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The Episode starts with Atom giving cake to Rachita. They all ask him who has sent it and he does not say. Amaya looks on. Jaz says maybe mum has sent it and Rachita agrees to cut the cake. Amaya looks on and smiles seeing Rachita celebrating her birthday. She thanks Lord seeing Rachita smiling. Sumitra takes Kangana and they all surprise Kangana, wishing her happy birthday. Kangana smiles and thanks them. Kangana says I m sure Rama got this. She cuts the cake. Sumitra asks Bua how did this cake come. She thinks what Amaya did to get this cake.

She goes to get gift for Kangana and sees the packet of the bakers. She says so Rama got this, where did that cake go which Amaya made. Amaya thanks Rama and tells him that Rachita was happy, she has hurt Rachita a lot. Sumitra hears them. Rama

says that’s why I asked you to give the cake, as I got another one for Kangana. Sumitra says Amaya snatched my son, I have to cut her feathers. Amaya teases Rama and he shows the anti snoring strip. She says very sweet, you are making this effort for me. He asks her to sleep as he has to prepare for his govt job exam. He says where did she go, and asks her when she comes back. She says she went to make tea for him, so that he can study all night. He says oh. She jokes on him and asks him to win in this war. She smiles and goes to sleep.

Its morning, Sumitra and Gupta argue. Bua says she has kept everything. Sumitra hugs Kangana and says she kept puja for her. Amaya gifts Kangana. Kangana says so sweet of you and likes the bracelet. Amaya makes her wear it. Kangana asks Amaya to come along. Sumitra says there should be someone at home, and they all leave. Sumitra tells Amaya about work and thinks its good Kangana will be away from Amaya.

Rama gets ready. Amaya laughs seeing him. She asks what did he wear, is he going in group discussion or any marriage, why this flashing color. He says I wear simple clothes, but my friend asked me to attract attention, so I got this bright color shirt. He asks am I looking stylish. She laughs and jokes on him. He says he is leaving and gets angry on her joking. She says sorry, I did not know you will be hurt, you are going in serious GD, so wear some formal, this is casual and much bright, you are looking funny, sorry I won’t laugh. I don’t want anyone to laugh on you, come with me in evening, trust me. He agrees.

Amaya and Rama come to the shop to buy formal wears for Rama. The man asks them to see that side. Amaya likes the clothes and asks Rama to try. The man gets a call from his wife, and says he will shut the shop and come, he has customers now. Rama says enough, I won’t try more, I have to study, I m leaving. They leave. The man says its good customers went, I will shut shop now.

Amaya stops Rama and says promise, we will select something good. The man comes out and does not see them entering the shop. Amaya asks Rama to try another shirt and trousers. The man shuts the shop. Rama asks how did light go. Amaya calls out Rama. Kangana donates the clothes at temple. Sumitra asks why is she looking upset. Kangana says I m glad, I was thinking you did much for me, you are very nice.

Bua says we will go home now. Kangana says she has to go to market to meet workers. Sumitra says we will come along. Kangana asks them to go. Sumitra says come home soon and they leave. Amaya and Rama think to ask the shopkeeper and call him out. Amaya shows the shutter and he asks how can he shut the shop. She could not call home and they call out asking for help. Rama blames Amaya and she argues with him, saying he did late. They start arguing.

Rama says he could not think he can look so good and turns to see Amaya fainting. He sees her foot hurt and thinks what to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now this is the worst serial in star plus.the story totally got changed and I don’t like the couple ama n rama. Mantu and am ya love story was superb.now I am not watching this serial.sorry.

    1. Now we will see worst couple on tv .Kinshuk mahajan is finalized for a new mantu or other guy .Rama and Amaya are nt gr8 as mantu n Amaya but kinshuk and Amaya will be the worst thing.

