Tere Sheher Mein 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sumitra saying about Amaya’s bidaai. Amaya recalls Sumitra’s words and throws the rice as part of bidaa rasam. Amaya recalls promising Gajanand. She gets stunned Mantu there. Mantu cries seeing her with Rama. Sumitra asks Amaya to come. Amaya leaves in the car. Mantu cries and recalls Amaya’s words after his love confession. Sneha gets sad and recalls Amaya and Rama falling while dancing, and hearing them talk. Pushpa takes Sneha. Kaushalya starts drama and says how can Amaya do such cheap thing with her family, she has done this with Gajanand and ruined Rachita’s life.

Pushpa says something is fishy, we are not understanding, how can this happen. Sneha says no, there is nothing wrong. She says my blood cheated me. Rudra and Kaushalya talk. Sneha says

Amaya died for me, she is nothing to me, what will happen to my Rachita, what will I answer Rachita. Pushpa, Dinesh and Dimple console Sneha. Sneha reacts hyper and faints. Pushpa asks them to call doctor. Sumitra does grah pravesh of Amaya and Rama.
Amaya thinks she will step in her new life by hitting the kalash, his Nana ji was insulted here, her parent’s house is snatched from her, if she is going ahead to return her family’s happiness and respect and take revenge for her family’s sufferings. Sumitra asks Amaya to come inside. Amaya hits kalash and comes inside. Sumitra says this is our house, this is your family now, your family will not meet you now, we are your everything now, understood.

Amaya asks Sumitra to see her well, as she is her only bahu. Bua says I have seen Amaya’s cleverness, how will Sumitra manage, Amaya has made her family’s heads down. Sumitra says I will break her pride, she has no place to live, where will she go. Rama gets angry. Sumitra asks him to wait for the rituals. Mohini tells about Kankan game. Sumitra says ring finding ceremony will show who will dominate, husband or wife. She asks them to come. Mantu cries seeing this and leaves.

Sneha sits taking care of Rachita and recalls Amaya’s words. Jaz comes there. Sneha says tell me when Rachita gets conscious. Sumitra asks Rama to come fast. Rama comes and sits infront of Amaya. Bua asks for his ring. Mohini puts the ring in the milk. Bua asks them to find ring and they will get 3 chances, the one who find rings for more times will win and dominate the partner. Rama finds the ring and his family cheers for him. Amaya thinks she will win this rasam and show Sumitra that whatever the game is, she will not lose. She finds the ring.

Bua says they did not win and lose. Rama says he will go now. He leaves. Gupta says he is feeling sleepy, and asks the ladies to sleep too. Nani says this marriage was great. Mantu comes there with the bags. He looks at Amaya and gets sad. Amaya thinks Mantu will have thousand questions, but she can’t answer him. Mantu thinks he could not think of Amaya replying this way to him, but she has to answer him some day. He leaves.

Sumitra taunts Amaya about Rachita and her family. Jaz wakes up Rachita. Rachita gets up and sees the room. She asks why did she not wake her up, its her marriage today. She asks why is Jaz crying, where is everyone. Bua and Sumitra dislike the jewelry. Amaya recalls packing the clothes and jewelry for Rachita. Rachita comes in mandap and asks did baraat go. Sneha and everyone come. Rachita says she was sleeping, its my mistake, beat me mum, I m so sorry. Sneha says its not your mistake. Pushpa says our respect got ruined. Rachita says Nana ji will never forgive me and cries.

Sneha says we got cheated, Amaya has cheated all of us. Rachita asks what are you saying. Sneha says Amaya took your place in mandap, she became Rama’s wife. Rachita gets shocked. Pushpa says your Nana knew about Amaya’s intentions and got heart attack again. Rachita says why will Amaya do this. Sneha says Amaya loved Rama, she cheated us, she fooled us and went. Sneha hugs Rachita and cries.

