Tere Sheher Mein 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rudra saying he will get the chunri, and thinks to see where is Amaya. Amaya gives her hand in Rama’s hand. She recalls Mantu’s love and thinks she is breaking his trust and falling in everyone’s eyes today. She says in heart…. forgive me Mantu, I m cheating myself. Rudra does not get Amaya and calls at hospital. He gets to know Amaya and Mantu are not at hospital. He says where did Amaya go. He bends to pick his phone as it falls. Bua comes and takes Rudra, and he does not see Rachita. Bua says she is saved, else it would be big issue today.

Sneha makes Amaya wear the chunri and does her kanyadaan. Sneha asks Rama to always keep Rachita happy. Rama smiles. Sneha blesses her daughter and asks him to be happy. The pandit tells about the rounds and Amaya

takes the vows. Amaya vows to keep her parents’ head high and their respect intact, she will do anything for her sister’s happiness and respect, she vows to take steps to a good daughter, she will sacrifice her happiness that comes in her family’s happiness.

Rudra tells Kaushalya that Amaya is not at hospital, there is something fishy. The pandit asks Rama to make bride wear mangalsutra. Rama makes Amaya wear mangalsutra. The pandit says now fill the sindoor in bride’s maang, and asks bride to lift ghunghat. Sumitra makes Rama apply sindoor without lifting the ghunghat.

The ghunghat gets pulled and everyone get shocked seeing Amaya in Rachita’s place. Rudra says omg, such a big cheat. Rama says this is not my bride and gets angry. Sneha asks Amaya whats this, where is Rachita. Amaya thinks she can’t get weak, if mum sees tears, she will know there is something wrong. Amaya says I m here as I had to be. Sneha asks about Rachita.

The media reporter say its big news, of bride swapping. Rama says this is cheat, this marriage won’t happen. Sneha takes Amaya. Sumitra takes Rama. Sneha asks Amaya did Rachita run away, where is she. Amaya says come with me, and feels sorry, that Sneha may hate her, but she is helpless to do this. Amaya pulls the bed and Sneha sees Rachita on the floor. Amaya says Rachita did not die, I made her faint. Sneha asks why did you do this. Amaya says you want to know, I want to marry Rama. They all get shocked.

Amaya says she loves Rama a lot, they did not see her love ever, and lies to everyone. She cries and says she loved Rama and everything ruined when they wanted to make Rachita marry Rama. She says she dreamt to marry Rama, but Rama is mad after Rachita. Sneha fumes seeing Amaya. Amaya says she wanted to marry Rama and see she is here, she made Rama hers. Sneha asks did she get mad, does she understand, how can she do this with her sister, Rachita has bear the pain of her broken engagement, how will she bear this.

Sneha scolds her and slaps her. Amaya holds Sneha’s hand and pushes her. Everyone look on shocked. Sneha says her blood can’t be so bad, Amaya could have kept respect of her dead father, she has broken her trust today.

Sumitra tells Rama that she did not know Amaya will cheat them. Rama says I love Rachita, I will break this marriage. Sumitra says no, we can’t break it, our respect will be ruined, and reminds how they have insulted her. She says we should not go against Lord’s wish, we have to accept what has happened. She says she knows his pain, but what can they do now, Amaya and he got married, they can’t break the marriage now.

She asks him to think about Gajanand’s critical state, she has given a word to Gajanand, he has married Amaya and he can’t deny it now, if he breaks this marriage, then she can’t show her face to anyone. She cries and tries convincing him.

Sneha says my dad is in hospital because of you Amaya. Amaya argues. Sneha asks Dinesh to kick Amaya out of their house. Amaya says she is going from here by marrying with respect, not running away like Sneha. Sneha says enough…. Pushpa says stop it now. Amaya leaves from there. She comes in the mandap and sits. Sumitra brings Rama and makes him sit. Amaya cries. Sumitra asks Rama to fill sindoor. Rama does not see Amaya’s face. Sneha says stop this marriage, Amaya lied, its all wrong, this marriage is not pure. Sumitra says you got mad. Rama fills the sindoor in Amaya’s maang. The pandit says you both are husband and wife from today, and Amaya is your family’s bahu. Sneha and Pushpa cry.

