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The Episode starts with Rudra saying he will get the chunri, and thinks to see where is Amaya. Amaya gives her hand in Rama’s hand. She recalls Mantu’s love and thinks she is breaking his trust and falling in everyone’s eyes today. She says in heart…. forgive me Mantu, I m cheating myself. Rudra does not get Amaya and calls at hospital. He gets to know Amaya and Mantu are not at hospital. He says where did Amaya go. He bends to pick his phone as it falls. Bua comes and takes Rudra, and he does not see Rachita. Bua says she is saved, else it would be big issue today.

Sneha makes Amaya wear the chunri and does her kanyadaan. Sneha asks Rama to always keep Rachita happy. Rama smiles. Sneha blesses her daughter and asks him to be happy. The pandit tells about the rounds and Amaya

takes the vows. Amaya vows to keep her parents’ head high and their respect intact, she will do anything for her sister’s happiness and respect, she vows to take steps to a good daughter, she will sacrifice her happiness that comes in her family’s happiness.

Rudra tells Kaushalya that Amaya is not at hospital, there is something fishy. The pandit asks Rama to make bride wear mangalsutra. Rama makes Amaya wear mangalsutra. The pandit says now fill the sindoor in bride’s maang, and asks bride to lift ghunghat. Sumitra makes Rama apply sindoor without lifting the ghunghat.

The ghunghat gets pulled and everyone get shocked seeing Amaya in Rachita’s place. Rudra says omg, such a big cheat. Rama says this is not my bride and gets angry. Sneha asks Amaya whats this, where is Rachita. Amaya thinks she can’t get weak, if mum sees tears, she will know there is something wrong. Amaya says I m here as I had to be. Sneha asks about Rachita.

The media reporter say its big news, of bride swapping. Rama says this is cheat, this marriage won’t happen. Sneha takes Amaya. Sumitra takes Rama. Sneha asks Amaya did Rachita run away, where is she. Amaya says come with me, and feels sorry, that Sneha may hate her, but she is helpless to do this. Amaya pulls the bed and Sneha sees Rachita on the floor. Amaya says Rachita did not die, I made her faint. Sneha asks why did you do this. Amaya says you want to know, I want to marry Rama. They all get shocked.

Amaya says she loves Rama a lot, they did not see her love ever, and lies to everyone. She cries and says she loved Rama and everything ruined when they wanted to make Rachita marry Rama. She says she dreamt to marry Rama, but Rama is mad after Rachita. Sneha fumes seeing Amaya. Amaya says she wanted to marry Rama and see she is here, she made Rama hers. Sneha asks did she get mad, does she understand, how can she do this with her sister, Rachita has bear the pain of her broken engagement, how will she bear this.

Sneha scolds her and slaps her. Amaya holds Sneha’s hand and pushes her. Everyone look on shocked. Sneha says her blood can’t be so bad, Amaya could have kept respect of her dead father, she has broken her trust today.

Sumitra tells Rama that she did not know Amaya will cheat them. Rama says I love Rachita, I will break this marriage. Sumitra says no, we can’t break it, our respect will be ruined, and reminds how they have insulted her. She says we should not go against Lord’s wish, we have to accept what has happened. She says she knows his pain, but what can they do now, Amaya and he got married, they can’t break the marriage now.

She asks him to think about Gajanand’s critical state, she has given a word to Gajanand, he has married Amaya and he can’t deny it now, if he breaks this marriage, then she can’t show her face to anyone. She cries and tries convincing him.

Sneha says my dad is in hospital because of you Amaya. Amaya argues. Sneha asks Dinesh to kick Amaya out of their house. Amaya says she is going from here by marrying with respect, not running away like Sneha. Sneha says enough…. Pushpa says stop it now. Amaya leaves from there. She comes in the mandap and sits. Sumitra brings Rama and makes him sit. Amaya cries. Sumitra asks Rama to fill sindoor. Rama does not see Amaya’s face. Sneha says stop this marriage, Amaya lied, its all wrong, this marriage is not pure. Sumitra says you got mad. Rama fills the sindoor in Amaya’s maang. The pandit says you both are husband and wife from today, and Amaya is your family’s bahu. Sneha and Pushpa cry.

Amaya’s bidaai is going on. She gets shocked seeing Mantu there. Mantu looks on teary eyed, with a very innocent face turning pale by shock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This story is getting so awkwark……..i hate it now!!!