  2. What the hell is happening
    Did anyone notice that from the backdrop mantus pic has been removed

    1. Mira, what backdrop are you talking about????

      1. The one they put after the breaks
        In which rama and amaya are shown married

      2. Ya ryt

  3. God plze hlp writers so that they can stop writing such a idiotic story..

  4. This serial is getting worse day by day. It has lost its track.

  5. jaise show se dhruv nikla usi trh se sp se tsm ko niklna chahiye

  6. Can any1 tell me in short what hpnd to sneha rachita mantu uma gajanand and dev after amaya n rama marriage.Dev ko pata chala rachu ka??? Where is mantu??? Kali billi uma???Disgusting rudra???? Hari????? What hpnd I was so frustrated wd this news ke I din even rad updates? ??? Plzz plzz any1 ans my questions! !!

    1. Writers were telling him to do grey character and he chosed to quit the show.Now kinshuk is finalized to play his role.

  7. Rishi mathur


  8. Seems today has been about Rama and Amaya going shopping like a happy couple!!! Its all just so fake. Still on holiday, so forget watching all the episodes I’ve missed when I’m back, I’m struggling to read these derogatory written episode updates.

    Heres a challenge………….can anyone at least tell me one good thing about this show………just one good thing, because i cant think of anything. How can this story even be credible, when theres too many changes in characters and plots. What happened to Dev??? And Amaya’s 3 year contract with his company. She doesn’t even go to work anymore. Why do they create these plots, and then not go through with portraying them and completing them. Remember Uma marrying Mantu on full moon night……………what happened to that. It wouldn’t surprise me, if Uma (Mrinal Kaur), decided to leave the show, in the same manner and Dhruv, because the show is stupid, and play-writing is poor.

    Fact is…………i do moan a lot about this show now, only because it was so good and different to start with, and now it has followed the same track as other stupid serials. The best actors seem to be leaving this show, and stories are getting worse. Writers seem to be digging holes for themselves. I cant believe we have to pay tv licences and star plus subscriptions to watch this crap. The writers of this show are short-changing us!!!!!!

    1. dimeo…d only gud thing currently about TSM is the love blooming between rama n amu. I find it sane enough if they fall in love as a married couple rather than amu opting for an extra marital affair wid d new mantu. marriage in indian culture is not a childsplay, if amu is destined to marry rama there is absolutely nothing wrong wid it..afterall rama isnt a bad guy at all. we all really liked him when he was paired opposite rachita then y not amu. do u guyz realise d writers r jes trying to cope up wid dhruv’s exit. dear dhruv if u quit due to personal reasons its absolutely okk wid us but if you quit due to d negative character track I m sorry to say iy wasnt professional enough on ur part. u cud hav taken the challenge in ur stride n made that negative shade look gud. r u gonna quit all d shows wherein the character has some shades of negativity. I really want to see the kinds of roles u will do in future. a lil confession here I saw TSM yesterday after a long time since it was a saturday and I really liked amu n rama together. guyz its time to get over dhruv..he is no more in d show n we have to deal with it. dimeo , they have removed dhruv’s still from the casting clip which now shows only rama n amaya in the wedding attire.

      1. If it was of a negative shade then y dont production team give the exact plot at starting itself… He was aa guy with a very good attitude and we all loved him for that… If suddenly all characters are throwed out of show and some ridiculous changes are brought then what should dhruv as well as each and every character of the show do???? They have their own rights to decide to continue or not in such a crap show!!! If peoducyion team do what ever hell they want to then y actors cant… They are not slaves they are artist with great potentials… So there is nothing wrong in which Dhruv..uma..dev or anyone quitting show and wasting their career for such a bullshit serial and a disgusting crew

      2. Hey Pinky, love may be blooming but its fake. Even if I ended up marrying someone i didnt love, if i had to spend loads of time with them, i’m sure eventually i would start liking them and loving them. Its not real love, but rather artificial.

        But i agree that marriage is no joke. This new guy is coming in and he is going to be part of a love triangle with Rama and Amaya. Now what does that say about Amaya!!!! Its just stupid.

        In terms of Dhruv, i agree that the writers have been left in a dire position trying to move on from his exit. But anyone can see that making Mantu negative is a poor move for this show. Mantu was a good natured, down to earth guy, which is what made him very popular. He was not your everyday male lead, like in other serials. He was different. Dhruv has played negative roles in the past, so its not an issue of playing a bad character, just one in which he felt didnt fit the show.

