Tere Sheher Mein 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Bua thinking to give Sumitra’s jewelry. She hands over Sumitra’s jewelry to Pandey. Sumitra praises Bua. Pandey thanks them and says he will call them soon after getting jewelry polished. Next day, Sumitra asks Nani to have tea, then they have to go temple. Pandey comes to meet them. Sumitra asks did they polish jewelry. Pandey says there is a problem, they got to know one bangle is fake. Sumitra asks what and checks her bangles. Amaya looks on and recalls Kangana. Sumitra says Rhumjhum did mistake, we will get jewelry and sends them. She scolds Bua to act clever and sends her. Amaya thinks why is Sumitra hiding about her jewelry.

Bua cries and argues with Sumitra. Amaya confronts Sumitra and asks did she know her bangle was stolen that same night, even then

she lied and covered the matter. She says I know why Nani fainted and shows the medicine, given to thieves in Prasad to make them unconscious. She says just Kangana wears heels, I have seen her, she trapped Rachita, its clear now, I m sure Kangana is behind this. She asks Sumitra why is she quiet, Rachita is in jail there and here thief is someone else. Kangana is the real culprit. Sumitra scolds her and denies everything. She asks what proof she has. Amaya says I have proof, that girl took this medicine by prescription from Haridwar doctor, I want my answers about her double avatar. She says I will ask Kangana, she has to tell whats her enmity with me and my family, you will not intervene, she has to answer me. Sumitra stops her and says talk to me about the secret, which just I know. Amaya asks what secret, tell me.

Sumitra says what you have seen at night was true, that girl looks like Kangana, she is Kanika’s Kangana’s twin sister. Amaya asks what. Sumitra says Kangana is pure and innocent, Kanika used to hate my Kangana, she is devilish, she was jealous that everyone loves Kangana, she was a stain on our family, we all explained her and then one day she has run away from home and broke all relations. She says then I came to know Kanika follows Kangana and troubles her.

She asks her not to tell this to Kangana, as she feels Kanika is dead. Amaya asks why. Sumitra says Kanika used to trouble Kangana and one day she attacked Kangana, which made Kangana depressed, now she has become fine, don’t tell her. Amaya says I don’t understand, but we have to tell the truth to police, that Kanika did this and Rachita is innocent.

Sumitra says no, we can’t do this, if they arrest Kanika, Kangana will know Kanika is alive, what will happen then. Amaya says I understand, but what about Rachita, we have to prove her innocent and bring Kanika’s truth out, my family is troubled, they are in bad state, the people have thrown stones at them, we will tell Kanika’s truth. Sumitra says no, I can’t tell this truth to anyone, we will lose name, Kangana can’t bear this. Amaya asks what about my sister, she is also a daughter.

Amaya says we both are right in our own place, I will tell police and support my sister. Sumitra stops her and says I will do anything for Rachita, give me 2 hours, I will free Rachita, I promise, you promise you won’t tell anyone about Kanika. Sumitra asks Bua to do as she says and give statement that Rachita was with Bua. Sumitra goes to police station and frees Rachita by taking back the case. She says sorry, you are innocent, we got this letter that you are innocent and thieves have hidden the jewelry in Chobey Nivaas. Amaya looks on. Sumitra says I m sorry, I forgot Rachita was there with Bua, inspector can take Bua’s statement that Rachita was with Bua.

Sumitra says someone has framed Rachita, I take this case back, I request inspector to free Rachita. The inspector says fine, our investigation will be on. He permits Rachita to go. Rachita thanks them. Sumitra asks Amaya is she happy now, I kept my promise and now Amaya has to keep promise. Amaya asks about people insulting Rachita. Sumitra says she did arrangements to see about getting respect back. Rachita comes home and family gets glad. The lady apologizes to her. Sumitra asks Amaya to see. Rudra says shame on Amaya, to trap Rachita and ruined her life, does anyone do this with a sister, come and apologize. Rachita says Rudra enough, its between sisters, don’t interfere. Rudra leaves. Rachita says she knows Amaya, she is not so bad, but Sumitra succeeded to make her bad. She goes. Amaya is glad that Rachita is back and Sumitra is helpless to help them now.

Amaya talks to Kangana. Kangana asks did police know about the real thief. Sumitra worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg hate this stupid show,again a blo*dy secret opened”kanik”. But one positive things now Sumitra doesn’t blackmailing Amaya. After a long time the writer show this positive progress..

  2. Nothing than stupidity. Ajoy what is ur source? How do u come to know everything before it happens in TSM. U posted that mantu is back

  3. what nonsense kangana and kanika

  4. Will mantu be back….l.guys…. anyone please tell me. I read that he has quited the show. I don’t want rama n Amaya to become lovers

  5. shravya,
    tsm ka naya mantu aa gaya.i am verrrrrryyyyy verrrrrrrrryyyyyy criyng….


