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The Episode starts with Neeti telling Gajanand that two men were teasing him, and a good man came and beaten them up. He asks whats his name. She says Rudra and asks him will he thank him. He says yes, call him, I will thank. She says who fights with goons for a stranger, call him home and thank him well. Dinesh says don’t know will he come or not. She says he stays in haveli. They get shocked. She says he said he stays here. Pushpa says fine, go and have food. Dimple takes her. Gajanand says what is the world we are leaving in, Mathurs don’t help loved ones and got bad people at their home. Dinesh says leave it. Gajanand says we have to meet Rudra and thank him for saving Neeti.

Amaya manages the EMI. Rachita comes and gives her the chocolate shake. Amaya says why to work so hard. Rachita

says you work hard, I m just pampering you. She hugs Amaya. She says you did good, all things got fine by this, I think if anything wrong happens, you are there for us, I trust you, I m so proud of you, I m thinking to share your burden. They say I love you and hug.

Chiklu asks for food. Uma brings the food and gives Mantu and Chiklu. Mantu likes the food. Uma wishes to make food for him all her life and smiles. Rama says how to convince Rachita, she did not call me back, its 2 hours, I will call again. Rachita prays for a job. Rama calls her and she ends the call. He says she is angry, but could have heard me once. He says I will message her.

He messages her and apologizes. She reads the message and deletes it. She goes to sleep. He thinks she will not reply, he will meet her and talk. Amaya recalls Mantu’s words and says Mantu also told same like mum, he thinks for my good. She says person does this if he has feelings of love. She messages him thanks. Mantu gets her message and reads it. He replies her. Uma brings water.

Mantu makes her eat food and she gets happy. Amaya keeps messaging him. Mantu gets hiccups. Chiklu says maybe someone is thinking of him. Uma says his loved ones are here, you and me. Mantu asks for water. He gets Amaya’s message. Uma looks on. Mantu replies he is going to sleep. She asks what does he dream about.

Chiklu says he has eaten full. Uma asks with whom is Mantu chatting. Mantu says no one, I kept the phone aside and asks her to get curry. She goes to get it. Uma and Mantu argue. She says she is going in her friend’s marriage and Amaya did not return her dress till now. She calls Amaya and asks for her dress. She asks her to return it. Amaya says that dress is…. Uma asks when will she return it. Amaya says its gone for dry cleaning. Uma asks did she sent it to moon. Amaya says I will come to give in 1-2 days. Uma says bring it, else I will come to take it. Amaya tells Mantu that Uma asked for dress.

Mantu messages Amaya that Uma is like that. She asks what if he sees her in dream. Uma serves food and Mantu says he does not want more rotis, she is always after everyone. She asks what. He asks why is she after Amaya, she will return it. She asks how does he know she asked for the dress. He lies to her. Uma asks whose message is he getting. He goes to wash hands. Uma checks his phone and sees Amaya’s message.

She gets angry. She says he lies to her a lot, and he gets tensed. He says its wrong to read anyone’s message. She gives his phone and says forgive me. He says I did not lie, you don’t like Amaya, you get angry by her name. She says so will you lie to me. He says she messaged me, I just replied, check my phone. She says I won’t check, why is she messaging you. He asks will she get angry. He says Amaya is working in same office and she messaged thanks. She smiles and says I did not get angry as you said true.

He asks her not to get angry later. She says don’t worry, I don’t care, go and sleep, I will go. He thinks how did she become so smart. Uma gets angry and says Amaya wants to trap Mantu, I will not let this happen, I will find out whats happening in office. Amaya is angry as he did not reply her. She says is he thinking what to reply.

Amaya thinks how to face Mantu. She goes away and falls. He holds her and they have an eyelock.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. waiting for tomorrow episode..

  2. Amaya seems to b in a hurry nd sumwhere she is takng mantu’s cncern too fast too b undrstood as love,,,,sumwhere i feel mantu to gv a needed attentn to amaya nd nt more dan dat required to b cald as love

  3. wow so nice episode nd precap also 🙂

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