Amaya’s bidaai is going on. She gets shocked seeing Mantu there. Mantu looks on teary eyed, with a very innocent face turning pale by shock.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Zazzy

      Wow! I’m actually going to be sick! These comments are disgusting, you lot are just fans for namesake. When TSM needs you the most during hard times you are leaving them, because you don’t like the track! It is confirmed that in a few weeks ManYa will be back together again. You guys are complaining that this type of track is shown in most shows and a good storyline has gone to waste, but you “fans” are also similar to others as well, because as soon as something you don’t like starts happening in the track then you just ditch the show and call it bullshit! If you are real fans you will manges these couple of weeks without leaving the show!!!

      • Dimeo

        Zazzy, i’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Although i have never said that I’m going to stop watching this show, I can see why some have said that they will stop. This show is way to negative. Remember, this is a tv serial. Although it is not real, viewers still want to see positivity in the show, if not realistic storylines.

        I live in London, and this is a premium channel, which means you have to pay for it. The last thing i want, is to pay for a channel for a show that i want to watch, and the writers making crap storylines.

        You are talking about TSM needing us viewers the most. This is not like your favourite football team or faith in god, where you have to go through thick and thin and still have faith. This is like a piece of fruit, if you like it, you will eat it. If not, then you wont. This serial is the same, people liked it and now they dont. This is why they no longer wish to watch.

        What you also need to remember is that by paying for this premium channel and paying television licences etc, we are effectively paying parts of the directors/writers/actors salaries. Because of this we want decent viewing, not rubbish.

      • ninesha

        Totally agree with Dimeo. Well said. Wish the channel higher ups will read comment. This is the type of comment people should make.

  1. Anonymous

    This serial is a complete bullshit…everyone plz stop watching it…how can they make ppl mad who were watching the show just bcoz of mantu amaya’s blossoming love story…plz let one serial have a normal track which ppl can like n relate to…completely bullshit….hate it

  2. Mayraa

    The show was nice at frist but now its just bakwass i mean wtf amaya destroied 4 lives her own, rachita’s, mantu’s & rama’s the most
    Just a perfect way to destroy a show

  3. Ragini

    utter nonsense… cant even bear to watch it… vat r the writers thinking??? it always happens dis way.. initial episodes show promising future, but then they have to damage the show… disgusting!!!!

  4. Ritu

    How terrible not to be able to talk honestly with your own family. Keep secrets till they turn into sepsis for everyone involved. It would be one thing if this serial was about a family like that, quite another when people got fooled into watching it believing it was about a family with modern outlook. But then, Rishi did set the stage for secrets that literally kill you,

  5. N

    That’s it, they have effectively ruined the only Hindi serial I used to watch. As is always something which started so promisingly is now ruined with an inane story line. I will never watch this serial again, waste of time and what a spineless girl Amaya is, she acts like a complete ninny and behaves like an uncouth, uneducated woman…

  6. Megha

    Please tell one thing according to earlier episodes their were photographs of rachi n Rama if now that photos get viraled then where the hell their ‘izzat’ goes n this would led to double bezati. It was started with new concept but now it is gng on same track like other serials have shaadi shade buse shaadi uski issse n iski usse buse… Strong new generation bold girl Ka concept tuh miss hi ho gya

    • Ritu

      Come on Megha! SaVitri and Dev are such sanskari moral characters, now that they got GC paralyzed and Amaya in their clutches, they will keep their word and not humiliate Rachita. That is what blackmailers do – you give them what they want and then they become your best friends. Ugh, this is pure BS. Makes women of India look like Stepford wives ?

      • Megha

        Right but no one can beleive on that stupid Mr. Writer. He can do any thing as he has spoiled Manya love story.

  7. sandra

    This has got 2 be the worst plot ever, who writes this crap, someone should shoot him in da head for this total nonsense

  8. Riya

    TSM going to hell, I’m now sure the script writer really a mad person.
    some questions creates in my mind
    1- Why the director shows a cute love story between Manya ?
    2- A blo*dy character Rama , how can he agreed in this marriage
    3- In this show, the director wants to shown a most important part
    “family reputation”.
    I agreed family reputation is very important for every family member but
    happiness in life always important.
    How can we forgot that.
    In this case Amaya sacrificing everything
    for her family reputation, which type of sacrifice is this ?
    All the viewers of TSM get irritate for this marriage.
    But now what can happen in Amaya’s life
    is the suspense…….