        I’m not sure about Amaya and Rama. I’m still on holiday so haven’t visualised them together yet. I agree we need to move on from Dhruv, but whatever reason he left, the writers should have tried harder to keep him. This show was destined for big things, and not anymore. All you have to do is look at the TRP for this show. in decline big time.

      3. I agree with u pinky….rama is also a good actor…and he has a good sense of humor..he is cute…and wat Wil Hiba and rafi do if there is change in track….it was the cvs mistake and if dhruv din quit Der would have been a different track….soo people stop blaming the actors…I’m actually proud of Hiba and rafi to take up the role and Der r giving justice to their roles….haters plz stop bashing and support tsm if u don’t want to go off air

      4. Fuzail………..nobody is blaming the actors, they are blaming the writers. Agreed, Rafi and Hiba are doing what is asked of them, but this show is following the same track as others. It was unique before and thats the point I’m making. This show is the same as all the others now.

  9. The serial went off track n production house you are out of mind whatever you are showing

  10. Writer be jyada pi liya hai . Rum

  11. fuzail…hiba and rafi are not at fault…but you r saying that if dhruv didnt leave than there would have been a different track – this is wrong. Dhruv left because the track changed and he felt it will not suit him and everyone is entitled to choose his role and his future direction.
    The negative character in this role is not justified. The essence of the TSM is gone – not only with Dhruv but with other characters and story as well …there are many open ended questions. Also,Think…Suddenly Why there are so many TSM haters? And infact why people want TSM to go off air?

    1. I agree every1 has their right to choose their role but wen dhruv accepted the role he has to move on with it…this is not the only serial such change happens..serials like swaragini the character ragini was turned evil even Thn she din quit…it’s a question y can dhruv accept as a challenge and take up his role other than quitting like a coward…

      1. Fully agree with dimple and Dimeo…the story which started as a struggle of a mom and her 3 daughters and their strong bonding with some cute scenes of mantu and amaya has become a story which is unbearable now..and dhruv quitting the show is justified. he was offered the lead role and one fine day he was sidelined and his role in TSM was of little or no significance. and aisa nahi hai ki he was not portraying the role well.. he was just awesome as Mantu and he was living as Mantu..so when his character was changed into negative, he has the guts to quit the show, which like Dimeo said, all actors don’t have..Well done Dhruv!!!!!

    2. I agree every1 has the right to choose their role but wen dhruv accepted the role he has to move on with it…this is not the only serial such change happens..serials like swaragini the character ragini was turned evil even Thn she din quit…it’s a question y can dhruv accept as a challenge and take up his role other than quitting like a coward…

      1. fuzail, i dont agree…if u dont like something that doesnt mean that you are coward…his character since beginning is shown to be of a self made man and high valued person who used to help people so he will turn negative for a girl???…instead of helping her out in times of need…swaragini – ragini’s character has so much of evil shades….and dhruv had done negative characters in past but then the role was beautifully written and story was presented and planned accordingly since beginning…You cannot cheat an actor later on as was done in this serial “Tere Sehar Main”

      2. Agree with Dimple. Why are people not understanding that Manta’s character was unique. A simple good natured guy, very spiritual with emotions, but always has the best intentions to do whats right in life. This is what made him popular and different to usual main leads who are rich and wear suits and work in offices.

        Whats the point in making him negative. What would they do, make him start drinking???? Turn his back on Mahadev????? Start treating Chiklu bad????? Nothing bad would suit Mantu’s character. Dhruv quit as maybe he didnt agree. Bare in mind, he has left and obviously given up his salary. Other actors dont have the guts to leave a salary, if they dont agree with a character change. Fair play and well done to Dhruv. How people can bash Dhruv is absolutely astounding!!!!!!

  12. when amaya was about to marry rama I stop watching the show,but now I like rama and amaya pair,and come to think of it rachita never loved rama.

