Tere Sheher Mein 4th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Mantu talking to Amaya. He says its good place to stay. She says Rachita and Jaz would be worried. He asks her to show the sprain. She asks is he doctor and they start arguing. He makes her sprain right by twisting the foot a bit by a jerk. He says its done, is this aching. She says no, pain is gone, just some discomfort, feeling better. She asks him to do it again and gets glad. She says she can run now, let goons come, I will run faster than you. He says no need to say thanks.

She says I was not going to, we will leave now. He says we have to stay here. She asks how can anyone stay here, see there. He says like cows are staying, we will also stay. She asks do I look a cow to you, I have to go home. He says does she know adjustment, its her mistake, she shouted and

goons have seen her. She asks will he make her feel guilty, its her mistake. He says yes, could you not go home after reception, why did you go hospital. She does not say and recalls Gajanand.

Mantu says we will hear songs, he does not understand her, she feels world goes by her way. She says don’t judge me if you don’t know me, what do you know about my intentions, my family problems, enjoy your perfect life with your GF Uma, a family has many problems. He says yes, as if you know a lot about m, you always judge me. Mantu tells her a story about him and Uma, childhood friends, and their parents went to visit temple near Ganga, and before going they explained kids that they will get everything for them. They sent the kids to school and when they came back from school, they have seen ….. Amaya asks what happened. Mantu says there was no one in the locality.

They did not know whom to ask, and the reason was the kid’s life got ruined. Their parents died that day by sinking in the Ganga, they could not visit the temple, and then the kids became a big support for each other, they have sworn to support each other all their life. Amaya cries. Mantu says the 13 year old boy gave exams and passed, and there was no one in his life except a younger brother, and missed his parents always. He cries and FB shows Mantu taking care of baby Chiklu. He says the boy had to become parents for his brother, and the boy and girl have grown up with time, but no one can fill parents place.

Amaya asks why is he crying like this. He asks why are you crying. She asks him to say first. He says because I m that boy and the little baby was my brother Chiklu, and that girl is Uma. He says this is my perfect family, this is my situation. He asks her to say what will he judge her, tell me Amaya. He says Uma is not my GF, whats a GF? Uma is my family, my pain sharer, she has been with me in all my pain and always supported me. We have always shared every happiness and sorrow, she is my family, if anyone does not support me, I have full faith that Uma will support me, I will always support her, a guy and girl do not have just GF and BF relation, there is friendship higher than that, which Uma and I have, its biggest relation in the world. He says he has to get Uma married, maybe she could not understand this relation. Amaya cries and gives her dupatta to him to wipe his tears.

Mantu and Amaya tease each other by funny names and smile. She says we will go now, I think the goons would have slept. He says we can’t go. She says I want to go home. He says try to understand, it won’t be safe. She says she is feeling hungry. He says I told you to have food. She says I know why you took me to food counter, thanks for suit. He says I will get some food. She asks him to come soon. He asks is she afraid of cows. She says no. He goes and thinks this is the best food possible now, and she gets scared seeing the cows. Amaya asks where is he.

Mantu sits near the cow and gets the milk from the cow. He drinks the milk and asks her to come. She says she is not afraid, if he can do, she can do it too. He asks her to try.

The goons catch Mantu and beat him up. Amaya asks him to run. Mantu gets wounded.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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