Mantu comes there and says Amaya I m waiting for your answer, just say me once, after I confessed love, you promised you will reply. She asks is he mad or a fool, to ask the same to her now. She says this is my answer. He asks what about I have seen in your eyes and felt with you. She says so what, you were foolish to run after me, but now Rama and I got married. Mantu says Uma said right, city girls can’t be trusted, you used me, you don’t deserve even my hatred, I did not think you will fall so low, you have hurt Rachita, and ruined your family’s respect, I hate seeing you, and angry on myself to love you.

She says enough, this sindoor and mangalsutra is of Rama’s name, I m his wife, keep this in mind, you can go from here now. Mantu cries and says I did not see such shameless woman in my life, the cheat you did with your family, Lord will also not forgive you. He leaves.

Mantu comes out and says he will never forget the wounds Amaya gave to his heart. Sumitra checks Amaya’s bags and says there is no cash in this. Dev calls her and asks how did she change her decision, she was against that marriage, she said that she will insult Gajanand, whats this joke that you made that second girl your bahu. Sumitra says she got Sneha’s haveli on her name, she did this for her profit, she has thought big game for Amaya. She ends the call.

Amaya says I know everyone hates me, mum, sisters, Rama and Mantu, they don’t know the reason of my cheat, they don’t know the truth and I will never let them know, I have to become more strong, I will make this hatred my strength, dad always said I m his super girl, its time I become his super girl and show them, I want dad’s support, then I will make everything fine.

Amaya knocks Rama’s room’s door. Rama says he won’t open the door, she can just keep knocking. He then opens the door and asks her to leave. She says she is his wife, she married him, its his room, he has no right to tell her anything. She sleeps on the ground. Its morning, Sumitra boils milk. Bua asks about Amaya. They plan to make Amaya their maid and go to Rama’s room. They ask Rama about Amaya. They all wonder where is Amaya.

Sumitra asks Amaya to wear saree and do first rasoi ritual. Amaya finds all boxes in kitchen empty. She says even salt container is empty, how will she make food now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waste waste waste
    now mantu wil marry uma n rudra wil marry rachita,bakwas show

  2. Hmm, Rasoi politics is how Amaya will win this game. She will make better puris than Sumitra and that too at half the cost. That’s what she learned during her studies abroad. How nice of GC to acknowledge her sacrifice. The best daughter is the one that can make her own life hell to keep everyone’s ego intact. This whole I am your wife so I have the right to sleep in your room is a pretty good deal for the men involved in that situation. All in all it proves the point that women are to be used and abused by other women to keep the wheels of a patriarchal society turning like a clock. These women like Rama’s Mom aunts etc. are like middle managers who get their hands dirty and feel powerful doing that.

  3. Poor mantu he is still asking Amaya whether she loves him aur not. Feeling really bad for mantu he is still waiting for her to answer n if this is dream then please finish it soon as it is becoming difficult to watch such a drama . I’m still watching tsm in a hope in the end all this was a dream . Waiting till Wednesday afterwards I will leave watching this show if this illogical seen does not end. Please Manya come together

    1. Why wait till Wednesday? Anything special? Im asking cuz I had seen lot of comments regarding Wednesday nd I was confused! :/

      1. Sara345……people are saying that on Wednesday there are going to be some positive scenes for Mantu and Amaya. But the source has come from Instagram and Facebook. I’m not saying i dont believe it, but i will believe it when i see or read it from a trusted source.

    2. Oh okay! Thanks!:)

  4. Poor mantu he is still asking Amaya whether she loves him aur not.if this is dream then please finish it soon as it is becoming difficult to watch such a drama . I’m still watching tsm in a hope in the end all this was a dream . Waiting till Wednesday afterwards I will leave watching this show if this illogical seen does not end. Please Manya come together

  5. Stinking Garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It’s a waste show yrkkh is simply best than this show

    1. yes this serial goes boring..

  7. Amaya, u r such a fool. Y cant she gt de help of mantu if ur planning 2 bring a bad name 2 sumitra? Though its unethical 2 ask help frm sum1 oder than hr hubby , wat can she do nxt?
    Nd plzzzzz… 4 god’s sake dnt brng uma nd mantu togthr .Plz mantu dnt do a foolish thng by marryng uma
    Luv u manya:)

  8. Am readng de updates coz i wish dat smethng myt happen as v thought
    Nd guys plz tel me hw 2 knw de spoilers of de serials……
    Am frm south india nd i knw hindi oly a little .So Thank u Amena 4 de fast updates…..