  9. sri

    I have quit this serial a couple of days ago but still I kept reading updates hoping to see something turning good.
    But no!!! Writers want to show all cock n bull story. They think we watch TV to get upset. How stupid to bring this track. They will loose all their trp now. They separated my manya. Seriously total bullshit. I request everyone to stop wasting time on TSM. Utter nonsense it is. TSM=Nonsense!

    • seema

      same her stopped watching this show few days back nly.. still had some hopes and was seeing the story line… from now on BIG NO to TSM… bullllshitttt serial..

  10. s

    Like manmarziyaan tsm is also gonna be in d pit because of d timing changes n d blo*dy twist in the story…. This twist is going to pull d trp down for sure.

  11. Suma

    Mr. Writer how low can you go?????????? who the hell approved your story and hired you as a WRITER???????????

    Hiba, Dhruv STOP acting like puppets (your reputation and future is really at stake here…. Are you guys NOT realizing it? Every comment is proactively decreasing your value on screen. people don’t remember the story but they do remember the FACE. What a waste :((

    I already stopped watching but Sync up on written upates/comments as it takes 5 minutes to read versus a 30 minute boat load of crap from screen… that will also taper off soon too

  12. lima

    y r u guys ar blamin dem ….can’t u jst be calm ….and watch out fr d upcomin episodes….and dose of u abussn amaya t not ha fault t d role sh has been asked to play…nd aw can u jst critize others’ work…nd wen askesd tu create ur work am very sure t cant match up to d level of ds serial

    • RUSH

      Dear Lima we are blaming Amaya (a character in the serial) NOT HIBA. HIBA and DHRUV are very promising actors onscreen but they seems equally unclear and lost in the recent interviews with reporters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZH920tcpCs they don’t know where the story is headed seems more like they are played like a pawn.

      We do like them a LOT so much so that we are devoting our time to write up on the wall…… what we dont like is the the ridiculous & obnoxious theme this story is displaying NOW which is UNETHICAL. Mr Writer Dilip Jha has a bad reputation tempering with relations post matrimony he probably thinks its fun, appealing and catchy to public. Pleople do associate quite closely with onscreen characters in real life.

      Gone are the days where public can digest what directors/producer put on screen. these days there are TRP’s, social media and business intelligence tracking, attention span is getting limited. you show people what they like …. NOT what they don’t like!!!!!

      Blogs forums are filled with the comments that this story is getting complicated & stale by the day. BUT people like me are still hoping for a wonder but again there is a threshold which is reaching its breaking point pretty soon.

      Would request producer/director to reconsider a new writer if they want to save this serial. because this one is surely NUTS.

      Its a marrige ceremoney the most valuable assest of our culture NOT a wifi signal ek na laga to doosra catch kar lo…. what is Amaya and Mantu relation be after she is marrying with Rama in the story??????????? and if they are to be united ultimately then what is the need for marriage!!!!!! this just potrays the mindset of the writer which is utterly cheap and if it is then that is the arguement is all about!

      Poor actors seems suffer because of him! It is SAD………

  13. Pallavi

    Worst twist..I wll never see this serial again ..tere shehar mein..what kind of stupid script writer..foolish mad nd completely illogical..

  14. raunaq

    Have already stopped watching this serial due to the increasing number of villain and vamps and never ending non sensible twists. This serial will go off air very soon.

  15. sima

    Seriously dis twist has spoiled d whole serial, realy bullshit track nw hate it, infact its geting worst serial ever.neva gona watch it again

  16. sima

    Seriously dis twist has spoiled d whole serial, realy bullshit track nw hate it, infact its geting worst serial ever,neva gona watch it again.

  17. saurav

    It sud nt b done.. Earlier they show d luv tracks n nw all of a sudden dis crap.. They destroyed the serial..

  18. nisha

    how could this !!! rama & amaya jodi are not matched…..mantu & amaya…jodi is fulfill match….i stop watch this serial :@ 🙁 🙁 please writter change this again 🙁 🙁 if not change i never gonna see agian 🙁 🙁 :@

  19. Rishi Mathur


  20. S

    No words to describe the shock and utter disbelief that the writers would go ahead with this story line despite how strongly the viewers were against it. It just shows that they don’t care about us. We don’t matter. Well I haven’t watched it in two weeks.y last bit was mantu telling amaya he loved her. That’s it. No more episodes to watch anymore.