  6. shravya,
    tsm ka naya mantu aa gaya.i am verrrrrryyyyy verrrrrrrrryyyyyy criyng….


  7. Crap crap crap………….so didnt we all say that Kangana and Kanika are twins a few days back. Writers are so predictable on this show. The whole concept of being twins and Kanika hating Kangana etc is just poor writing and not very creative. Is the writer of this show some sort of intern or something, because nothing can excuse this sort of un-imaginative writing. My nine year old cousin could come up with better than this.

    Ajoy is saying that Mantu is coming back……………i highly doubt it. He might….MIGHT (and i use that word loosely) come back in the future, but its not going to be any time soon. Apparently a new lead is coming into the show, by the name of Kinshuk Mahajan. Some of you avid indian serial fans might recognise him from previous indian serials. I dont know what his name is in the show, or anything about him. But i presume he will be Rachita’s new love interest.

    So, the Amaya-Rama love story continues. I just can’t take this relation seriously. It looks and feels so stupid. They were thrown together out of nowhere. They hardly have any scenes together, yet seem to be falling in love????? If the writers had been more creative, putting them together, it would have been easier to digest. Anyways, we dont need to talk about the writers of this show, we know how awful and talentless they are. Forget my nine year old cousin, my pet dog could come up with better.


    1. manyavala tsm, leah

      Is it true or possible that this thing will end in two days????
      Oct 2nd is not even a Saturday to end a serial as per sp.

  9. manyavala tsm, leah

    I guess sp is so keen on keeping their caption.
    ‘rishta vahi’-stupid saas bahu rishta
    ‘soch nayi ‘-nayi soch in making a show crap!!!!!!!??

  10. This was my one of the most favorite serial but now i do not want to see the serial as mantu & amaya’s luv story is vanished from the story the writer has no idea what he is writing & doing with the show thus it has some flaws also as amaya & rama’s idiotic marriage can be stopped moreover uma is out of the scene but previous ly she had created so much problems between mantu amaya on the other hand at one time rama was crazy for rachita now he has forget her so easily the most irritating thing is amaya is a well educated & mordern girl but she has turned out as illiterate girl as she cries out al the time this show is a total wasteage of time for the audience & money for the producer as creativity for the actors of the show as hiba nawab is a very brilliant actress as well druv bhandari

  11. Sorry if I have said anything wrong & hurt respective writer but only want to say brother now the audiences are quite logical & the melodrama is a part of the show but when it is over done it feel demoralizing good people not to do good things & it is not necessary that a good person should be a stupid & keep mum cries all the time & most importantly the luv between amaya mantu is totally pure & honest if amaya will fall in luv with rama the character will be ruined.

  12. shravya, maine bola tha ki naya mantu is back.

  13. Dimeo,
    You know,*Kinshukmhajan*is naya mantu only on tsm.You can see his blo*dy photo on google.Then you say me -`you like naya mantu’or`purana mant’????????????

    1. My hindi is not good, so I’m assuming naya means new and purana means old???? I dont know what kind of character Kinshuk Mahajan is playing, but he is NOT playing Mantu. He is playing another love interest of Rachita probably. Nobody can be better than Dhruv as Mantu!!!!!1

      You can see the tactics adopted by TSM here, to try and bring in someone well known on the Star Plus scene to help improve TSM trp. I dont watch star plus (apart from this show as i thought it was different) so dont really know too much about Kinshuk Mahajan.

  14. Ya guys we saw kinshuk in bidaai serial bt I like only druv as mantu …..

  15. anyone knows the retelecast timings of the show

  16. wattttt !!!! kinshuk as d new mantu…which means TSM isnt going off air any sooner. Seriously guyz is there any other tv show running currently which I can switch to?? plz dont suggest kumkum bhagya n dat ranveer ishaani wala crappy show. I still wonder y dhruv left the show…even if d character mantu was going to be negative in the later stages it wudnt have been a hard core negative role. dhruv …u already played an out n out negative guy in ur debut serial opposite shriti jha aka pragya of kumkum bhagya in raktsambhandh.

  17. Srilu, telecast time of 4:30am&6:30am.

  18. I loved this serial as it started a story of brat gal who accidentaly her fate moved her to small town banaras…wanna watch story how girl managed in small town with her high thinking,.and family responsibilities make her mature and she makes banaras a new fashion capital…by make everything g beautiful around her like her…I wasn’t interested in her love story rather I interested in her struggles and how she come out with her father’s learning and teachings plus her fashion sense Wil be so powerful…..I think I demand a lot from this serial rAther than just love story / SaaS bahu saga…

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