  9. Btw, about the precap – isn’t the shop inside the house? Who cares if there is nothing to cook in the kitchen when the whole kiryane Ki dukaan is inside the house. At lease that is one problem Amaya doesn’t have to deal with. Get the daal straight from the big bori 😉

  10. I can’t even read the update because of amaya and what she is saying and doing. I really do despise that girl now. First break mantu’s heart. Then rama’s. And then your moms. And then say you did sacrifice. Then say to Rama I’m your wife?! Did she even think this thru? Did the writers?!! We don’t care to see amaya win over Rama. Then sumitra. Then everyone. Wow. This isn’t those zee channel dramas. This was supposed to be diff. I feel like we are trapped in a time warp and no one is waking up from this horrible dream. Seriously. The writers can’t be that self indulgent to think they can win us over bk after this. I don’t care if amaya can make food for 50 from nothing!! Where is thus drama going?? So much potential. All wasted.

  11. Poor mantu…….
    Amaya I know your intentions was not bad,
    But the way was very difficult for you,
    Everyone thought you are a chitter.

  12. saas bahu scenes started..c’mon..this show is nt a saas bahu serial..writer atleast realize this..hope to see maanya and rara together in upcoming episodes.. Got tears seeing mantu in pain..poor mantu..hw can a girl cant tell the truth to her love!! Pls bring good change in the show..

  13. pls dnt make amaya hated by evryone..end this drama and make amaya tell the truth to mantu and both can solve the problem..dnt make mantu take bad decision to marry uma in a hurry..still waiting in hope to see gud episodes frm tere sheher mein..

  14. hi tharini..u can see the spoilers in the telly updates itself they post spoilers of many serials..which part of south india r u frm??

  15. amaya mantu fan.......

    pls change the track…..pls pls pls

  16. Waste bkwas waste

  17. Negative………again. It seems everyone is depressed in this show. Gajanand acknowledged that Amaya sacrificed herself, but he didn’t seem to feel any remorse, as if it was her duty to do it and that is what he expected.

    What i still fail to realise is Amaya has done this to save her families reputation. However there were news reporters at the wedding who would have seen the infamous sister swap. They are going to have a field day reporting that and everyone in Banaras will see it right???? Also dont you think maybe Rachita deserves to know who her real dad is, rather than living a lie. Surely Sneha can see that by telling Dev, the whole misunderstanding of what happened all those years ago will be cleared, as it was with Gajanand and relationships can be mended. Right or Wrong???? This is why i think storylines are a bit silly with this show.

    By the way, we all know that Amaya loves Mantu, but her treatment of him is unacceptable. Love is a strange concept, all i know is, regardless of what family issues I have and what is going on, I would never want to hurt the person I love in any way or form. A very small part of me wants Mantu to get together with Uma…………never thought i would say that. I’ll probably take that back in the next few days when Uma returns to our screens and acts like a twat again. I only say this because, as I said before Amaya’s treatment of Mantu is raw. You dont treat the person you love like that. Yes i know its a drama, but nobody does that!!!!!!

  18. Pinky Gairola

    guyzz..tsm’s repeat telecast is slotted at 4am n 6am , now dat means this serial is already on its way to getting off air sooner or later. the production house will exhibit low TRPs in order to wrap up d serial since any show garnering Gud TRPs cant be winded up without logical reasoning. I think there is some issue between d. production house n the channel. tsm which was once so popular cudnt even manage a decent time slot for its repeat airing. these r the tactics which channel retort to..

  19. Hate tsm…kyun itna ganda story dikha rahe ho agar serial band karna hai tho aaj hi band kar do…use band karne ke liye aise cheap tactics play karke viewers ko kyun hurt kar rahe ho…..they are just fooling us…no dream can be so long…i think they want to end it as manmarziyaan which also was not properly retelecasted

  20. Very good to know that tsm crew and channel having issues… Atleast then they will stop this serial… Its better than telecasting such rubbish story line…

  21. fk that serial. such a wastaage of time there.. we are waiting for romance started with amaya n mantu, but what happen.. nonsense writer who write this serial script..

