Tere Sheher Mein 4th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 4th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jaz telling Sneha that she got the items and Sneha asks her the bill and accounts. Jaz asks why is she being so particular. Sneha says we should know how we are spending money and asks her to call Rachita and Amaya for dinner. Jaz says I won’t, they both are in bad mood. Sneha sends her. Jaz asks Amaya to come for dinner and Amaya refuses. Rachita says mum is waiting, we have to go, even I m not hungry, we will sort our problems later. Amaya says we will talk to mum that we will leave Banaras. Jaz says we will talk now.

Pushpa tries to see them, and could not. Sneha says Rudra will get cylinder tomorrow, I will make your fav things, I decided. She asks Amaya to adjust today with khichdi, she will buy come cookware tomorrow to make their fav things. Amaya asks why,

you said we have less money. Sneha says we need it. Amaya says I mean why don’t we go back. Sneha says give me some time to think what to do next. She leaves.

Amaya asks the sisters why did they not say anything, they did not support her. She says lets mum buy anything she wants, then we will see. Sneha writes the expenses and gets sad. Its morning. Gajendra does puja and blesses Niti. Pushpa tries to see the girls. She sees the girls and they call Sneha to come. Niti gives her Prasad and says Gajendra is calling her. Pushpa misses to see Sneha. Mantu is arranging for a tea discussion. Uma flirts with Mantu and he sends her to see did Badi Amma come.

Rama asks how are these chairs set and aligns them right. The kids mess up the chairs again. The girls come there and Sneha goes to get some cookware. Uma asks Mantu to have the pen. He greets people and says you don’t fight today, work and don’t wait for thanks. Rama’s father Gupta uncle comes and Mantu welcomes him.

Amaya and Jaz look for luggage shops. Rama aligns everything right and people ask about his dad. Rama says he will be there and sends them. They find him weird. Gupta scolds Rama and asks him not to clean chairs. Amaya says she will not take local one and ant some branded one. She asks shopkeeper to show costly. He says it did not sell since two years, no one bought, take this. Mantu starts the discussion.

Mantu thanks them for coming. He says its not for political issues, but to benefit for the locality, they can tell the problems and they can unite to end the problems, and they have many knowledgeable people with them. Amaya asks for luggage shop. Jaz gets the tea discussion pamphlets and shows Amaya. Everyone drink tea. Gupta says they are giving water on tea name, what will they discuss. People discuss the issues and some solutions. Rama asks Gupta to see they are talking about education. Gupta says will he get beaten up here or at home. Amaya and Jaz see shop open and find it strange.

Amaya says I will get my old bag repaired, these are not branded. The man says owner of shop is not here. Jaz asks where did he go. He says about tea discussion and everyone went there. Jaz reminds Amaya. Amaya says so what. The man says its important, as Mantu is keeping this program, and he is pride of Banaras.

Amaya laughs on tea discussion and call it circus. Uma scolds her and gets angry. She says now these two girls will show what to discuss and asks them to say what they know about Banaras. Mantu looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. amaya is such a nautanki !!!!!!!!!!
    doesnt she knw her financial status????
    apne haisiyath ke hisaab se rehna chahiyeh……24/7 apne ayyashi ke liye paise nahin hothe

    bathameez ladki…….n even her mom isnt so strict to her

    1. Agree 🙂

      Lakin yahi toh story hain k amaya kaise change hogi.

  2. Amaya is not at all ‘ bathameez’ …

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