    If amaya can overhear the gaja/sumitra convo then why Cudnt rachita?! That wud have made sense. She wud have sacrificed herself. Maybe run away with Rama and get married. That wud have been more plausible.
    What they have done is insulted our intelligence. Our feelings. You can’t do that to this degree. It’s beyond words. They killed Amaya’s character. Mantu’s love. And our feelings.

    Nice move tsm writers.
    You guys should get a raise.

  21. Dimeo

    Another shit episode. Amaya’s performance today when she was talking to her family was good acting, but didn’t suit her character in this show. She looked so psychotic and evil, makes me look at her in a different light now. Also, yes, we know she has sacrificed a lot for other happiness, but it doesn’t make sense. She is doing it to save her family’s reputation and keep them happy, but you dont screw your mum out of her house and poison your sister to unconsciousness, to keep them safe. Also, no doubt that all of this will come out and everyone will beg of forgiveness from Amaya, but i dont agree. I feel she has done too much and crossed the line from saving the pride of your family and absolutely screwing them. Does not make sense. Writers have over-played it badly. Although what she is doing is for the right intentions, it has not been played out right. I dont feel sympathy for her, but rather pity.

    It getting silly, first Rachita was giving up her happiness for her family, and now Amaya is doing it with the same person, Rama. People are saying that these actions make indian women look weak and pathetic, but its making indian men look weak too. Gajanand begging and crying every week, Rama agreeing to marry Amaya even though he loves Rachita, and what about Rama’s dad. He is sitting quietly in this farcical wedding of his son. His wife and relatives are causing a stir and he has not said a word. Talk about spineless.

    Hiba and Dhruv are good actors, but this show may ruin them. This show has lost the plot……….BIG TIME.

  22. Dimeo

    You see the pre-cap. Mantu walks in and sees everything. Its not going to be easy to watch. Also a lot of people say that are not going to watch this show anymore, but are they actually leaving.

    I must admit i dont like watching this serial anymore. Its too hard to watch and has such negativity, but i do kinda want to see how things pan out. I may leave if things get worse than this though. It seems the show has followed the same tracks as other stupid indian serials. As I’ve mentioned before, things are no doubt going to correct themselves eventually with this show with secrets coming out etc, but I feel the gloss has been taken away from a good show.

  23. sahe

    Worst track!amaya has spoiled the life of 4 ppl,Rama,rachita,mantu and herself.for family reputation she doesn’t have any right to spoil others happiness.nonsense story by writers

  24. N

    Rama seems to be a complete idiot, no spine at all- how could he agree to marry Amaya and really in this day and she does a cancelled wedding really result in the so called loss of ‘izzat’ I mean what century are we living in and Sneha isn’t she supposed to be modern mum instead being a complete nitwit…

  25. amu

    never saw such a bad plot like this
    the show is taking turns like a mad bull
    I.hated sasural simar ka for the worst plot ever and tsm is probably on the same path

  26. Bhagya

    I don’t understand what’s the need of bringing such a twist. You can easily carry the story forward with amaya and mantus love and rachitha and Rama s married life. Amaya and mantu can help rachitha in knowing her feelings to Rama. Can help the couple fail the wicked plans of their relatives. Can together expose dev and rudra. Can together reveal devs involvement in rishis murder and can get back her father’s lost respect. And with a new found love they’ll have their cute nok jhoks.. Both if them adjusting with each other.. Dealing with uma… There’s a lot you can show which are realistic and positive … What’s the need for this much negativity… At least be a bit realistic… When you find your soulmate and when you know he loves you we all try to get his support…. She could have easily handled this situation with mantus help. And If she don’t trust him enough to share her problems with him what’s the meaning of telling that she loves him… Pls show stuffs with some logic.

  27. Hiba and Dhruv vl give a come back it seems…they told officially…but shadi ka kya….y are they not giving any importance to the marriage ritual which is so important for our country…shadi sirf do pyaar karne valo ke beech Mein hi hothi hai…not due to some idiotic conditions….i don’t understand how can an indian mother marry her son to a person whom he doesn’t love n cheat him just to take revenge on Amaya…i don’t know how writers have designed sumitras character…i don’t know such mothers do really exist…..!!!!astonishing

    • Ritu

      I agree. Rama’s mother was initially shown as supportive of his aspirations. In her new avatar she doesn’t care one bit for him.

