Tere Sheher Mein 31st July 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Amaya and Rudra coming home. Sneha asks whats the matter. Amaya stops Rudra and he says nothing, it was raining. She gets sad and goes. Mantu recalls Amaya and cries. Rishi’s pic moves. The table falls and Kaushalya says she feels its earthquake. Sneha says no, there is sound and goes to see. They all see the sound coming from the wall. Pushpa asks Gajanand what is he doing. Gajanand asks the man to hurry up. The man says its strong wall, it won’t break so soon. Pushpa asks what is he doing. He says that I should have done before. Amaya says this wall is joined to Nana ji’s home, why are they breaking the wall.

Rudra says he is annoyed with us, maybe he is breaking our haveli, and making wall more strong. He moves back seeing the wall breaking. Sneha sees Gajanand.

Pushpa smiles. Sneha says Bau ji….. Rudra and Kaushalya are shocked. The wall is broken down. Rudra greets Gajanand. Gajanand recalls how he has insulted Rishi’s name and stated he does not have any relation with Rishi’s family.

He goes near the wall and recalls his words of ending ties with Sneha. She steps inside the haveli. Pushpa, Dimple and Kripa smile. Gajanand goes to Rishi’s pic and makes it right, seeing it tilted. Sneha and her family smiles. Gajanand folds hands and cries repenting for his mistake. Pushpa comes to Sneha and hugs her. Gajanand says now Gajanand Chobey is not infront of you, but your old aged dad, I have burden on my heart of repentance and guilt, I know my daughter well, I knew my daughter will not break promise of crossing my house line, so I have broken this wall so that the distance ends, its time for family union and togetherness. He says he got late, but the day has come.

He apologizes to her and says his anger, hatred and morals made him away from his daughter, he could not accept his son in law, he could not understand Rishi in his life, and even after his death, he has insulted Rishi, forgive me. Sneha says don’t do this, daughters are not such big to forgive their father, and hugs him. They all happily cry. Rudra is puzzled and holds his head.

Gajanand says the wall between them fell, they united now, his house is incomplete without them. Sneha says its enough you said this. Rudra asks Kaushalya why is she smiling, their plan flopped. She says she is fakely smiling, you also smile, we will think later how to make them sad. Sneha asks the girls to touch thejr Nana ji’s feet. Gajanand blesses and hugs them. He apologizes to Amaya. Kaushalya says she prayed that two families unite, Lord has heard me, I m very happy.

Rudra says its biog happiness Chobey ji. Gajanand says Pushpa now our two families got one, we will dine together, no one will be more happy than me in whole Banaras today. Uma prints her and Mantu’s marriage cards and places one in temple near Lord, and says second one is for Mantu. Rama’s dad comes to know that Gajanand has broken the wall, and accepted his daughter and grand daughters. Rama hears this and thinks Rachita and her family will be happy.

Rama’s dad asks Rama about Rachita, she is lovely, she did not come since long, give her 20% discount when she comes, and give some items for free, she is nice girl. Rama smiles. Rama’s mum comes and sends Rama. She asks her husband not to let Rama meet Rachita. He says now she is Gajanand’s grand daughter, she is rich, if Rama gets friendly, we can get benefit. She says Rachita will snatch my son, he is innocent, is this time for Rama to love. He says no, its your age, you fall in loce. She thinks if she makes Rachita her bahu, she will make Rama away from them.

Sneha and the girls are at temple and have a talk. They go to give Prasad. Dev’s car stops by the jar, and he gets down asking the people why are they fighting. Amaya sees him and thinks she has to greet him. He says they are fighting here, and my car is stuck, how are you here. Amaya says she has come to temple with her mum and sisters. He asks her to call them. She says fine, I will call them. She goes to Sneha and asks her to come. Sneha turns and Dev gets shocked seeing her. Dev says Amaya is Rishi Mathur’s daughter…..

Mantu cries and tells Uma that he has fallen in love in life for the first time. She hugs him and asks him to say. Dev says Rishi, your family is in my hands now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mantu dont say i love maya to uma:::becz she separate u and maya:::but i know ur and maya love is true :::

  2. Mantu…yaarr jaldi se confess kro nnn…..

  3. ☆Twinkle05★

    Mantu plz confess u r luv to amu

  4. I agree with you nithi

  5. Mantu, please confess your love to the right person, and that person is not

  6. Mantu u must say u love ammaya… otherwise uma will think that u love her..

  7. Omg…mantu please make things clear… Dont delay.. Or else u will have to marry that stupid uma.. I cant even imagine that… Manya please confess ur true love to each other.. How dare uma u cud arrange marriage without grooms permission.. Are u a girl or not??? Ur behaviour make me in doubt

  8. awww mantu during crying u look so cuuuuuuute ^_^ this uma … uma u just go away…
    I noticed that this three triangled love is related to ranjhana movie… in movie also there was a girl living with dhanush and wanted to marry him but he loved sonam kapoor… and same is here and also the city banaras but the difference is that amaya loved the hero of serial but sonam didn’t love the hero of the movie
    am I right???

    1. Yes i just hate uma and i luuuuuv amantu

  9. Mantu please do first
    Confess amaya
    Uma please leave.
    Don’t try to separate manya…

  10. Hi all im back and im hating rags a loooooot

  11. Hi prads……same here……there rags in swaragini and here uma

  12. Mantu please confess r true love to a may a

  13. Just leave MANTU don’t pressurise him pls if their love is true everything will go according to what you want and I mean MANTU and AMAYA. The jori made upar

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