  13. I have seen many people blaming dhruv…but can u plz tell me y Uma, Rudra, dev ,gautami Kapoor r gone…when story line is so worst y shud an artist perform…its dhruvs wish and also v fans respected his self respect..so sorted out,beautiful person like mantu can never becum negative…its a cheap storyline…when u show love so divine…rama loving amayas sis n now falling for ammu…wow ….lol…however one or two positive votes vl not save the show…its gonna axed…n v r waiting…for hiba to get freed…even from this crap…shez even personally not interested..its only her contract…thats it

  14. I don’t like rammaya it sooooooo boring………. I really want mantuamaya its loving couple.I stop watching this show when amaya married rama and how can writer change the hero l fed up with this show and this is a worst show I ever seen I hate this show very much . the writer soooooooooo stupid to writer this kind of story

  15. Bkwas(‘_’)

  16. Kinshuk Mahajan will replace Dhruv Bhandari …n than the love triangle of rama,amaya and mantu will start…hope it will be quite a watchable one.

  17. guys pls stop this
    marriage is not a game once its done then its done
    soo i think we should accept the new couple ramya there r alsoo cute
    now alsoo i love this serial
    even i used to think that manya r best but i dont know how but i started to like this couple also
    soo pls accept them plllssssssss
    i agree with pinky
    u r smart u know the value of marriage

  18. Hello pinky , rama is spinless person .yeh shadi ek blackmail hai na ki real shadi aur rama itna nada chutiya hai ki way mantu ko bhool gaya ki uska cost kaha hai kab ayega .amya to some maa par gayi hai use bhi toh malum ho ki uski ma kitni besharam thi to beti bhi yogi . Rama Mein dimaag hai toh way ouch sakta hai ki wajah kya hai shadi . Sonal jaffrr is trp ke liye Marti hai kya hua kuch Mila chants Mila.

  19. Yes now i started to love the pair rama n amaya

  20. Starting mein serial acha tha amaya n mantu luking sweet likin abh puri story badl di hain………….kabh amaya ka sach pata chala ga? Mantu n amaya phir milega ya abh amaya n rama k pyaar start hoga……..such a stupid and useless story. Agar reality mein yeh sabh start hogaya to duniya chal padi

  21. Arey yaar Amaya got promotion na… and in agreement she has signed that she wont leave the office for 3 years uska kya hua?

  22. Stop hating the show. This is how serials work. They thought it would make the show interesting by marrying Rama and Amaya. However their instincts were horribly incorrect.
    Now to salvage the show, they have brought in Kinshuk. He will have shades of Grey. Wether he s playing Mantu or not that has not been confirmed.

    Oh!!! being cordial to each other is not falling in love. I think, Rama will fall in love with Amaya, not Amaya, she is trying make a bad situation bearable.
    Rama’s love for Rachita was very juvenile,
    Is Rachita’s biological father not in the show anymore? I don’t get a chance to read the updates often, catch it whenever I can.

  23. I agree that marriage is not a joke but it does not mean that u will accept a person whom u never loved…
    amaya is doing this
    In fact she saw rama as a jiju
    And guys she had utter most belief in her love for mantu,remember the fight betwn uma and amaya…..
    Now what happened????

  24. now I hve started watching bhabhi ji ghar pe hain…best show…..nd f**k TSM

  25. Hate tsm…already there is a news that its going off air…a very gud news for tsm haters….

  26. I very much support dimeo dhruv is awesome….he has so much of self respect…he proved that artists need not be puppets n do whatever crap is designed by writers….and for the people who r saying shadi khel n bla bla…dil mein koi aur n shadi kisi aur se…wow claps…is it shadi or pretention…shadi is not just maang mein sindhoor and mangalasootra…its the meeting of hearts and souls of two people…n without this I feel its not shadi…

  27. My oh my how people turn when times are difficult. So now some (some) ppl are blaming dhruv for the shows poor writing. And he becomes the scapegoat for the story gone wrong (which had already gone that way the moment Rama married amaya) and we forget the beautiful love story that happened between mantu and amaya. On with the next?’!
    Rachita never loved Rama so all is fair. What about mantu and amaya loving each other. Sure everything doesn’t work out in life. But none if this makes sense. So ppl are willing to watch this nonsense maybe for hiba and her cute factor (sure) and they will like the Rama pairing. Great. Stay tuned for ore story lines of torture and saas Bahu drama a la saathiya style and we have trps soaring.

    Well done writers.
    We the public are just thAt silly to make it happen.

  28. Kinshuk will be the new mantua

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