  2. This is the only hindi serial I was watching. But from last Monday I am not watching this bcz of such unnecessary, idiotic, rubbish etc twist by the writer, director, producer everybody.. U all r responsible for ruin this one. Friends no need to see more this story. U will get better story in zindegi channel. Mantu plz leave this show as soon as possible and don’t marry Uma..It is better to be single

  3. a great blo*dy drama , how can t he writers be so rubbish , shadi is not a time pass that the brides get exchange and wedding is done , I hate this show from the bottom of my heart , not tere shaher mein it should be there frame mein

  4. I think tere shehar mein and thapki pyar ki writer is same…feeling bad for mantu

  5. repeat timings of tsm in india are 4:30 a.m and 6:30 a.m

  6. Pls guys dnt waste ur for commenting n feedback
    Star cast of TSM is very arrogant they tweet agr show nai dekhna na dekho bt abusing language na use kro unko kuch nai hai k unka show log dekhena dekhe
    RACHITA urff anjum said if u r nt intstrd to watch then pls dnt watch
    So arrogant viewers ki feelings ka mjak
    Proudy team TSM

  7. Another twist is coming… These all r ggoing to show as amaya’s dream.. N she s going to tell everything to mantu n manya getting married :*

    1. are you sure about it???

      1. I saw instagram update in fb comments .. They also told it vl b seen on next wednesday

    2. R u sure??

    3. Im not quite sure what to make of facebook or instagram updates!! Who mentioned this. If it is amaya’s dream then this is a massive cop out. Agreed that the current track is not exactly great veiwing but having it as a dream is just plain pathetic. Extremely poor writing!!!!

  8. i think with writers, producer, all the cast had gone mad .I and my sister watched this serial from 1st episode and now we stopped it.star plus plz throw out this out show and add a new serial.

  9. Areee kya hai yeh???pls writer put sum twist again nd make this serial intrstn…I USED to wtch this serial lik mad…bt ab kuch bhi nahi bakwaaas hogaya hai…I wnt “manya” to b tgthr…orels this serial jus bakwaaas!!!

  10. Bhad me gayi tere sheher mein

    Seriously I have stopped watching tsm from Monday even then I hope that this may be a worst nightmare till now I have some hope left within bout true annjum faith aka rachita is so rude she doesn’t respect the audience then for who the hell r u doing the show now this is enough really we audiences are insulted by tsm cast for watching their show so guyZ let’s show them who we are never ever watch tsm if u have self respect guyz I was mad on manya but now I quit

  11. Foolish# bkwas serial#horrible

  12. This is ma fav show but now it will be perished ma heart because amu is ma fav…
    but his foolishness will break ma heart i hate it now…
    manya jodi is best..
    no ramaya..
    hate it
    if any news frm officials…
    its dream or not?????

  13. Plzzz writers change the track as dream sequence..
    i cnt wait for Wednesday???
    plz reveal Friday or saturday

  14. Bakwas twist ab ye serial kisine bhi nahi dekhega faltu time waste

  15. I was mad 4 d serial,,,!! But now it has become a shame for me to think that I was a fan of this bad serial….!!!!
    Writer has gone totally mad,,,!!!!

  16. I was mad 4 d serial,,,!! But now it has become a shame for me to think that I was a fan of this bad serial….!!!!
    Writer has gone totally mad,,,!!!!
    it’s a horrible Serial

  17. Stopped watching after this don’t want to watch this serial now.

  18. Actually this serial was something for which i used to get free on time so that i can sit in peace to watch it..i liked mantu and amaya so much when they were shown together..i made my family watch dis..n they too watched it curiously..bt since last monday..we r nt feeling like to watch it..pls writers show something which gives mind a sense of relàxation and happiness…dat people could believe can happen in real life..and nt this such things that just leave u upset…first stupidity and cruel attitude of uma..and now dis raama ki maa…too much…pls bring some twist so that we can start watching it again

  19. I started watching this serial from the first day. For the past two months I couldn’t watch it due to some stuff. Today I anxiously opened tsm updates and this is what I see. That’s it. Im not gonna watch this stupid serial anymore. At first this was such a unique story and it attracted me. But now this is just like those saas bahu stuff in colors. Hate tsm!!!!!

  20. Guys it is true tht the writers have gone mad n now i will never be a fan of such a serial

  21. Had already stopped watching it, it is now becoming really disgusting day by day. How can any be so rude and ugly from her deeds (amayas mother in law). Atleast these type of activities must not be broadcasted, are they making us learn to do in actual?

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