Tere Sheher Mein 4th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 4th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya crying and fixing Rishi’s clipping. Rama scolds a man on the road being angry. Amaya comes to her desk and sits upset. Mantu sees her and talks to her. Amaya talks to him being upset. Rama comes to a hotel and asks for room. The man asks why did he come. Rama scolds him, and says he is fed up of people, he want to be alone and breath, give me room, else I will go. The man gives him the keys. Mantu comes to Amaya and she sits recalling Sneha’s words. She cries and leaves. Mantu sees her leaving.

Rama comes in the room and recalls Rachita’s anger. He says why did she not understand him, what did he ask her, and dad never understands me. The room service guy comes and Rama scolds him. The man says even if he scolds him, his work is to be calm and take his order.

Rama asks what did he say and asks him to repeat. He thinks if Rachita refuses him, he can’t stop her, its her wish, but he has to make place in her heart, its his wish, and she can’t stop him. He smiles and talks to him well. He says he said a good thing and gives him money asking him to get juice and take big tip.

Amaya says she is in big stress and asks Mantu to go and have food. He asks whats the stress, tell me. She says you really want to know. He says yes, please tell me. He holds his hand and asks him to come with her. She shows his Rishi’s pic and says this is my dad, my superman, my hero, and tells him everything. Mantu gets teary eyed.

Amaya says I got this work to put this pics here, I thought to go and leave this work, I was leaving forever. She cries and says she could not go, she has many responsibilities, mum, sisters, how can she run like this. She says she is not having courage now. Mantu consoles her and she hugs him.

He says I felt you love your dad a lot, like you told me before, but I was wrong, you don’t love your dad. She asks why is he thinking so. He says if you loved your dad, you would not care what world says about him, love is not so weak, love is trust, which does not break by anyone’s saying, like we believe in Lord, why do we care if anyone not believes Lord.

He asks will you move back knowing what others feel, she knows how was her dad, she is doing this job for her dad, sorry but your dad loved you all more than his life, you have to go just a job for your family. He asks her to fix all the clippings. Amaya fixes all the clips. Mantu says he is feeling hungry, come. She says even I m getting hungry. They sit eating in the cafeteria. She says he is the best, how does he do this so easily. He makes her eat icecream and sweets together. She likes it and says she did not such combo before. He asks for a bite. She teases him and laughs. The peon sees them together and thinks to tell Uma, much things are cooking here.

The peon tells Uma that Mantu was making Amaya eat icecream and sweets, Amaya is always with him. Uma says she has stuck to Mantu, and she will make him away.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No actualy i posted cmnt but it didn’t i just watched it so no matter who is 1st

  2. It is posted on yesterday’s pg buddy anyway i got 1st ok if ur feeling bad then k ur 1st 😥

    1. Todays episode is my last episode bcz sunday is the last day of my life.sorry main tumku dukh pahunchaya.sunday mera akhir din hai mere jeene ka.

  3. Episode was superb

  4. very nice episode 🙂 atleast kam se kam dono ke beech hug to hua 😉 luv u manya 🙂

    1. ★kanisha★

      yaar very √√ right

  5. but precap was very bad do din uma nahi dikhe to bohot achha episode tha ab kal se phir se vo uma aur uski kich-kich

  6. Jab uma jalegi to maza ayega she is v rude?

  7. today epi nice, precap nt gud ya

  8. Kya uma ko feel nahi ho raha hein ki vo ek doosre keliye kitna care karta hein

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    yaar this precap ne toh epi me ending ka maza kirkira kar dia

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