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The Episode starts with Amaya hearing Sneha and Kaushalya saying about Amaya managing their finance and her job is big help for them. Sneha says she has to do some imp tests costing 60000rs, she is worried that Amaya has got fridge already, how will she manage everything, she will not let the girls compromise in their life. Amaya thinks what did she do, she can’t leave the job, she will bring happiness back in the house. Rachita asks Rama to you. Rama says I love you. Rachita says see you told, tell it with emotions this time, come on. Rama smiles and goes to her. He says I love you. She says much better. He says don’t open eyes and makes her wear the bracelet.

He asks her to open eyes and says I love you. She says wow, you can make anyone say yes, but take the girl’s name. He says

he took right name, she is the one, I love you Rachita ji. She gets stunned. He says I know you love me. She asks is he mad, what is he thinking, he is good heart man, we are just friends, nothing else, how can he think this. He asks why is she lying, is she afraid to express love, she can tell him. She says leave my hand, I have nothing in my heart, what did I do that you got mistaken. He says we both know the truth.

She says he can’t see the truth. He asks her the tattoo of RG on her neck, of his name Ramashrey Gupta. She says is he mad, this is old wound for her, it just hurts her and recalls her fiancé Rohan Grewal. She says she loved someone and its his name’s tattoo, he cheated me and broke my family’s trust, when my family got problems, he left support and ended all relations. She cries. Rama gets shocked. Rachita says she went to remove the tattoo, its coincidence that the tattoo matches with his initials, she likes to talk to him as she forgets her past, but he has made her wounds fresh, she can’t love anyone, she thought she got a friend, but she is wrong, now the friendship will not be between us, don’t call, message or try to meet me. She leaves. He holds the bracelet and cries.

Amaya is on the wall and calls office. She hears Mukherjee and panics. She says he is very angry, did he see the letter. She hires an auto and rushes to office. Rachita comes home and cries. She says why did Rama do this, he has no right to do this. She throws the papers. She says she has loved before and got pain, she can’t love again, its not Rama’s mistake, it’s the tattoo’s mistake, maybe she should have not told this, I m sorry, I m helpless. Mukherjee goes to cabin.

Amaya comes and says she will explain. He asks whats this, I can see it. She says I m sorry. He says I don’t like to waste time. She says she will do anything, but she did not think well. He asks what now. She apologizes and says don’t fire me from the job. He asks why does she cry always, the company does not fire for small things, she used old letter head instead new letter head. She says yes Sir and gets relieved. She says I m sorry. He asks whats this letter. She takes it and says I will mail you, its small follow up.

He says fine, did you fix clipping back. She says no, I did not have time, I will tell anyone else. He says no, you will go there and fix it as it was before, Dev knows everything. He gives her the keys and asks any problem. She says no. He asks where did she go with her bag. She says imp work. He says its good she came. She goes.

Rama comes to shop and his dad taunts him. Rama gets angry and says he is not a kid to get lost without him. Shamu looks on. Rama gives him the money and says he can’t do as his heart wants, and leaves angrily. His dad says what happened to him. Rama cries walking on the road. Chann se jo tute koi sapna…………….plays…………….. He recalls Rachita and cries holding the bracelet. Amaya comes to Dev’s cabin and cries. She recalls Mukherjee’s words and says sorry dad. She recalls Sneha’s words and Rachita’s trust in her. Amaya apologizes to Rishi.

Mantu asks Amaya why is she hiding her pain. Amaya takes her to Rishi’s pic and says this is my dad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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