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The Episode starts with Amaya understanding Mantu has come to meet her. She smiles. Gajanand asks what happened. Sneha says Amaya works, and going for job now, even Rachita does job but she goes in afternoon. Amaya says I had breakfast and goes to room. She smiles and says you have come here Mantu. Dheere dheere se………….plays………… She sees his footsteps and touches it. She says you have come Mantu, it means you also love me. She says I love you a lot, I m coming to you.

Mantu tries finding Uma and asks people about her showing her pic. He asks Atom. Atom says police jeep has come, they did not get Uma. Mantu thinks where is Uma. The fishermen get Uma from the river and wakes her up. She gets conscious and asks about being there? The man says thank Lord you are alive, how did

you fell in river, did she slip? She is lucky that she came on the bay. She says she is unlucky to be alive, she did not get what she wanted.

The man explains her, about asking from life as if she did a favor. He says about fish who did not lose to fate and broke the net, now its freely swimming in water, losing is easy, winning is tough, if she loses, someone else will win, time does not wait for anyone, maybe her fate has to get it by snatching. Amaya sees Mantu’s bike and looks for him. She sees him sitting and thinks if he sees her once, he has to tell her that he loves her. Mantu sees that side. She smiles.

Uma comes there and Mantu goes to her. He hugs Uma. Amaya looks on. He asks her where did she go, he was madly finding her. Uma says her foot slipped in river, fishermen saved her life. He asks is she fine. She thinks she was wrong, she did not test fate. Amaya thinks she was wrong, to see fight with fate so easy. Amaya thinks she was going to break her promise, she will stay away from Mantu, if her love is true, he will come and confess love, she has trust on her love, he will come. Uma thinks she will do anything, Mantu will just be hers. Mantu takes her home.

Dev says Rishi’s work is over, his daughter is here. He asks Mukherjee to send Amaya. Amaya comes to him. He says he has given her much work, what opinion she has for him. She says she is doing her work right, as her mum and dad taught her not to make opinion for anyone in hurry. He says great, you passed in the tests I gave you. She asks tests? He says whatever I gave you, was to test your dedication and hardwork, you passed with flying colors, I m impressed, which is not easy. I thought you are capable to become my personal secretary, its great chance for you, 50% hike in pay, you can see your family well, and your experience will be invaluable, you will get chance to learn business from me. She gets glad. He asks does she accept this office? She sees Rishi’s pic there.

She asks Rishi to see Dev is promoting her, who once insulted him, congrats dad. Dev asks did she say anything. She says no. He asks does she accept this. She says yes Sir. He says this is your standard company contract of 3 years, pay scale and increment is written in it, you won’t be able to leave company before 3 years, incase you do, then you have to return the investments on you and some penalties, its company format. Mukherjee says yes. Dev asks are you ready to sign from my personal pen.

Amaya signs the contract and smiles. Mukherjee congratulates her. Dev asks her to go, and asks Mukherjee to explain her the work. Dev tears the paper saying Rishi Mathur. Amaya thinks her family and Mantu will be very happy, I wish he was here. Mukherjee asks her about file. She asks him, can she go home, she wants to share her happiness with her family. He says fine, its big day for you, I will inform Dev.

Rachita asks Sneha to give food, and even Jaz asks for food. Sneha asks them to sit, and let Gajanand come. Amaya comes from office. Sneha asks how did she come so soon. Amaya says she did not think this will happen with her, and hugs Sneha. Sneha asks what happened. Amaya smiles and says she got promotion. They all get happy and hug Amaya. Dimple says I knew Amaya is talented. Amaya says her salary increased, and work too. Sneha says you can manage. Amaya gives them sweets.

Gajanand comes and asks what happened. Sneha says Amaya got promotion. Amaya asks him to have sweets. Gajanand says he can’t eat and how an Sneha eat it. Sneha says I know we both have diabetes. Amaya says I m sorry, I forgot to get sugar free sweets. Gajanand says its about life, they are always in hurry, they don’t see this. Sneha says she has kept the sweets. He says you should show right way to kids on right time, you gave them freedom. He asks Rachita to come, and also Amaya. He says he has decided that they will not go for work from tomorrow. They get shocked. Amaya looks at Sneha.

Amaya tells Gajanand that Sneha also wants me and Rachita to work. Gajanand asks what, Chobey family does not run on daughter’s earnings, daughters are not permitted to work in their house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Poor amu
    miss today manya cute moments
    we want more manya moments .
    Uma u knew the mine of mantu so dont interfere mantu and amu life.

  3. ☆Twinkle05★

    Oh gajanand ji stop u r nonsense its amu and rachu wish they will do job if u have prob stay away who want this sneha and her father uniting its irritating plz leave that girls and uma listean if u will plan anything evil then u lose mantu freindship :@

  4. Sometimes I find this serial very interesting….But when such boring episode comes…you guys loose it….Come on stop that Uma and Mantu tamasha…Nobody is interested…..Dev and Mathurs is good interesting rivalry…

    Thanks Amean..Appreciate for the update…

  5. gud epi…… but I just hate this uma…….. y can’t she understands mantu’s feeling……. love u manya

  6. I hate uma…she is the hurdle in manya’s love story
    Stupid uma

  7. So sweet ……kill dat Nana ji plzzzzzzzz

    1. what why

  8. Great epiosode but what about amus job she signed three year contract anyon know if she is still gonna work there reply quick thanks
    amena thanks for updates plz try to make it quicker for next epiosode thanxz

  9. Lol mantu u are too cute…… B-)
    I love it wen guys become protective over there love and make every one nw dat this is my gal…. But in poor manya case things are upside down 😀

  10. Lol chandu u are blushing 😉 O:-) B-) :-$

  11. Uma stop it yr u will get another life partner stop interfering between mantu n amaya ?

  12. Amaya aka Hiba…u look so cute and pretty… i like ur character in TSM but please learn acting… bhot hi bekaar expressions hai.. work on it

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