Bua and Mohini push Rama inside his room. Rama looks at Amaya.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shuvi

    oh my god… good job Amena… such faast update… by the way.. don’t u feel bored by writing such a disgusting show’s update??…

  2. Bhad me gayi tere sheher mein

    As I already told bhad may gayi yeh serial Mera poor mantu miss u the list its charm goodbye forever piche modne Ka koi faida nahi hai I’m not gonna listen to dheere dheere and ishq ana Dil that makes me cry after this stupid incident goodbye Tsm see ur show for yourself please don’t telecast

  3. shuvi

    amena plz don’t write the updates.. y u r wasting ur time…. but I’m really shocked… that his rama married with amaya.. he did not say a single word… so bad… worst worst… and spoiled….

  4. skvr

    Mantu amaya Manya is cuming back soon

    Just wait n chill they r cuming back wowow gud news just wait for this Wednesday keep watching its true dnt loose hope.

  5. Indhu

    Such a bakwas serial, will never ever watch this serial again…. writers please grow up, nobody in life will do such stupid things to save their family’s respect.

  6. Kavin

    I think Amaya is playing game with sumitra she has not married to Rama it would have be fake marriage to bring real face of Rama mother in front Of him and everyone and save her family and I think she would also give punditji some money for fake marriage I also think Mantu would also will be in this game to support her surly this would be story because we all know Mantu and Amaya in the end so this only twist they can put.

  7. Geeta

    What a waste!! When i saw adds for this show I thought … Finally at least there is one show that show girls/women in power. From Initial adds it seemed that they lost their money making Dad but still worked to survive a successful life! The story would have been nice the three girls achieving success on their own terms! But NO! Everything has to be melodrama! Girls/Females in all Hindi show has to be devi of Kurabani! They have to be the one to giving in EVERYTHING to save Izzat n all! They have to be the one putting up with old age BS! Who does that in this day n age! If there people who do this than teach them different through media!!

  8. Riya

    Omg really it’s the current track of the show.I can’t believe,
    Amaya tum kis mitti ki bane ho, etna bhi mahan banne ki koi jarurat nehin hai. Mantu ka jindagi ke sath khelne ki koi bhi adhikar tumhari nehin hai.
    ( It’s for story line character)
    If the director thought that twist have make a best TRP , then I say it’s a very cheap twist.All the viewers are highly irritate for the current track and disappointed
    I know in upcoming episode again a great twist have present.but I request don’t make that type of twist which irritate viewers,it’s make down the trp….

  9. Alhana

    I hate tsm!! this track is the worsest track ever!!! Never expected such tracks from the show tere sheher mein !!!!?????????

  10. Dimeo

    Todays episode was pretty bad. Did anyone else think that the events of todays episode were drawn out. The part with Rama and Amaya playing the game of finding the ring in the milk was especially long and drawn out. I mean we dont want to watch that. Apart from Mantu saying I love you to Amaya, we haven’t seen much positivity in the last 2-3 weeks. This is what viewers are moaning about. I’m getting tired of writing about negativity.

    In terms of Mantu, i hear in the next few episodes, Uma is really going to sink her teeth into him and pull him further from Amaya…….hmmm haven’t we been here before. in terms of the villains in this show (which i’ve lost count) Sumitra is the worst. She has sacrificed her sons happiness in order to get revenge. A pretty disgraceful thing to do. I was also thinking whilst i was watching, Amaya harps on about how she has done this for the sake of her family. You reckon she would say the same thing if she had seen Sneha lose the plot and fainting due to shock and stress. Her motives for her actions dont make sense and the writers have flopped there.

    I hear people going on about Amaya and Mantu together next week. Apparently the source is instagram and Facebook. Yeh right i’ll believe it when i see it, not from word from these websites.

  11. Ritu

    Just in case you haven’t had your fill of fake marriages then start watching Mohi. She will getting fake married to Ayush in tomorrow’s episode. That’s four in a row on star plus. NAUC, DYM, TSM and now Mohi. Marriage is more disposable than my disposable gloves, it seems.

  12. Oh my god such a bla episode we will nt see they chnged the whole story it arted from the rich family her father died amaya was in paris thats ohk they chnge but they shouldnt chnge the dtory of amaya n mantu very disgustsing epispde:-(

  13. Pinky Gairola

    guyz…everytime I hear all of u swearing not to watch dis serial and then u ppl r back wid these comments…lolz..u know y coz u r deeply attached to the plot of the show n manya. free advice to all instead of wasting ur time n energy reading the updates and commenting later it better u guyz go to sleep by 2200 hrs and get up early morning to do some cardio exercises. once the track gets interesting wid manya u can resume watching it. meanwhile the TRPs will drop n d writers wud be compelled to bring back positivity on d show…

    • Dimeo

      Lol i agree somewhat Pinky. Some people have said that they are no longer going to watch, but that doesnt mean they cant read the updates.

