Tere Sheher Mein 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mantu apologizing to Chiklu for not being able to talk to Jaz. Chiklu gets angry and says I don’t matter to you, so you don’t do anything for me, and returns the pen. Mantu gets sad. Amaya looks at the darkness and hears the dog’s barking and cry. She bumps into Jaz and says she scared her. Jaz asks about Chiklu’s tuition and Amaya asks her to teach him, he is sweet kid. Jaz asks how do you know. Amaya says she met him in discussion over tea and asks Jaz to take permission from mum. Jaz says fine, I will ask mum.

Sneha talks to Sinha and says its Hari’s bail hearing tomorrow, we should get the decision in our favor. Sinha says I will try my best. She says tell me if Hari needs my help, thanks. Sinha says fine, I will call you after the court hearing and

make you talk to her. He asks about girls. She says they will settle but it will take some time. Its morning, They all have breakfast together and Sneha does not eat. She says she will eat later. Jaz asks is she fine. Sneha says yes, I m fine. Jaz asks about Chiklu’s tuition and her permission.

Sneha says she can teach after she gets her schedule of her classes. She thanks her for taking advice and taunts on Amaya. Jaz says Amaya told me to ask your permission. Amaya leaves and Sneha stops her asking her to complete her breakfast. Amaya smiles and sits to have food. Sneha acts rude to her. She asks them to pray for Hari’s bail. Rachita says we all will pray.

Rachita asks Amaya to smile as mum talked to her. Amaya says its bog thing for her and smiles. She says she will just come. She goes to Sneha and says she will help her. Sneha asks her to go, she will work, and asks her not to worry for Jaz’s admission, she will talk to Rudra. Amaya asks for 500rs. Sneha asks why is she asking, she knows to take money without her permission. Amaya says no. Sneha asks why she needs money. Amaya says I want to return someone’s favor.

Rudra calls Sinha and says why is he not taking the call, I don’t trust him. Rama waits for Rachita. Rachita comes and he gives the paper. She says she came to take some items and will take papers after he reads it. She says she will take the paper in evening. He asks her to come to meet him. She says sorry. He says to take the papers and gives her. Rudra calls Sinha and asks about court decision. Sinha asks for his mum. Rudra says mum went to temple to pray, tell me, or make me talk to dad.

Sinha says he is busy in legal process and Hari will tell him about this later. Rudra gets angry and says don’t know whats the matter. Shamu makes the bill and gives the items. Rama gives her discount. He asks what kind of job she wants. She says that I get soon and have good salary. He asks her qualifications and experience. She says she is commerce graduate and did not need to do job in life before, but why is he asking. He says we both are finding, if I get job for you, I can tell you. She says sweet, but I will manage, and not give stress to you.

He says helping others is good, I will try to find job for you. She says he can say if he needs her help. She leaves, He says just come to meet me daily and smiles. Sneha wishes for Hari’s bail. Hari says how can court set 20 lakhs rs for bail. Sinha says court takes big amount for bail, this is for 100 crore scam, we can’t do anything now. Hari says from where to get such big amount, there is nothing left. Sinha says I don’t have this amount. Hari says no, you already did a lot for me. Sinha says he will end some procedure and come. Hari says fine, I will think to arrange, and asks him not to tell this to Sneha. Sinha says fine and goes.

Atom comes and Manohar jokes on him. Atom says he got much beaten up. Amaya comes and gives him money. Atom says he can’t take it, it will hurt his self esteem. Manohar kisses him and says he is Mantu’s friend. Amaya asks him to take it as advance, as she has some legal work from him. She asks him to guide if she has to buy motor or generator. Atom says it depends on use. She says take rest, then I will know its prices. Atom likes the flowers and smiles.

Sneha talks to Hari and asks him to come Banaras, as he lies that he got the bail. She asks is there any tension. Hari says nothing. She says I don’t know laws, but I know bail needs bond amount. Hari asks her not to worry. She says if you need anything. He says Sinha will manage. She says Rudra and Bhabhi will be happy. Hari ends call and gets sad.

Hari asks Rudra to arrange 20 lakhs by keeping the home mortgaged for his bail. Rudra is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hope Rudra will arranged the money bcos I don’t think he want his dad release now bcos of his hatred

  2. no logic for rudra hate

    1. yeah…..ur ryt

  3. amaya needs to wear clothes properly first and shld show less tantrums
    shld learn to live accordng to one’s haisiyath

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