  22. star plus is airing new daily soap tere mere darmiyan..date and time still not announced.. Hope tsm solve their issues and give us good episodes..pls dnt make it like mnz..pls retelecast the show…hw much it made me anger or sad i cnt stop watching this is only daily soap i watch now..pls give us some story tsm..

  23. retelecast the show in watchable timings

    1. U r rght

  24. Amaya u have to tell the truth to Mantu

  25. Lost the interest in this show don’t wanna read the update also……..
    Plss end this rubbish show now……
    This track is not interesting at all……

  26. Plz plz plz get mantu n amaya together otherwise people will stop watching tge show. Trp’s will go down.. End this as soon as possible.. Its become too boring now.. Atleast let mantu come to know about amaya’s plan.. If uma n mantu will come together then this serial will be bull shit..

  27. What to say? What to dost be we as a collective have some power. Or we don’t. What a bust the past few weeks have been. If anything the writers pretty much destroyed Amaya’s character. They needed to have amaya tell mantu that she loves h right then and there when he said it. Like every normAl person with family problems would because lets admit it, we all have problems. Then she overhears the gaja/sumitra convo. Them she and mantu work out a killer scheme together. Why not confide in thelove of your life? I agree eith dimeo above. Amaya treatment of mantu is so poor that it doesn’t flesh with her character.

    So what pray tell me, o wise writers are we the audience watching for? What is the incentive?

    For the heroine?
    For the lead pair?
    For the fresh new storylines?

    No. We ought to watch for Gaja and his self righteous demands. Sneha and her sobbing. Amaya and her idiocy. Mantu and his heart break. Uma and her plotting and shrieking. Sumitra and gang and their evil scheming.

    Count me out. No thank you.

  28. bakwas episode…

  29. You are lost the interest this program
    Ye kya kise ke be shadi kisesse kara doge kya
    Jalde amaya k shadi k sacchi sab k samne le auo k usne y shadi kyu ki
    Amaya aur monto k love story dekhoo jald he otherwise people’s stop this show

  30. We want Amaya mantu back…we want to watch this pair…this is one of the best pairs i have watched…plz don’t break them n us…manya said they vl be back…waiting for a great cum back of manya…

  31. Iam damn sure this is not a dream sequence ….
    because amaya is dreamer he doesn’t knw the ramasa mother and devs plan??
    if ramas mother is dreamer she doesn’t knw abt manyas relation!!!
    if dev is dreamer he also not aware of manya relatiionn…
    oh no there is too complicationnn
    i lost ma mind..
    so steadily forgot manya and enjoying the track now because amu is ma fav as also this ma fav show….

    1. Gajanand may be the dreamer

  32. I’m not liking that everyone is calling her cheap… cheater etc.. plzzzzzz this is not good … kumsekum mantu ko toh bata deti na… … plzz amaya itna strong bhi mat bano…
    oh!!! today I was so late for cmnting as I was busy in janmashtmi preparation and still busy…. but took 1min for cmnting 🙂
    but soooo sad for mantu… … Amaya if u don’t want mantu then y did u love him… hmm??
    mantu u come to me… I will give u soooo much love that no one might have given to anyone…. 😛

  33. To me comments are more entertaining than show. Hope script writers and channels are reading our comments. Threr are no fairy tales in 21st century. Why cant writers give us believable stories that will also give some valuable guidence to the young viewers. Putting this type of foolish sacrifices (even trying to commit suicide), way up sky high is bad example in real life.

  34. becoming too worst track… Mantu has to marry amaya

  35. the worst twist.please end this stupid drama.i think this writer has gone mad.

  36. it is totally bakvass plz make it all dream and some real u people r thinking by this urs trp will go up but it’s not plz,…………..remove all this and make smoothly funny romantic running serial plz……………requesting

  37. Plz bring amaya and mantu together. …feeling bad for mantu….plz guys stop showing this nonsense bring some good twist in story……..or its going to be the rubbish story…atlast make mantu to know the amaya truth that is not bad girl……..plz…..mantu should not get married to uma if it happen than its really gone bull shit…….and Trp’s will go down……plz make it good n interesting by making mantu n amaya coming together

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