  28. Makeda

    Oh my lord!! You people are weird. Your need to come back into reality cz i think you been on mars tooo long. These things happen in real life whether we like it or not it does. But nooo… we wanna see happy endings and live in a fairlyland that doesnt exist. Yes, I too wanted to see Amaya with Mantu and Rama with Rachita but how predictable would that have been? after the marriages took place it would have just ended.. There is always gonna be struggles when it comes to true love but you gotta stick around to see how they are gonna jump over the obstacles that come in their way…Obviously it is gonna have a happy ending in the longer run but are you seriously gonna back out from it because of one twist? So I guess if it was you the situation took place with you would probably stil do what you wanna do and think about yourself instead of your family and sister.. I know i wanna see what exactly is gonna happen so I will stick around til thee happiest part comes. 🙂

    • Dimeo

      Makeda, what world are you living in???? Serious question…….are you indian!!! If you are, then you would know that weddings do have their dramas and ups and downs, but not like this………a bride swapping places with her sister doesnt happen. Also asian families dont take to well with insults. Here we have families being insulted and nobody doing anything. My family wouldnt take the crap mathur-chaubey family are taking.

      The twist in this story was meant to be Uma, in the case of Mantu and Amaya, and then Dev being Rachita’s secret biological father. Yes……this happens in real life! B7t not bride swapping and screwing your family out of their house, with good intentions. Does not happen period!!!!!

  29. Pinky Gairola

    guyz guyz pleeeeese…give tsm a break!!! I think rama n amaya ‘s pair is not dat bad at all. this serial will surely take a u turn soon. mantu n amaya’s love will finally stand the test of time. also this twist was required to develop the story of sneha n dev and sneha finally revealing to dev dat rachita is his daughter. also rama needs to know about the objectionable pics n his mothers evil plots. all dis wud be unfolded soon and yes the two pairs wud soon b back together. about marriage all I want to say is sometimes god has other plans to give us the best
    ..I will keep watching tsm till manya reunites and triumphs.
    btw can anyone tell me when is the repeat telecast scheduled..

  30. Laxmi

    What happened to all directors ?
    in swaragini laksh married rahini here rama and amaya….
    seriously irritating…..
    Is marriage is fun ?

  31. KAB

    How stupid!!! Honestly speaking I started watching this serial just because of the character’s dresses…this serial looked really sophisticated initially…but as the story is progressing I can see an utter nonsense popping up…And today’s episode was toooo much to digest…I am surely gonna stop watching it…

  32. shuvi

    now I’m … so angry…. this aammmmmmmayaaaaaaa uuuuuu….. badi aai family ki respect bachane… tumhe pata nahi hai ki tumne apni family ki respect bachaai nahi balki aur neeche gira di hai … jitni thi puri ki puri dubadi…. apne hone waale jeeja se shaadi karli… r u mad…??? rama aur rachita ki shaadi ke baad tum rama ki waise bhi aadhi ghar waali rahti…. badi aayi sabka kalyaan karne…. hate … plz writers its all bcoz of u … bcoz of u I’ve started hating the great actors….

  33. chanjot

    Its not good twist. lovers should marry always. Amaya should marry with Mantu only. this is that twist for which most people hate serials.

  34. Sharon

    Amaya is working on my nerves. Why do she want to solve everybody’s problem sought your own crap out, she loves someone else and married to someone else. The elders of the family should sought out their own crap.

  35. Sagarika Mukarji

    I hate amaya for this she broke mantus heart ruined her life wat about mantu he will marry that idiot uma ihate d writteres this was d last episode for me and hate u amaya plz writers plz exta we want manya

  36. sam

    india ki bakwass kahani hamesha yehi kahani hoti hai har daramay main aur bhi koi story likh liya karo itna bhi kya hua kay aik larki apni family kay liye sub kuch kar bhatahiy disgusting india cheap story

  37. amayra

    Most disgusting track……high drama serial….people were liking the serial coz mantu amaya love blossom….now wastage of time in watching this rediculous stuff…..

  38. Riya

    All Indian drama are same type…..
    At first they shown it’s a unique story, then after 100 ya 150 episodes all are like rubbish saas bahu story…
    Tere sheher main shut up,my foot
    I thought it’s not Tere sheher main it’s
    ” Tujhe dhoka dene main “

  39. Hetal

    Disgusting story. Bad writers ruin the good actors talent and waste the viewers time. Hate this turning point of Tere Sheher Mein.