      I myself am engrossed to find out what happens. Having said that, i have been watching the episodes and they are hard to watch. Negative veiwing and poor story creation. I really feel like fast-forwarding the episodes!!! I keep saying the gloss has been taken off whatever happens now!!!!

  14. kiya purohit

    plzz ammu akle jhansi ki rani mt bnna…………..
    u can tell mantu dat yeh sb tumne apne family k respct k liye kiya h…………. n prhaps mantu helps u 4 revenge 4m rama’s mom……………plzzzzzzz misundrstanding mt creat krna apne orr mantu k beech lyk MATSH

  15. S

    No comment on episode. Didn’t watch it.
    No comment on written episode. Didn’t read it.

    But I do now tune into what fellow viewers are writing. I find the Instagram account to be pro-tsm. Maybe it’s biased but no one seems real on there. Anyways I think we as a collective are justified in how we feel. Truth be told I only started watching this show when amaya was running up the hill to win mantu’s love. I watched to see if the girl who wud do that wud win. And then she swore a silly oath to uma. Uma started in on her evil plotting. Mantu left the job. Gaja got irritated. And this whole wedding fiasco. So really I empathise with those who have been watching since day one. Sucks. Really bad. Just don’t know what more can be said on this topic. Guess we wait and watch if see whT the writers feel is the redeeming story. So suddenly Suhani seems the better drama. At least yuvraj is realizing his love for her. Albeit ever so slowly. And that rohan with his bird nest hair is even watchable vs this tsm nonsense.

  16. sirisha

    what this writers are thinking.Please tell them they are not making the serial interesting..They are making it bakwas

  17. Natasha

    I think amaya should tell d truth to rama n then they both can join together to take revenge!
    Mantu should not get married to uma!

  18. Jai

    The worst serial ever in star plus history.. Now whats next… I think uma and mantu could marry easily… Then rudra and rachitha… Wonderful crapppppp

    I request all our friends out here to stop watching this seeial.. Then only the trp gets low and thats only how we could mark our dislike to the makers of tsm.. Hate the story line.. Better stop this crap if u dont have any innovative stories

  19. asha

    one of the worst story. nobody will feel like watching this serial now on i have already stopped watching it. true love has no value in front of this kind of stories. story writer has to make his face black for this kind of bull shit twists. nobody will accept in this modern society that the girl will marry to her sisters love by sacrifising her own love. cheeee the worst story n useless twist. this serial was all about the deep love that has a true destination but u guys have made all blunder.

  20. It is very very bad story.amaya and mantu love story interesting.i do not watch.my fav. line amaya and mantu love story.apni apni jebone me problem hai serial me itna problem achha nehi lagta.plese stop the serial .

  21. Sirajum Munira

    There was a time when i love this serial and my friends also.But now i hate this most.
    I am feeling very bad for Mantu.I hate you Amaya…….

  22. ninesha

    I have decided to read comments than watching as that is far more entertaining !!!. This serial seem to attract many comments than others. I wonder why.

  23. amaya mantu fan.......

    really sorry for mantu………..love story se baakwas story baan gaya……aab love story se koi maja nehi anewala……realy bakwass……e track stop kaaro plssss…..

  24. shuvi

    I just hope … mantu ko sab kuch pata ho that y amaya did this…. kyonki show kuch toh achha bacha nahi hai toh kumse kum itna toh achha ho ki lovers humesha saath rahe….

  25. Ks

    There was no dream sequence
    but amaya tke revnge on Gupta family..
    and mantu knows everything again falls on amaya and amaya will tell mantu she also loves u
    but wt happens about rara love story?
    and other 3 vamps hws do except Gupta devils

  26. skvr

    Its not dream sequence its proved now
    Admin n show cast made us fool
    They r playing with our feelings
    Dream sequence me dev kahan se aa gya amaya ko to dev ka pta hi nai
    Cheaters 🙁 🙁

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