Tere Sheher Mein 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mantu taking the tourists. Amaya looks for him and says where did he go, his phone is also off. Mantu plays the shank. She turns to see and says thank God I got him. She runs to reach him. He sees her and asks what is she doing. She says she came finding him. He says he called her 10 times and felt she won’t return kettle. She says I don’t take strangers call. He says yes, you just take help and reminds kheer help. She says she got the kettle. He asks where is it. She says stop the boat. He says it won’t stop now, the tourists did not come to see our fight, they came to see aarti. She asks how will I go home. He asks can she swim. She says yes. He says jump and swim. She says moron. He says I m helping you, and asks about kettle, calling her liar.

She says she

is not liar, she got the kettle, she did not come for him in this crowd and noise. He says many people to experience this, don’t spoil my business now. He tells the guy that aarti will begin in 15 mins and asks Amaya to sit quietly till aarti ends, its puja, she is Indian, keep its respect. She stands alone. He plays the shank and sees her. Its evening, he says aarti will begin now and asks Amaya to see, she is lucky. She asks did she like aarti and thanks her for being quiet. She says she cares for India and says he fools people by fake stories and dupes them of money.

He says what and argues, holding her hand tight saying he works honestly and takes care of tourists. She says leave me, you learnt this, this is your culture. He says he respects girls a lot, ask any girl, no one will point on Mantu, who are you to blame me. He goes. She sees her hand and the boat comes back to ghaat. She leaves. His friend gives the kettle to Mantu and says Amaya was looking for him since 2-3 hours and told me its imp for you. Amaya turns to see. He sees her and feels bad. She leaves.

Pushpa sees Amaya going in the haveli and asks Dinesh who has come to stay there. Dinesh says I don’t know and leaves for his meeting. Gajendra asks what is she doing near window. She asks the same. He says I thought you will talk to me. She says come and goes with him. He worries. Amaya holds her hand and cries. Rachita cries thinking about Rama’s dad’s words. Gajendra asks Pushpa why is she doing work. She asks why is he worried. He says nothing. She says you are hiding, fine tell later. Sneha asks Rachita to get some items. Jaz sees her and tells Rachita that mum has setup everything in kitchen, lets go and talk to her about leaving Banaras. Rachita says later and scolds her. Jaz asks what did I say. Rachita requests her to go, she will come later. Jaz says fine, I will go to Amaya.

She asks Amaya to come and mum did planning to settle in Banaras, we have to tell her we have to leave. Amaya scolds her asking why is she troubling her. Jaz leaves. Mantu gets thinking and walks on the road. Uma is with Chiklu and does his head massage making him read maths tables. Power goes and Mantu comes home. He checks the power. Uma asks him to freshen up and she will arrange food. She says she cooks for him, he does not have time to eat. She scolds him and he twists her hand asking her to stop it. She asks him to leave her hand and gets hurt. He scolds her. She says leave my hand, and scolds him saying being graduate does not mean anything, when he behaves like uneducated. She leaves. He recalls Amaya. Pushpa makes a kada and talks to Dimple. Niti says she is going to sleep. Dimple asks her to become stylish. They talk about haveli people. Pushpa asks her who stays in haveli. Kripa comes to take kada. Pushpa asks him to go and sleep. Dimple says she will make kada for dad. She tells she went to haveli, she gave her 501rs also, as I went there for first time.

Pushpa asks from where did they come. Dinesh calls Dimple and she goes. Uma scolds Mantu. He apologizes to her and realizes his mistake. He asks why did she feel I have hurt her. She asks who. He says nothing and asks did she forgive him. She says yes, I feel good when you show your right, any other girl would have slapped him, control your anger, lets have food now.

Mantu talks over tea and Amaya comes to know about the program.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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