  40. Rs

    I had stopped watching this crap in July itself. Today stumbled upon the update and couldn’t stop to write a review. Horrible crap, BAKWAAS story ‘ which era the author is living? Do educated people of Benares not know anti dowry law?
    Utter crap!

  41. Dhana

    I am surprised that the story has to taken this twist. Amaya is supposed to be an overseas
    educated person. She should have confided with her mum.
    This is a way of showing disrespect to an elder. This show is reflecting wrong values to youngsters. Perhaps writers should in future come up with more realistic story line.

  42. Gopesh

    This is the only hindi serial I was watching. But from last Monday I am not watching this bcz of such unnecessary, idiotic, rubbish etc twist by the writer, director, producer everybody.. U all r responsible for ruin this one. Friends no need to see more this story. U will get better story in zindegi channel. Mantu plz leave this show as soon as possible and don’t marry Uma..It is better to be single

  43. a great blo*dy drama , how can t he writers be so rubbish , shadi is not a time pass that the brides get exchange and wedding is done , I hate this show from the bottom of my heart , not tere shaher mein it should be there frame mein

  44. skvr

    Pls guys dnt waste ur for commenting n feedback
    Star cast of TSM is very arrogant they tweet agr show nai dekhna na dekho bt abusing language na use kro unko kuch nai hai k unka show log dekhena dekhe
    RACHITA urff anjum said if u r nt intstrd to watch then pls dnt watch
    So arrogant viewers ki feelings ka mjak
    Proudy team TSM

  45. ponnu

    Another twist is coming… These all r ggoing to show as amaya’s dream.. N she s going to tell everything to mantu n manya getting married :*

  46. dibya

    i think with writers, producer, all the cast had gone mad .I and my sister watched this serial from 1st episode and now we stopped it.star plus plz throw out this out show and add a new serial.

  47. amirah

    Areee kya hai yeh???pls writer put sum twist again nd make this serial intrstn…I USED to wtch this serial lik mad…bt ab kuch bhi nahi bakwaaas hogaya hai…I wnt “manya” to b tgthr…orels this serial jus bakwaaas!!!

  48. Bhad me gayi tere sheher mein

    Seriously I have stopped watching tsm from Monday even then I hope that this may be a worst nightmare till now I have some hope left within bout true annjum faith aka rachita is so rude she doesn’t respect the audience then for who the hell r u doing the show now this is enough really we audiences are insulted by tsm cast for watching their show so guyZ let’s show them who we are never ever watch tsm if u have self respect guyz I was mad on manya but now I quit

  49. Ks

    This is ma fav show but now it will be perished ma heart because amu is ma fav…
    but his foolishness will break ma heart i hate it now…
    manya jodi is best..
    no ramaya..
    hate it
    if any news frm officials…
    its dream or not?????

  50. Anu

    Plzzz writers change the track as dream sequence..
    i cnt wait for Wednesday???
    plz reveal Friday or saturday

  51. fatihah

    I was mad 4 d serial,,,!! But now it has become a shame for me to think that I was a fan of this bad serial….!!!!
    Writer has gone totally mad,,,!!!!

  52. fatihah

    I was mad 4 d serial,,,!! But now it has become a shame for me to think that I was a fan of this bad serial….!!!!
    Writer has gone totally mad,,,!!!!
    it’s a horrible Serial

  53. Actually this serial was something for which i used to get free on time so that i can sit in peace to watch it..i liked mantu and amaya so much when they were shown together..i made my family watch dis..n they too watched it curiously..bt since last monday..we r nt feeling like to watch it..pls writers show something which gives mind a sense of relàxation and happiness…dat people could believe can happen in real life..and nt this such things that just leave u upset…first stupidity and cruel attitude of uma..and now dis raama ki maa…too much…pls bring some twist so that we can start watching it again

  54. I started watching this serial from the first day. For the past two months I couldn’t watch it due to some stuff. Today I anxiously opened tsm updates and this is what I see. That’s it. Im not gonna watch this stupid serial anymore. At first this was such a unique story and it attracted me. But now this is just like those saas bahu stuff in colors. Hate tsm!!!!!

  55. eashita

    Had already stopped watching it, it is now becoming really disgusting day by day. How can any be so rude and ugly from her deeds (amayas mother in law). Atleast these type of activities must not be broadcasted, are they making us learn to do in actual?

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